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Misutta the Researcher is a character of One Piece Premier Show 2015.[1] He is a genius scientist and is the middle brother of 3 Scientist Brothers, between Bürst and Bonbon.[1]


Misutta is an average-sized man with short blond hair. He wears a black and pink vest, baggy white pants, black boots, and a black and red cape. He has a air cannon over his left arm.


He is extremely klutzy and messes up often and is portrayed as arrogant and cocky. Misutta is ultimately good-natured; Misutta sees himself as a fatherly figure and mentor to his brother Bonbon, constantly advising him on fighting techniques, though Bonbon doesn't take his 'expertise' seriously, seeing him simply as a humorous and fun guy to be with. He also tends to lecture Burst, his other brother, about "real manhood" and the science arts, much to Burst's anger; both are close friends, strangely enough.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Like his older brother, he is also a genius scientist, although his klutziness somewhat negates it. However, his offensive ability is said to be so great that it makes up for it.


Misutta uses an Air Cannon in battle and air powered shoes to jump with.[1]



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