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Guidelines Warning

For further information, see Image Guidelines.

Before uploading any images, please read the following to understand the basic guidelines on images on this wiki. Violation may result in penalties depending on level of offense.

  • No duplicate images. This includes:
  • Duplicates with only the size altered.
  • Images with only slightest differences with already existing files.
  • No images that serve no purpose in any of the articles, forums and templates.
  • Meaning, any images that are meant for personal pages alone (user pages, blogs, etc.) are not allowed.
  • No images with watermarks, scanlation texts and/or fan-subtitles.
  • Scanlation/subtitled images are allowed only when necessary in describing diagrams/charts.
  • No fanarts are allowed, including fan-colored manga panels.
  • No images that are offensive or completely unrelated to One Piece.
  • No gifs (animated images) allowed in Devil Fruit pages.
  • No videos of any kind may be uploaded.
  • If a better version (or anime version) of an already existing image comes out, please update the preexisting image file, rather than uploading a new one, so we can keep record.
  • Name files properly so it describes the images accurately, not a bunch of random letters/numbers or a chapter page number, and such.
  • Categorize all uploaded images, as well as provide source and licensing. Add a summary if desired.
  • High quality images are preferred, as well as appropriate sizes.
  • For thumbnails used for member templates, the dimensions are at least 120 x 120. This being said, the size must be perfectly square (i.e. 500 x 500, 319 x 319), as they can simply be shrunk down. They cannot be something like 155 x 640 or 640 x 480.
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