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Merman Combat is a fighting style used by the merfolk. It is used underwater and involves manipulating water with their hands as if it were something tangible to use for long-ranged attacks. It is the merfolk equivalent of Fish-Man Jujutsu.


  • Ultramarine (ウルトラマリン, Urutoramarin?): Used by Neptune[1] and Fukaboshi,[2] the user grabs the water with their hands, similar to Mizugokoro, and then hurls it forward in a mighty, extremely large torrent that blasts away his opponents with great force. "Ultramarine" usually refers to a shade of blue and got its name from "ultramarinus", literally meaning "beyond the sea". In One Piece: Gigant Battle! 2 New World, Neptune condenses the water in the atmosphere into his hands as a sphere and launches it forward as a massive torrent.


  • The "Ultramarine" technique resembles the Kamehame Ha technique, an iconic and powerful energy wave from the Dragon Ball series.


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