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The Maubeugemour Sea (モベジュムール海域 Mobejumūru Kaiiki?), also known as the Ill-Tempered Sea (不機嫌海域 Fukigen Kaiiki?), is a non-canon sea at the start of New World, known for its bizarre weather phenomena.[1]


The weather conditions in the Maubeugemour Sea is outrageous, which includes mirages, giant raindrops and hailstones larger than warships, snowfall like an avalanche, and the ocean separating to leave spontaneous trenches. Less outrageous phenomena include heavy rainstorms and sweltering heat. This weather, like in the first half of the Grand Line, can change from one to another in a matter of seconds.


Mirage Ships.png
A mirage of marine ships.
Giant Raindrops.png
Giant raindrops from the sky.
Giant Hail.png
Giant hail from the sky.
Avalanche From The Sky.png
A giant avalanche from the sky.
Hole in Ocean.png
A hole in the ocean.


The sea also possesses a unique current known as the Thrust Up Stream, a scaled down version of the Knock Up Stream. It's power is enough to lift up a war ship, and though it appears briefly, it has a high frequency of appearances in a given area.[2]


  • In French, "Mauvaise humeur" (Maubeugemour) means "Bad temper".


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