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Mikio Itoo is a background joke character created by Eiichiro Oda, and arguably the first Easter Egg featured in One Piece.[4]

He is a caricature of Mikio Ito (いとうみきお Itō Mikio?), a Yokohama-born manga creator whom Oda knew as a fellow assistant to Nobuhiro Watsuki. Like Oda, Ito went on to publish his own series in Weekly Shonen Jump, such as Normandy Secret Club and Mysterious Murasame-kun.

Within the world of One Piece, Itoo appears to be a wanted gunman with a bounty of one million yen. How many belly this would amount to is unknown.


Mikio Itoo's wanted poster in the digitally colored manga.

Thus far, Itoo has "appeared" mostly on wanted posters scattered throughout areas of the East Blue. These tend to vary greatly in detail; the most detailed depicts him as a man with an untidy mop of brown hair and matching beard.[5]

Like Pandaman, Itoo's name has independently appeared on a number of other items, most notably alcohol bottles.[6][7]

Anime and Manga Differences

Due to its tendency to gloss over small background details from the manga (especially in its early episodes), the anime has kept few, if any, of Itoo's appearances. Among its many Chapter 1 adaptations, only the Episode of East Blue special maintained the angle and composition of the scene "introducing" his wanted poster in the back of Partys Bar; even this adaptation, however, redrew the poster to feature someone else.

Luffy Benn Poster (Manga).png
Itoo's "introduction" in Chapter 1 of the manga.
Luffy Benn Poster (Special).png
The equivalent scene from Episode of East Blue.


  • Itoo has appeared as a joke character in at least two other series:
  • The real-life Ito would create a caricature of Oda, "Ichiro Odagiri", for his 2018 manga Getsuyōbi no Rival (a fictionalization of his time as Watsuki's assistant).[8]


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