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Mobambi is a character that appears in the third movie, and is currently the king of Crown Island.[1]


Before he came to the island, he once wore a blue shirt and pants. He has red hair with a ponytail sticking up and a scar on his chest.[1]

He wears a beige loincloth. He also has on an armband and a locket with a picture of his father inside.[1]


Mobambi is a very caring boy, worrying when Chopper sacrificed himself. He is also quite faithful, trying to rally the rest of the island's citizens to save their new king.

Mobambi used to be quite afraid of fighting, due to an attack that killed his father and gave him the scar on his chest. He developed bravery when Chopper was injured by Battler and fought against him.[1]


M. Danbo

Mobambi's dad.

Mobambi seems to love his dad and he was deeply sad when he was killed. His dad also cared about him since he wanted to protect his son, even if he had to sacrifice himself.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Mobambi is quite weak, barely being able to injure Battler in their fight. He seems to fight primarily with his fists.[1]


He is a young boy who is the sole human resident of the animal-inhabited Crown Island. His father, a zoologist, was killed by a pirate (later revealed to be Count Battler who also gave Mobambi the scar on his chest and left him for dead) and he was washed ashore where the animal king, Kirin Lion, took him in and raised him like his own son. Mobambi regards Kirin Lion as a father figure. His best friend is Karasuke.[1]

Years later, Kirin Lion had passed on and Mobambi believes Tony Tony Chopper, who fell from a cliff, to be their new animal king, thinking he fell from the heavens. Even though it is eventually revealed that Chopper was not to be the king, Mobambi tries to help him regardless, even when the other animals abandon Chopper. It is through this act that he is dubbed the new animal king of Crown Island when Battler is defeated.[1]

Major Battles


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