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Mega Cat Project is a cat-centric figure series produced by Megahouse. To appeal to cat lovers and anime fans, this series turns popular anime characters into cats. The sets based on One Piece are titled One Piece Nyan Piece Nyan! (ワンピース ニャンピースニャーン! Wanpīsu Nyanpīsunyān!?) Each figure is about 30 mm tall, and they are either sold for ¥715 each or ¥5,720 for a box set.[1]

Vol. 1: I Will be the Pirate King Nyan!

Vol. 1: I Will be the Pirate King Nyan!

The first volume, I Will be the Pirate King Nyan! (海賊王におれはなるニャン! Kaizoku-ō ni ore wa naru nyan!?), was announced June 2, 2021 and released in late November 2021.[1] The set includes:

Vol. 2: Luffy and Rivals

Vol. 2: Ver. Luffy with Rivals.

The second volume, Luffy and Rivals (ルフィと好敵手編 Rufi to Kōtekishu-hen?), was announced June 1, 2022 and will be released in November 2022.[2] The set includes:


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