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Maze Island is a non-canon island in the New World where Marine Vice Admiral Balzac tried to set a trap for the Straw Hat Pirates.[1]


Maze Island's geography is similar to the structure of Universal Studios Japan's WaterWorld stage.[1]


One Piece Premier Show 2019

Balzac and his subordinates Comb and Glass came to Maze Island with the Prisoner Unit to set a trap for the Straw Hat Pirates, who stopped there on their way to the Pirates Festival. After they called Admiral Kizaru to relay their plans, they fought the crew and Bentham. The Straw Hat Pirates and Bentham bested Balzac and his men when Luffy defeated the vice admiral with Gomu Gomu no King Kong Gun. Before they could leave the island, Luffy and Bentham were attacked by Kizaru, but Sabo came to rescue them. Luffy and Sabo worked together to defeated Kizaru, and Sabo left. Luffy asked Bentham to come with them to the expo, but Bentham decided to return to Level 5.5 to be with his Newkama followers. The two left Maze Island and went their separate ways.[1]


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