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Meroie is a character from the first special episode. She is Hamu's guardian.[1]


Meroie has short, dark indigo hair with navy blue eyes. She wears a shaggy, furry brown and beige shirt. She also wears bright green pants.[1]


She has a caring nature, as she became Hamu's guardian after his mother was killed trying to protect their village. She seems to have an attraction to the kindness of others to the point that it leaves her blushing.


Meroie became Hamu's guardian ten years ago after his mother is killed trying to protect their village from Captain Joke. She started to take care of Hamu when she meet Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro. At first, she does not trust them because they are pirates, but later, she trusts them enough to help Luffy get to the Mountain of God. She does not care who stops Joke, no matter how foolhardy.

Meroie blushes after Zoro challenges the crustacean.

When she was pushed away from Zoro for safety while Zoro is fighting against the massive crustacean monster, she seemed attracted to his kindness and helped him while blushing after the defeat of the giant crustacean. However, it turns out Sanji kicked it with a final blow, but she still blushes at Sanji when he asks her out to dinner, much to Zoro's annoyance.

After the defeat of Captain Joke, the Straw Hat Pirates bid farewell. Hamu asked Meroie if she asked for their names but she replied that it was not important, because they are just a bunch of pirates.


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