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Even though he is a pirate, Luffy for the most part seems to gain the hearts of citizens when he and his crew liberate them from some of the world's more dreaded and villainous pirates.

Foosha Village

Woop Slap

Woop Slap watches Luffy set sail on his journey with Makino.

Woop Slap is the mayor of Foosha Village and has shared a close relationship with Luffy since he was a child. He is the only person, out of his entire village, that shows great disapproval of Luffy’s decision to become a pirate and has lamented his increasing notoriety. Luffy has rarely been seen interacting with Woop Slap, but cares for him as a member of Foosha Village and remembers him fondly.

Throughout his childhood, Woop Slap has been watching over Luffy and has come to care for him deeply. He did his best to negotiate with the bandit, Higuma, for Luffy’s safe return. When Luffy was taken to live with the Dadan Family he came to visit him alongside Makino.

Due to his friendship with Makino, and being the mayor of the town, he has come to know Luffy extremely well and has grown fond of him. He attempted to negotiate Luffy’s safe return from the bandit, Higuma, until Shanks and his crew stepped in. He was extremely worried about Luffy’s well-being after the Battle of Marineford and asked Garp if he knew anything. Ever since Luffy became a pirate he has been upset and often vents his frustration over Luffy’s actions, something he feels has brought shame on the village. However, despite his opposition, he still saw Luffy off on his journey to become the Pirate King. He is also one of the very few people who knows about Luffy’s origins.

Luffy has never been seen directly interacting with Woop Slap and so his opinion of the mayor has never been expressed, however, he does not seem hostile towards him despite his objections of him becoming a pirate, and was seemingly grateful for his efforts to save him from Higuma. Just like how Luffy remembers the rest of the village fondly, its likely he remembers Woop Slap in much the same way.


Luffy and Makino smiling together.

Makino is a bartender at Partys Bar in Foosha Village, the hometown of Luffy. The two get on very well and have known each other throughout Luffy’s childhood. Makino cares for Luffy a great deal and is supportive of his dream to become the Pirate King, she is arguably the closest person Luffy had to a mother before Dadan. Luffy likes Makino a great deal, enjoying her company and being at her bar.

The two have known each other since Luffy was a child. They would often be in the bar together where Makino would give him free drinks and food. She alerted the mayor of Foosha Village, Woop Slap, as well as the town's residents, when Luffy was taken away by the bandit, Higuma. Throughout Luffy's time with Dadan she would come visit Luffy, Ace and Sabo to deliver new clothes to them. She saw Luffy off when he started his journey to become the Pirate King.

Luffy would visit her bar frequently where he eventually would meet Shanks. Although he has never stated what he thinks of Makino, it is apparent that he cares for her a lot and enjoyed being in her company. When he saw her again whilst living with Dadan he was overjoyed and hugged her. He is grateful for all the things she would do for him and treats Makino with a lot of respect, finding her kindness endearing.

Makino is very loving of Luffy and almost acts as a mother to him. She would regularly give him free food and drinks at her bar and jokingly say she would add it to his treasure tab. She is very supportive of Luffy’s dream and is happy with whatever Luffy decides to do with his life so long as he is happy. She was devastated at the news of Ace’s death and cried over the thought of what Luffy must be going through. She keeps up to date with his exploits and is seen smiling whenever his bounty goes up.


The people of Foosha Village celebrating Luffy's latest bounty.

Foosha Village is a port village on Dawn Island in the Goa Kingdom that is ruled by King Sterry. Luffy spent half of his childhood in Foosha Village and dominantly has nothing but happy memories being there. He got on well with everybody who lived there and was well known among the citizenry for his enthusiastic, brash, but joyful, personality. The people of Foosha Village are greatly fond of Luffy, they love him dearly and have found great joy in his success as a pirate.

Luffy was born in Foosha Village and was the first place he called home. He frequented Partys Bar as he was close to the barmaid, Makino, who gave him free food and drinks. It was here that he would eventually meet Shanks. However, he was taken away from the village by his grandfather, Garp, and taken to Dadan who lived in Mt. Colubo just outside the village. He sailed out of Foosha Village to begin his journey to become the Pirate King, waving goodbye to everyone.

