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miniPEZ One Piece (miniPEZ ワンピース Mini PEZ wanpīsu?) is a line of PEZ manual candy dispensers produced by Bandai. They are half the height of normal PEZ dispensers. The dispensers were sold for ¥200 each, came with a package of six PEZ candies, and were available via capsule toy vending machines.

miniPEZ TV Animation One Piece

miniPEZ TV Animation One Piece.

The first set of One Piece PEZ dispensers was released in late February 2006. It featured Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Tony Tony Chopper, and the Going Merry.[1]

miniminiPEZ One Piece

miniminiPEZ One Piece.

A variation on the first dispenser set was released in late March 2008. It featured the same characters, portrayed in even smaller dispensers. Because of their size, the PEZ candy was sold separately.[2]

miniPEZ One Piece 2

miniPEZ One Piece 2.

The second set of One Piece PEZ dispensers was released in mid-September 2008. It featured Luffy without his straw hat, Chopper, Sanji, Franky, and Portgas D. Ace.[3]


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