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"Indoor" Mihar[2] is a member of the Spade Pirates and, subsequently, the Whitebeard Pirates.[1]


Mihar is a tall man with thin limbs and slight shoulders. He has a thin nose, a small smile, a mustache, and a tattoo on his left cheek. He wears a dark-colored silk hat, glasses, dark shorts, and dark boots. He also wears a v-neck shirt with a dark jacket over it.

Initially in the anime, he was incorrectly depicted with brown medium length hair and a brown beard. He also doesn't have his tattoo.[3]


Mihar Full Appearance.png
Mihar's full appearance in the anime.
Mihar Initial Anime.png
Mihar as initially depicted in the anime.
Mihar Concept Art.png
Concept art of Mihar.


Mihar is a private person, as he'd rather be indoors reading than engaging in his crew's antics. He dislikes outdoor activities, earning the epithet "Indoor." Instead, he read books.

Mihar is also very selfless, as he became a teacher to help children who cannot get an education.[4]


Portgas D. Ace

Ace took Mihar out to sea and supports his dreams of providing children with education. Mihar deeply respects Ace.[4]

Masked Deuce

Unlike the majority of his crew, Mihar respects Masked Deuce, as he did not laugh at his poor writing. He also protected Deuce from a sneak attack and warned him to be careful.[4]

Abilities and Powers

Mihar is a skilled sniper and he uses a rifle. He is regarded as one of the best fighters in the crew, despite his appearance.

Along with Deuce and Skull, Mihar serves as the brains of the Spade Pirates, being capable of forming and executing strategies for the crew.[4]


Making Their Mark

Mihar used to be a teacher, and he joined the Spade Pirates and traveled with Ace as he made a name for himself. He helped fight off a group of bounty hunters, and he saved Deuce from a bounty hunter who tried to sneak up on him. When Isuka infiltrated the crew's ship, he surrounded the Marine Ensign alongside his crewmates. However, she easily fended them off. After the confrontation, the crew reached Sabaody Archipelago. While they waited for their ship to be coated, Mihar and his crewmates explored the island and secretly read Deuce's adventure diary. Unlike the rest of his crewmates, he did not laughed at his poor writing skills.[4]

After spending time in Sabaody, Mihar and the Spade Pirates descended to Fish-Man Island to begin their journey in the New World.[5]

Aggie 68, Mihar, Ace, and Tama.

At one point, the Spade Pirates were shipwrecked in Wano Country. The people from Amigasa Village were starving to death, so they tied the entire crew and stole all their food. The crew watched the villagers finish their meal and then broke out. Instead of attacking, Ace asked the villagers where he could get them dessert.[6] They stayed in Amigasa Village for a few weeks and became good friends with Tama.[7] They also went to Onigashima to liberate the abducted children from the Beasts Pirates. They never encountered Kaido and his top subordinates because they were away on an expedition. After Ace did so much damage to Kaidou's castle, they rescued the children and met Yamato, whom Ace had a brief scuffle with.[8]

Encountering Whitebeard

The Spade Pirates Prepare to Fight Whitebeard.

After Ace and Jinbe tied, Mihar and the other Spade Pirates defended their captain against Edward Newgate and were easily defeated. They were then taken into the Whitebeard Pirates like their captain.[1] Mihar has not been seen since his joining.

Major Battles

Anime and Manga Differences

In the anime, Mihar is shown with an appearance that somewhat differs from his manga appearance and his concept art design. Noticeably, he lacks a tattoo on his cheek, has a beard, and has medium length hair.[3]


A non-canon member who resembles Mihar.

  • Coincidentally, before Mihar was introduced, a non-canon member of the Spade Pirates had a very similar appearance was shown in the anime.


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