Pretty much all of the village folk in Foosha Village are friendly with Luffy and enjoyed his loud and boisterous personality. Due to not having any parents to raise him, the villagers became very tolerant of Luffy and cared for his well-being. Many of the villagers came to Luffy’s aid when he was kidnapped by the bandit, Higuma, and tried to negotiate his safe return. When Garp returned to the village following the Battle of Marineford a lot of them were greatly worried about Luffy’s well-being and asked Garp for some information about him. They saw Luffy off when he left to become the Pirate King after he turned 17 and have since followed his journey with a passion. Asides from the Mayor, they have no issue with Luffy being a notorious criminal and in fact take great pride in it.

Luffy loves his hometown and fondly remembers the people there who helped raise him in the early parts of his childhood. He made numerous friends whilst there, particularly Makino, who acted almost like a mother and cared for him deeply, a sentiment he reciprocated. The Mayor of the village, Woop Slap, who is disgruntled about Luffy’s decision to be a pirate and his growing infamy, but nonetheless cares for his well-being. Gyoru and Chicken, who own the fish shop in the village and would sell their fish to Luffy, they are very happy about Luffy following his dream to become a pirate. It was whilst at Foosha Village that Luffy met Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates, befriending all of them. It was his encounter with Shanks and his crew that sparked his dream to become the Pirate King.

Shells Town


Marines of Shells Town salute Luffy along with Koby.

The Marines stationed on Shells Town share a positive relationship with Luffy and are grateful to him for saving them, and their citizens, from their ruthless captain, Morgan. Luffy was friendly to the Marines, due to his general apathy towards them, and acknowledged them as friendly people whilst being aware they are his natural enemies.

When Luffy arrived in Shells Town, the Marines stationed there had no idea he was a pirate, thus allowing Luffy to wander the town freely. It was only after he had assaulted Helmeppo, destroyed the statue of Morgan, and freed Zoro that they deduced he is a pirate. They fought him, at the behest of their vicious commander, Morgan, but were easily defeated. When Luffy was victorious against Morgan they showed their happiness at his victory and were grateful to him for liberating them from him. However, they ultimately kicked him off the island due to their obligations as Marines.

The Marines of Shells Town hold complete animosity towards pirates, but they were unaware that Luffy was one until after the events on Shells Town and thus did not have an opinion on him. They attacked him out of fear of Captain Morgan, but also out of their duty as Marines. They soon came to also fear Luffy as he was the first Devil Fruit user they had encountered and realized they could not take him on, especially after he successfully freed Zoro. They watched in amazement as Luffy was easily besting Morgan and became extremely happy at his victory over their commander. Despite being grateful for what he had done, they were still obligated to kick him off the island for being a pirate, but gave him a salute as he sailed away to acknowledge him, even though doing so is a major violation of Navy law.

Luffy is generally apathetic towards the Marines, and judges people on their actions and words rather than allegiances. This resulted in him only becoming hostile towards the Marines when they tried to attack him, but became friendly with them once they showed their gratitude towards him for defeating Morgan. He found it amusing that they celebrated his victory, and understood that they must have hated their commander. However, Luffy is well aware that the Marines are his enemies and agreed to leave the island at their behest without holding a grudge, happily waving them all goodbye as he sailed away.


Townsfolk of Shells Town become frightened after Luffy mentions Zoro and Morgan.

Shells Town is the home of a Marine base in East Blue. The citizenry there hold Luffy in high regard for having defeated the tyrannical Marine captain, Morgan. They were very hospitable towards Luffy and upset when the Marines forced Luffy to leave the town. Luffy did not initially care for the citizens there, but was happy to have saved them from Morgan and appreciated their warm hospitality.

Luffy arrived in Shells Town after defeating the pirate, Alvida, and befriending Koby. He explored the island to find Roronoa Zoro, who he wanted to recruit, and was able to find him in the court yard of the local Marine base. Having defeated the Marine captain stationed there, he inadvertently won the admiration of the citizens and left the island leaving a positive impression on the people there.

