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Minion Island is an island in North Blue. It's the place where Trafalgar Law obtained his Ope Ope no Mi powers and Donquixote Rosinante died by the hands of his elder brother Donquixote Doflamingo.


Minion Island is located northeast of Swallow Island and east of Rubeck Island.

The island features several hills, one which contains a ghost town. This town also features a mansion at the very top of the hill, which Diez Barrels and his crew used as a hideout. The island appears to have a snowy climate.


Thirteen years ago, it served as the base of a pirate crew led by Diez Barrels. After learning about Barrels' location from Sengoku, Rosinante and Law headed there in order to retrieve the Ope Ope no Mi so Law could use its power to heal himself from his fatal sickness.[1]

After successfuly obtaining the fruit, Rosinante forced Law to eat it. Rosinante then asked Law to deliver an intelligence letter to the Marines who were stationated at the island. Unluckily for him, the Marine who Law managed to meet and deliver the letter to was none other than Vergo, who destroyed the letter and proceeded to brutally beat up both Rosinante and Law.[2]

However, they were able to escape from Vergo while he was distracted talking on his Den Den Mushi with Doflamingo, who had just arrived at Minion Island with his crew. Doflamingo, after hearing about their escape from Vergo, used his Ito Ito no Mi to create a cage of strings that covered a large part of the island and prevented Rosinante and Law from escaping to the sea.[3]

A young X Drake, who was part of Barrels' crew at the time, was lucky enough to be outside of the birdcage when it formed and was able to flee from Minion Island.[4]

Rosinante, already knowing that he had no chance of escaping alive, devised a plan to allow Law to escape from Doflamingo's birdcage. He put Law inside a treasure chest, believing that the Donquixote Pirates would bring it with them. It ended up working as Doflamingo removed the birdcage after learning from Buffalo that a boy had been rescued by the Marines and his crew brought the treasure chest which had Law inside with them.

Law was able to get out of the chest and walk away while the Donquixote Pirates were busy defending against Vice-Admiral Tsuru's battleship, which was bombarding the island. He eventually was able to also leave Minion Island somehow, having taken residence in the neighboring Swallow Island.[5]



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