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Lock-Picking Meista is a pirate captain who can be found near Suigyoku Town on Jail Island. He appears in the video game One Piece: World Seeker as a minor antagonist and boss.[1]


Meista is a large man with extremely broad shoulders. His black hair is gathered into two ponytails pointing upward, and he also has a long thin mustache and a beard which resembles two separated diagonal goatees. His chest is mostly exposed and appears to have a tattoo on it. He wears an open green vest, green sleeves on his forearms, and brown pants and boots. He appears to have a giant daikon attached to his upper right arm.[1]


Meista was willing to tell Luffy that there was indeed a treasure in the cave he was guarding, but forced the pirate to defeat him in a fight to take it.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Physical Abilities

Like other minor pirate bosses in the game, Meista possesses considerable physical strength and jumping power, and can create a small damaging shockwave when he lands. However, he can be defeated fairly quickly by Luffy.[1]


Meista wields a pair of single-bladed axes which he is skilled at using. During combat, he is seen swinging them simultaneously to his sides.[1]


One Piece: World Seeker

Meista and his crew had found a Marine treasure chest in a cave by the lake near Suigyoku Town on Jail Island, and were standing near the cave when the pirate Monkey D. Luffy came to get the treasure. Meista told him to prove he was a pirate and take the treasure by force as he moved to attack Luffy. After a short fight, he was defeated.[1]


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