The citizens of Shells Town generally hold the view that pirates are bad people and are pretty content with being under the direct protection of the Marines there. However, due to Luffy having no actual notoriety or bounty, they were blissfully unaware that he was a pirate. However, they became frantic when Luffy assaulted Helmeppo, who is the son of Morgan, and feared for their own safety. Following his victory over the Marine captain all of the citizens came to admire Luffy and were upset when the Marines, led by Ripper, kicked them off island, protesting the decision. Some local residents, such as Ririka, and her daughter, Rika, became friendly with Luffy and allowed him to eat at her home.

When he arrived, Luffy noted that the mention of Morgan’s name caused the townsfolk to cower in fear, with Koby adding that they seemed more fearful of the Marine captain’s name than Zoro’s. Ultimately, Luffy paid no mind to it and carried on looking for Zoro. After defeating Morgan, Luffy was happy to find out he had saved the town from his tyranny and was appreciative of their kindness towards him.


Luffy telling Rika that Zoro enjoyed the rice balls she made for him.

Rika is the daughter of Ririka, is a waitress for the Marines on Shells Town, and a supporting ally to Luffy during the Romance Dawn Arc. She is very fond of Luffy and appreciated his help in defeating the Marine CaptainMorgan, and freeing Roronoa Zoro. She finds him to be a kind person and incredibly strong. Luffy was very kind to Rika and at one point saved her when she was thrown by a Marine. He came to like her a lot, despite only getting to know her for a short while.

When Luffy arrived in Shells Town to recruit Zoro, he found Rika running into the Marine base courtyard in order to give Zoro some food. After saving her, he quickly befriended the young girl and got the full story about Zoro’s situation which ultimately convinced him to get Zoro to join his crew, having initially been concerned about whether he was a good person or not. After defeating Morgan, he ate at Rika's mother’s house and waved goodbye to her as he sailed out of Shells Town.

Rika was very thankful when Luffy saved her and was overjoyed when he told her that Zoro ate the rice balls she had made him. She informed Luffy about the situation regarding Zoro and wanted him to save the swordsman. She was amazed when she saw Luffy punch Helmeppo and called him cool for doing so. When her mother took her back inside, away from Luffy, she was visibly saddened. Upon Luffy’s victory over Morgan she was happy to have him inside her home and complimented him, but was upset when the Marines told him that he had to leave the island. She joined Koby with her mother to wave goodbye to him. She has kept a bounty poster of Luffy since joining the Marines, and has it pinned onto her wall. Rika often refers to Luffy as “Onii-san” (big brother).

Luffy saved Rika as soon as he saw her get thrown out of the courtyard by a Marine, quickly befriending the young girl. After visiting Zoro, and feeding him the rice balls she had made, he informed her that Zoro enjoyed eating them in order to cheer her up. Luffy was grateful when she informed him about the situation regarding Zoro, as it convinced him to recruit Zoro. He was amused when Rika told him that she thinks he is cool for punching Helmeppo, and was happy when she commented how strong he is after he defeated Morgan. He waved goodbye to Rika, as well as her mother, Koby and the Marines as he sailed out of Shells Town.

Orange Town


Luffy knocks Boodle out to prevent him from fighting.

Boodle is the mayor of Orange Town and a supporting ally of Luffy during the Orange Town Arc. He is very friendly to Luffy when he first met him, wishing to aid him in his fight against the Buggy Pirates, and was grateful for saving his town. Luffy got on well with Boodle, respecting him as a determined individual who wishes to defend his town, and cared for his well-being.

Whilst Luffy was trying to get the key from Chouchou, Boodle arrived and explained the dog's story to Luffy and Nami. Feeling inspired by Luffy, Boodle prepared to take on Buggy and his crew, but was knocked out by Luffy. He woke up at the conclusion of the fight and thanked Luffy and his small crew for what they had done.

Despite him being a pirate, Boodle showed no hostility whatsoever towards Luffy, and was more than willing to aid his crew mate, Zoro, who had been injured. He felt comfortable enough to inform Luffy about why Chouchou was so devoted to the Pet Store. He was amazed to see Luffy had survived after being attacked by Richie and was worried for him when he intended to face off against the lion along with his owner, Mohji. When Nami went to attack Luffy he stopped her from doing so, as he understood Luffy was not to blame for the pet store being destroyed. Boodle became inspired by Luffy’s determination to defend his village and decided to try and do so himself, telling Luffy to no longer get involved, but Luffy knocked him out. When he woke up, in contrast to the villagers that chased Luffy and his crew out of their town, he tearfully thanked Luffy for saving his village.

