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For the gag character of the same name from the SBS and early series filler, see Minatomo (East Blue).

Minatomo is a legendary carpenter in Wano Country and the leader of a guild that Franky joined to get access to the blueprints of Kaidou's fortress.[2] He is related to another person, whose name is also Minatomo, who is a descendant of someone who traveled from Wano to East Blue.[3]


Minatomo's anime concept art.

Minatomo is a short, elderly man with tanned skin, dark gray hair, and a stern look on his face. He also has a scar on his left cheek. He wears working clothes in varying shades of blue and has a rope tied around his forehead (a nejiri-hachimaki).


He appreciates talented carpenters as he praised Franky for his superior craftsmanship, albeit in a rude and grumpy manner, much to the latter's annoyance.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Minatomo is an extremely skilled carpenter, having been the one who built Kaidou's residence on Onigashima.[4] Furthermore, he owns his own carpenter guild, of which Franky was temporarily a member, and as such, has an entire guild of carpenters that follow his orders.[1]



According to Kin'emon, Minatomo built Kaidou's residence in Onigashima in Wano Country.[4] Ten years before the present, he sold the blueprints to a pawn shop.[2]

Wano Country Arc

Sometime upon Franky's arrival in Wano, Minatomo hired him as a carpenter. Later, Minatomo praised Franky for the wall he built.[1]

Sometime later when Franky discussed with him about letting him see the blueprints of Kaidou's fortress, Minatomo revealed that he just remembered that he had sold the blueprints to a pawn shop ten years ago. Furious, Franky lashed out at Minatomo, who then fired Franky.[2]

Minatomo later visited a bathhouse.[5]

Minatomo celebrated during the Fire Festival.[6]


  • As "Minatomo" appears to be a family name, as evidenced by the other Minatomo, this suggests that Minatomo has a given name which remains unknown.
  • Unlike the Minatomo of East Blue, this Minatomo's name is written in kanji, as opposed to hiragana.


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