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Miranda is a woman who lives in Steel City on Jail Island with her nephew Fred and niece Anna. She is also a member of the Anti-Marine faction. She appears in the video game One Piece: World Seeker.[1]


Miranda is a thickset woman with brown hair that is gathered into a large bun in the back. She wears a white button-down short-sleeved shirt, a brown vest over her shirt, and a yellow scarf around her collar tied into a kerchief at the front. She also wears a yellow sash around her waist with an apron draping over her front, dark blue pants, and black shoes.[1]


Miranda does not trust the Marines, viewing them as only caring about money and hardly any better than pirates. She does not wish to take a job with the Marines and so relies on Fred to support the family financially. She cares about her niece and nephew, but after finding out Fred had performed corrupt work with the Marines, she began yelling at him and referring to him as just another greedy Marine even as Fred was vocally repentant over his actions.[1]


One Piece: World Seeker

At some point in the past, Miranda's sibling and their spouse were killed by pirates, so Miranda took in their children Fred and Anna to raise them. Fred spent most of his time away from his aunt and sister working to support them financially, but one time went missing for several days, causing Miranda and Anna to run short on money, and so Miranda asked Jeanne and Monkey D. Luffy to look for him. The duo eventually managed to bring Fred back, and Fred admitted that he had conducted business with pirates while working for the Marines. This led Miranda to angrily berate him, but Anna interjected to remind her aunt that Fred was only trying to support them, and Fred was regretful for his actions and apologized to his aunt, promising he would think things through from now on.[1]


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