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The Mokomo Dukedom[2] is the civilization developed by the Mink Tribe on the living island of Zou in the New World.[3] It is led by the "Ruler of Day", Duke Inuarashi, and the "Ruler of Night", Master Nekomamushi.[4]


The Mokomo Dukedom is comprised of a sprawling city with several of its ancient buildings embedded in the surrounding rock formations and an area known as the Whale Forest that features a large whale-shaped tree.[1] The entirety of the back is encircled by a large wall, with a gate located near Zunesha's tail.[2]


The area is lush and fertile, with many oddly-shaped trees.[5][1] There is one prominent tree known as the Whale[6] due to its trunk resembling a baleen whale bending upwards.[7]


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Mokomo Dukedom
Inuarashi Nekomamushi Hitsugisukan  ?
Shishilian Concelot Giovanni Wanda Carrot
Yomo ????? ?????
Pedro  Roddy Blackback Milky Keith
Other Citizens
Miyagi Tristan Bariete Monjii Musatobi 
Wany Pekoms' Father Pekoms' Mother ????? Bepo 
Pekoms  Zepo 
Allies and Affiliation
Zunesha Kozuki Family Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance

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At some point within the last 1000 years, the Mink Tribe established the Mokomo Dukedom on the back of Zunesha.[8]

The ruler 28 years ago was Hitsugisukan. Nekomamushi and Inuarashi came back, 20 years ago, after Oden's execution, and somehow become both rulers of the Dukedom, some time later.


  • The name of the dukedom is likely a pun on mokomoko (もこもこ? meaning "fluffy"), referring to its fur-covered citizens.


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