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Minoru Kazeno is a wrestler from the second Chopperman special. He also commentated on the wrestling match between Usodabada and Chopper Man with Shorts.[1]


Kazeno's wrestling outfit.

Kazeno is a large, muscular man with slightly tanned skin, a broad nose, and thin eyebrows. He has a close-shaven haircut with swirly markings in it and a bun in the back. He wears a dark blue shirt with red kanji on it and a white wristband. When wrestling, he wears a pair of black wrestling briefs and boots.


Kazeno is a very honorable man, as he was angered by Usodabada's blackmailing tactics. He, like most others, likes Chopper Man and finds him adorable.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Kazeno is quite strong, as he easily defeated Usodabada in a wrestling match. He is highly regarded as a skilled wrestler, enough so to be invited to commentate Chopper Man and Usоdabada's match.[1]


When the wrestling match between Chopper Man and Usodabada began, Kazeno and Shorts commentated on it. He spoke with Shorts during the fight, and both suspected something amiss. After figuring out thay Usodabada was blackmailing Chopper Man, he volunteered to tag in for the caped crusader. He swiftly defeated Usodabada in the match, but the villain continued to fight Chopper Man with Gigantic Robot Frangashan.[1]

Major Battles


  • Minoru Kazeno is based on Japanese wrestler Minoru Suzuki, who voices the character. They are both wrestlers and have the same hair style.


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