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Momoiro Island is an island in Paradise. It is located close to the Lulusia Kingdom.[2] The island is filled with pink animals and plants. It is home to the Kamabakka Kingdom (カマバッカ王国 Kamabakka Ōkoku?, "Kamabakka Queendom" in the Viz Manga), a place where "those with a heart of a maiden" gather. The name of the kingdom literally translates to "full of transvestites", which is exactly what the island is filled with.

The leader of the island is the revolutionary "Queen" Emporio Ivankov, who escaped from Impel Down's level 5.5 and returned to the island with a crew of newkama.

After the destruction of Baltigo, the Revolutionary Army moved their base of operations to this island.[2]


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Momoiro Island
Emporio Ivankov Caroline  
Inazuma Tibany Usakkov Tsunokkov
Francois Newkama Land's Convicts 99 Masters of Newkama Kenpo
Revolutionary Army Sanji 

The island and its inhabitants are just as well known as the legendary island of Amazon Lily. However, the islands are exact opposites of each other. While Amazon Lily is comprised only of women who behave somewhat similar to men (similar to the Amazons of lore), Momoiro is filled only with men who behave similar to women. Even the animals are transvestites.[1] Nevertheless, like its counterpart, the island's population seems to be comprised of powerful fighters who abide and appear to be totally comfortable with their lifestyle, mostly due to their famous power-enhancing Attack Cuisine. The Okama inhabitants held the Revolutionary Army in utmost respect and esteem due to Ivankov's membership, particularly the top executives Morley and Betty, whom they address with the honorific sama and was excited to see them gather.


Summit War Saga

Straw Hat's Separation Serial

Sanji was sent here by Bartholomew Kuma during the events of Sabaody Archipelago Arc.

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Sanji was found by an okama named Tibany, who gave him some medical treatment. When Sanji woke up, he could not see his rescuer clearly and though he was a beautiful girl. Tibany asked Sanji if he liked things like dresses and makeup, to which Sanji replied that he did, thinking that Tibany was trying to determine if he was the right man for "her".

Tibany rushed toward Sanji, who though "she" was going to jump into his arms. Instead, Sanji got knocked back, not expecting Tibany to have such a high level of brute strength. Sanji finally got a good look at the person who saved him and, much to his horror and disillusionment, saw that Tibany was actually a man.

The other okama on the island came forward and tried to make Sanji become an okama as well, telling him that he was in a safe place where he didn't have to hide his true self. Sanji, not interested in wearing a dress, ran away as fast as he could, but was relentlessly perused by the okama who were determined to make him one of them.

While Sanji was trying to find a way off the okama island, the okama spoke with the substitute Queen, Caroline and told him about Sanji. Caroline asked if the newcomer was strong; the okama replied that he wasn't, but his kicks did have some potential.

The next day, while being chased by the okama's again, Sanji was not looking where he was going and accidentally ran into the Kamabakka Kingdom royal palace and met Caroline. He asked to be given a ship so that he could get back to his friends. Caroline agreed, but only if Sanji could defeat the most powerful fighter on the island, which turned out to be Caroline himself. Furthermore, Sanji would have to abide by okama customs during the fight, requiring him to wear a dress, high heels, full make up, and even women's undergarments.

Sanji attempted to beat Caroline, but was unable to land a single blow, due to Caroline ducking down with every kick. Sanji became incredibly embarrassed when he figured out the Caroline was looking under his dress with each duck. Sanji tried to play it off, claiming that since he was a man, he didn't care if someone saw his underwear. However, Caroline just saw this as Sanji's maiden-like modesty coming out.

Sanji accused Caroline of not knowing what he was talking about, but after another brief confrontation, Caroline got the confirmation he needed that Sanji really was just using masculinity as a shield to hide his true feelings.

Caroline used a technique on Sanji that caused him to internally debate with himself about who he really was. In the end, Sanji was converted into an okama.

Now wearing a long, curly blonde wig as part of his okama persona, Sanji ran along the beaches with the other okama, feeling happier than he had ever been.

After the Summit War of Marineford concluded, Sanji was playing in the ocean with the other okama and later enjoyed watching the sunset. A News Coo delivered a Newspaper about what had transpired at Navy Headquarters, causing Sanji to be shocked back to his normal self.

Concludes non-canon section.

Due to the maniacal nature of the transvestites inhabiting the island, Sanji considers the place to be 'Hell',[1] but still spent two years on the island honing his skills. Constantly running away from the okama who wanted to convert him into one of them gave his leg strength a significant boost.

Four Emperors Saga

Levely Arc

After the Blackbeard Pirates destroyed Baltigo, the Revolutionary Army moved their base of operations to Momoiro Island. Monkey D. Dragon summoned the revolutionary commanders to this island for a meeting to plan their declaration of war against the World Nobles.[2]


  • Everytime Sanji refers to this place, he calls it "Hell".
  • "Momoiro" means "pink" (lit. peach-colored) in Japanese.
  • "Kamabakka" means "nothing but transvestites" in Japanese.


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