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Meito is the status of a blade.


There are many blades (swords, spears, etc.) in this world...but there are certain ones that were made by world-renowed blacksmithes. The 12 Supreme Grade Swords, the 21 Great Grade Swords, and the 50 Skillful Grade Swords.
— Tenguyama Hitetsu on the classes of Meitos.

Meitos are famous swords or spears of superior craftsmanship, being crafted by master swordsmiths. They are prized by many for their powerful attributes as weapons compared to ordinary ones.

Meitos are considered priceless items, with several of them becoming family heirlooms or even a country's national treasure.

It is said that should a swordsman be able to turn their blade into a permanent "Black Blade" (黒刀 Kokutō?) their grades would increase by a rank.[1]


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Supreme Grade
Yoru Murakumogiri Shodai Kitetsu
Great Grade
Wado Ichimonji Shusui Nidai Kitetsu Enma Ame no Habakiri
Skillful Grade
Kashu Yubashiri  Yamaoroshi
Grade Swords
Shigure Sandai Kitetsu
Unknown Grade
Raiu Oto Kogarashi Durandal Shirauo
Pretzel ?????

12 Supreme Grade SwordsEdit

There are twelve Supreme Grade Swords (最上大業物 Saijō Ō Wazamono?).[2] These seem to be the highest quality blades.

21 Great Grade SwordsEdit

There are twenty-one Great Grade Swords (大業物 Ō Wazamono?).[2] Their quality is one step lower than the Supreme Grade.

50 Skillful Grade SwordsEdit

There are fifty Skillful Grade Swords (良業物 Ryō Wazamono?).[2] Their quality is higher than normal grade blades but lower than Great Grades.

Grade SwordsEdit

There is an undetermined number of Grade Swords (業物 Wazamono?).[2] They are sharp swords, and the lowest grade possible for a named blade.

Unknown GradeEdit

Translation and Dub IssuesEdit

In One Piece, meito is often mistranslated as either part of the name of a sword (e.g. Zoro's Shusui is often recorded by fans as "Meito Shusui" instead of just "Shusui", ignoring the fact that meito is a status) or as a "renowned blade" (understandable given that if broken up, 名刀 gives 名 "renowned" and 刀 "sword").

Meito is translated simply as Famous Sword in the Viz Manga and Legendary Sword in the FUNimation dub.


  • Meito can mean "named sword", although not all swords with names in the series are Meito.
  • With five, Zoro has held the most meito to date.
  • Tashigi's dream is to free all the meito from the hands of criminals such as pirates. She believes the swords are crying because instead of being used for noble and honorable deeds, they are being used for criminal use.
  • The anime-only character Eric claimed that the wind scythes created from his Kama Kama no Mi powers are as sharp as a meito.[7]


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