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Former Chief Petty Officer Minchey was a Marine, and the main antagonist in the anime-only Goat Island Arc. Before he was arrested, he was a subordinate of Moore.


Minchey is a muscular average sized man with longish red hair. He wears the standard Marine uniform that has epaulets on its shoulders with brown fingerless gloves along with the hat.[1]


Minchey Without his Hat.png
Minchey without his hat on.
Minchey Full Body.png
Minchey's full body appearance.


Despite showing signs of cockiness he actually has a relaxed nature and is always calm when entering battle. However, he is greedy, such as when he attempted to steal Zenny's treasure.

Abilities and Powers

As a marine, it can be assumed that Minchey has some form of experience in battle.


Goat Island Arc

The fleet under his command encountered the Straw Hat Pirates, but lost them in the fog. He later learned that one of his soldiers saw an uncharted island in the fog and that he had ordered them to keep quiet and not tell the captain about it.[1]

He then realized that many years ago Zenny, the pirate money lender, was lost in these waters after stealing from pirates and that he should "be ready to kick the bucket" soon. He then proceeded to attack the Straw Hats on Goat Island, where he demanded Zenny's treasure. He confronted Zenny and his goats and beat them, but the Straw Hats interfered, and defeated him. He was later arrested by Captain Moore for being a traitor. Minchey was literally stripped of his rank when Moore tore off his epaulets. [2]


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