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Milo is a citizen of Dressrosa. While he was a toy, he was known as "Onepoco".[1]



Milo as Onepoco.

Milo is a chubby man with light-colored hair and beard (dark brown in the anime). He wears a light-colored shirt (light blue with white sleeves in the anime) with dark rims and collar. His shirt has his name on the front and the back has the word "*NOT*" over a line and "ONEPOCO". He also wears dark gray shorts.[2]

As Onepoco, he was a metallic toy dog with a pale gray body, floppy dark brown ears, and a light blue hat with the word "ONE" written in white on it. His right eye had a red X mark on it. His neck and tail were springs and his legs were made out of balls.[1]


Milo is generally happy and playful around his family but during his time as a toy, he was secretly frustrated that his wife and son did not remember him at all.[1]



Milo's Family

Milo's wife and son.

Milo loves his wife and son dearly. When he was turned into a toy, they completely forgot about his existence. To stay close to them, Milo put up a cheerful facade and acted as a playmate for his son. When he was turned back into a human, his family regained their memories of him. They were shocked that they had forgotten him, but Milo was just happy that they were together again.



Milo was once a human and had a wife and a son. After Doflamingo came to Dressrosa ten years ago, Milo got turned into a dog-looking toy by Sugar's Hobi Hobi no Mi powers.[1]

Dressrosa ArcEdit

He first appeared when his son wanted to ride him, but Milo told him he was too heavy. His wife and son denied having a husband and father, respectively.[1] He then continued to walk around town with them.[3]

When Sugar's curse broke, Milo transformed back into a human and had a tearful reunion with his family.[2] This reunion was soon cut short as Doflamingo trapped everyone on Dressrosa in his "bird cage".[4]

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

Instead of having dark-colored rims and collar in the manga, Milo's shirt was colored white in the anime. Also, there was an extra bit when an elephant and a lion were chasing him and his family, along with members of the Donquixote Pirates, one of which he recognized as the one who beat him mercilessly when he was still a toy and then proceeded to punch him in the face as retaliation.


  • The name "Onepoco" may be a pun: the English word "one" is pronounce as "wan", which is the Japanese onomatopoeia for a dog's bark.
  • When Milo returned to normal, his name was written on the front of his shirt. In a following panel, the words "*Not* Onepoco" can be seen on the back of his shirt.


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