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Mirai Kōkai is the fourteenth ending of the One Piece anime sung by Japanese idol duo Tackey & Tsubasa from Johnny's Entertainment.


It starts with wind blowing grass and revealing Chopper and a seagull (it flew away) in the grass. He is standing and looking at the sky. Then, the scene switches to Luffy standing on a cliff with a hawk on his shoulder. We also see him holding meat. The bird bites the meat and Luffy, angrily, tries to pull it away. It doesn't work, so he also bites the meat. The scene then switches and we see Robin standing with bats flying behind her. There is also an old castle behind her and at the end of her scene, she looks to the direction of the castle. Next, we see Usopp reaching for his hammer, but there is a bird's nest there, and the bird pecks at his arm when he reaches for the hammer. He then tries one last time and the bird bites his head. Cut to Zoro who we see standing among rocks with penguins around him and with one penguin who climbed his head and is now sitting happily on it. Then, we see a close-up of a seagull with a bandage on its right wing skimming above the water. The following scene cuts to Sanji holding bags of food, running after Nami who we see riding a bicycle. Behind them are a lot of seagulls flying higher above water. Finally, we see the seagulls turn around and flying over all of the Straw Hats, which are standing in front of the Going Merry's mast. And, to end it nicely, the camera zooms out to a picture of the Going Merry sailing into the sunset.


Chopper-Mirai Kōkai.png
Chopper among the tall grass.
Luffy-Mirai Kōkai.png
A Hawk eating Luffy's food.
Robin-Mirai Kōkai.png
Robin observing some bats.
Usopp-Mirai Kōkai.png
Usopp with a nest of birds.
Zoro-Mirai Kōkai.png
Zoro with penguins.
Sanji nami-Mirai Kōkai.png
Sanji and Nami.
Birds-Mirai Kōkai.png
Flock of seagulls.
Sunset-Mirai Kōkai.png
Sailing into the sunset.


Orenjiiro no tooi rain e
Kyoo no kaze ga fuku
Yoake no umi watatteku
Nemurenai hodo asu dake mita
Anna joonetsu wa
Darenimo tomerarenai daroo
Kiboo toka zasetsu toka
Iroiro arukedo
Toriaezu zero kara noboryaiinda
Itsuka bokura zutto yumemiteta
Akogare o motomete
Takaku te o nobaseba
Itsumo kono mune ni
Shizumanai taiyoo o daite
Kitto ikerusa ano basho e
Namima ni furu hizashi miteta
Boku to kimi dake no
Negai wa todoite iru darooka
Deai toka gokai toka
Iroiro arukedo
Hitorija mirenai yume o mirunda
Itsuka bokura kitto dakishimeru
Kantan ja naikedo
Sono me o shinjita kara
Furui chizu nara yaburisuterunda
Ashiato no nai toki o susumu
Oikaze o
Naguru furishite kimi ga
Boku ni kureta yuuki de
Ima koko kara mirai e to
Itsuka bokura zutto yumemiteta
Akogare o motomete
Takaku te o nobaseba
Soshite bokura kitto dakishimeru
Egaita subete o kono me o shinjiteite
Tatoe yume sae suteta hito ni
Warawaretemo ii
Kitto ikerusa ano basho e
Kitto ikunda ano absho e

Translation and Dub Issues

Due to licensing issues, this ending was skipped from the FUNimation DVD releases and Toonami Broadcast, and replaced with Eternal Pose.[1]


  1. Disclaimer from the FUNimation Season Four: Voyage One DVD.

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