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For the restaurant in Syrup Village, see Meshi.

Meshi[2] was a ship's cook who worked aboard the Orbit. He only appeared in the live-action series.[1]


Meshi was a burly middle-aged man, with a full black beard and black hair. He wore a standard cook's uniform, consisting of a white jacket and hat.


Meshi took his work seriously, and chastised Sanji for cooking fancy meals instead of bussing tables. He was also cynical, believing that fancy food doesn't belong in a ship's galley and making fun of Sanji when he explained that he wanted to find the All Blue.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

Being a cook, Meshi had certain skills in cooking.



Meshi worked aboard the Orbit, in the ship's galley. While preparing a meal and attempting to get Sanji to bus tables, the ship was attacked by the Cook Pirates, prompting him to run away in fear. Ultimately, both the Orbit and the Cook Pirates' ship sunk, and Meshi drowned.


  • Meshi means food or meals in Japanese.


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