After meeting Boodle, Luffy openly stated he likes the old man. He listened to Boodle tell him the story of Chouchou, and it was because of this story that he became enraged by Mohji and Richie’s actions against the dog. When Boodle gathered the courage to fight, Luffy encouraged him and was impressed by his determination to fight. However, after Nami’s protests he promised her that he would not let Boodle die and proceeded to slam his face into a wall to knock him out, protecting him by making sure he could not get involved. After his victory against the Buggy Pirates, Luffy sailed out of Orange Town but was happy to see Boodle before he left and waved goodbye to him, and decided to leave him some of Buggy’s treasure so he could repair the damage to his village.


Luffy, Nami and Zoro, chased out of town by the citizens of Orange Town.

Orange Town is a young village in East Blue that was besieged by the Buggy Pirates during the Orange Town Arc. The citizens of Orange Town do not like Luffy and his crew because they are pirates and had assaulted their mayor, Boodle, who they care for dearly. This led to them chasing him and his friends out of their town. Luffy does not hold a grudge over this misunderstanding, happily accepting the situation for what it is and fled the town with Nami and Zoro.

For the entirety of the Orange Town arc, the citizens had fled as their town had been taken over by the Buggy Pirates. They returned to the town once Luffy and his crew had defeated the Buggy Pirates, but chased him and his friends out of their town, believing them to be responsible for the damage that had been done and for assaulting their mayor.

Due to a misunderstanding, the citizens do not like Luffy at all. After finding Boodle knocked out, they wished to know who had harmed him and grew furious when Luffy admitted he was responsible, and became even more angry when he admitted that he is also a pirate. This led them to chase Luffy and his friends out of their town, but were left confused by the local dog, Chouchou, who Luffy had befriended, getting in their way, and were even more bewildered when the mayor, himself, wished to see them off.

Luffy had no qualms with the citizens chasing him out of town. He was initially disinterested with their situation and did not care that their town was being attacked by Buggy and his crew, only getting involved after befriending Nami, Chouchou and Boodle. He was extremely nonchalant towards them and openly admitted that he was the one responsible for knocking out Boodle, but choose not to inform them why he did it, as he believed it would be futile. Whilst being chased out he was smiling happily and praised them to Nami, finding them admirable for how much they cared about one person. He left some of Buggy’s treasure behind so they could repair the damage done to their town as a bit of goodwill towards Boodle.

Cocoyasi Village


The people of Cocoyasi Village celebrate Luffy's victory over Arlong.

The citizens of Cocoyasi Village reside in East Blue, on the Conomi Islands, and have become supporters of Luffy and the Straw Hats. They have huge appreciation for what Luffy did for them and for his friendship with Nami, who they all care for. Luffy likes the people of Cocoyasi Village and was happy to have saved them all from Arlong.

For ten years, the people of Cocoyasi Village have been subjugated by Arlong and his crew. When Luffy arrived, Nami had almost completed the fee she agreed with Arlong for him to leave her hometown. However, he betrayed this deal, devastating Nami, which compelled the citizens of Cocoyasi Village to fight him off for upsetting her. Luffy, however, stepped in on their behalf, at the request of Nami, and fought Arlong. Following his victory they celebrated with Luffy, Nami and his crew for three days before they happily watched as he sailed away, with Nami now being a member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Initially, the people of Cocoyasi Village paid no mind to Luffy, unaware of who he was or his connections with Nami. As a result, they were confused why he, along with Zoro, Sanji and Usopp were so willing to fight on their behalf. Through the words of Johnny and Yosaku, they allowed Luffy to fight for them and cheered him on. They were overjoyed at Luffy’s victory, having now regained their independence from the Arlong Pirates. Their trust in Luffy is extremely high, as they were happy with Nami, who they care for deeply, to join his crew, having faith in his abilities to keep her safe. They partied with Luffy and his crew for three days straight following his victory over Arlong and waved goodbye to them all as they left Cocoyasi Village.

