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Miss Thursday was the partner of Mr. 11 and a Frontier Agent of Baroque Works. She was first mentioned by Nefertari Vivi during her explanation to the Straw Hat Pirates on the organization of Baroque Works.[1]


Miss Thursday's appearance is unknown, as she has not been seen in the series.


It can be assumed that she is brutal and willing to kill to complete a mission like other agents. However, she abandoned Mr. 11 when he was captured by Smoker, showing that she cares more about herself than her own comrades.[2]


Mr. 11Edit

Miss Thursday was partnered with Mr. 11. However, although they were partners, Mr. 11's life meant little to Miss Thursday, or, at the very least, was not as important as her own life. She decided to save herself rather than get captured with her partner.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Nothing is known about Miss Thursday's abilities, however, as a frontier agent, Miss Thursday did have the authority to command the Millions.



At one point, Miss Thursday joined Baroque Works. She worked her way up the organization to achieve the high position of Frontier Agent and became partners with Mr. 11.

Alabasta ArcEdit

While Miss Thursday and Mr. 11 were following through on orders sent by Baroque Works, the two encountered Marine captain Smoker on Renaisse.[3] Her partner was then subsequently captured by Smoker and, instead of saving him, Miss Thursday chose to abandon her partner and run away.[2]


  • Even though her partner, Mr. 11, makes an appearance in the story, Miss Thursday herself is never seen in the actual series, but is mentioned by Vivi during her explanation of Baroque Works.


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