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Misutta the Researcher is a character of One Piece Premier Show 2015.[1] He is a genius scientist and is the middle brother of 3 Scientist Brothers, between Bürst and Bonbon.[1]


Misutta is an average-sized man with short blond hair. He wears a black and pink vest, baggy white pants, black boots, and a black and red cape.


He is extremely klutzy and messes up often. He also cherishes his youngest brother Bonbon.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Like his older brother, he is also a genius scientist, although his klutziness somewhat negates it. However, his offensive ability is said to be so great that it makes up for it.


Misutta uses an Air Cannon.[1]


One Piece Premier Show 2015Edit

Misutta helped his brother Bürst capture and brainwash Nami so that he could marry her. The 3 Scientist Brothers fought Monkey D. Luffy and Sabo and were ultimately defeated by a combination of Luffy's Red Hawk and Sabo's Hiken.[2]

Major BattlesEdit


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