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Memories Of Merry is a series of figures from Banpresto for their UFO machines, focused on the Straw Hat Pirates and their first boat, the Going Merry.

This series is actually composed of 2 subsets, one dealing with Merry and another one dealing with the pirate crew.

Real Going Merry Go - Memories Of Merry

The Going Merry should be released as 2 different versions, 19 cm long each:

  • a first version that came out late July 2010,
  • a second enhanced version released mid-November 2010, with a more realistic painting job.
Memories Of Merry Going Merry Version 1.png
Going Merry Ver. 1
Memories Of Merry Going Merry Version 2.png
Going Merry Ver. 2

One Piece Pirates Figure - Memories Of Merry

The second subset will deal with the pirate crew. They typically come out as waves of 5 figures, 10 cm tall each.

The first wave, released late July 2010, features:

  • Luffy
  • Nami
  • Sanji
  • Franky
  • Chopper
Memories Of Merry Straw Hat Pirates.png
Memories Of Merry Luffy.png
Memories Of Merry Nami.png
Memories Of Merry Sanji.png
Memories Of Merry Chopper.png
Memories Of Merry Franky.png

The second wave, released mid-November 2010, represents:

  • "Pirate King" Luffy
  • Chopper
  • Zoro
  • Usopp as Sogeking
  • Nico Robin
Memories Of Merry Straw Hat Pirates 2.png
Memories Of Merry Pirate King Luffy.png
Memories Of Merry Robin.png
Memories Of Merry Sogeking.png
Memories Of Merry Zoro.png

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