Luffy arrived on Cocoyasi Village having very little interest in the village’s current situation, and outright ignored Nojiko’s attempts to explain their’s, and Nami’s, plight. However, once Nami tearfully asked him to help her he became extremely determined to defeat Arlong and his entire crew for her, and by extension, for the people of Cocoyasi Village. He appreciated their support, and the help Nojiko and Genzo provided. Following his victory, he joyfully partied with the citizens of Cocoyasi Village and said goodbye to them all before leaving with Nami and his crew, whilst being amused that Nami had pickpocket all of them.

Johnny and Yosaku

Luffy stops Johnny and Yosaku from interfering with Zoro's fight with Mihawk.

Johnny and Yosaku are the fishermen of Cocoyasi Village, former bounty hunters, and allies to Luffy and the Straw Hats during the Baratie Arc and the Arlong Park Arc. They both have great admiration and trust in Luffy, especially as their long time friend, Zoro, was a member of his crew. Luffy was fond of the pair and was happy to have them along as allies whilst at the Baratie, and again at Cocoyasi Village.

Luffy first met Johnny and Yosaku whilst out at sea after he and Usopp fired a canon ball at an island they were resting on. After a brief confrontation, that ended with Yosaku being treated for scurvy by the Straw Hats, they became friendly and directed the crew towards the Baratie as they were in need of finding a cook. At the Baratie they stayed aboard the ship with Nami but were tricked by her as she sailed away with the Going Merry and the crew’s treasure. Following Luffy’s victory over Don Krieg, Yosaku helped Luffy and Sanji reach Cocoyasi Village to meet up with Johnny, Zoro and Usopp to get Nami back. They worked as allies of the Straw Hats to help them defeat Arlong and his crew. Following this victory, they decided to go continue their lives as bounty hunters, saying farewell to the Luffy and his crew, but eventually became fishermen for Cocoyasi Village.

Johnny and Yosaku got off to a bad start with Luffy after he hit them with a canon ball, with Johnny trying to attack the Straw Hat captain, but relented when he saw Zoro, his friend and fellow bounty hunter, was a member of his crew. The pair became friendly with Luffy and was extremely thankful after his crew saved Yosaku’s life from scurvy. They felt extremely guilty for being tricked by Nami, resulting in Luffy and his crew losing their ship and treasure. Whilst Luffy fought against Don Krieg they took care of Zoro after his crushing defeat at the hands of Dracule Mihawk and agreed to sail ahead to try and get Nami back for him. The pair have great faith in Luffy’s abilities and strength as a fighter and whilst on Cocoyasi Village they prevented the villagers from trying to attack Arlong, knowing they’d get killed, and instead made them wait for the arrival of Luffy and his crew, playing a key role in stirring up the villager’s faith in Luffy and his friends. Despite their confidence in Luffy, they were terrified at the prospect of facing Arlong and initially tried to run away out of fear, but were compelled to ultimately fight after hearing about Nami’s past. Following Arlong’s defeat they decided to bid Luffy and his crew farewell but wished to meet them again one day. A sign of their great respect for Luffy is how they refer to him as “brother”.

Luffy gets on well with Johnny and Yosaku despite having angered them when he hit them with a canon ball. Due to being friends with Zoro he viewed them as his friends by extension, and was more than happy for Nami to heal Yosaku back to full health. Luffy became grateful for the aid they provided, such as directing them towards the Baratie to find a cook. He sympathized with their desire to help Zoro in his fight with Mihawk, despite stopping them, and was thankful to them for taking care of his swordsman after he was seriously injured from the fight. He trusted them enough to sail on ahead and go after Nami whilst he dealt with Don Krieg. Luffy did not harbor any grudge towards the pair for being tricked by Nami and losing his ship. However, he later became extremely angry with Johnny when he claimed that Nami had killed Usopp, threatening to beat him up for saying such things about her. After his victory, he was very thankful for all their help and hoped to see them again some day.


Nojiko keeps Luffy's head above water.

Nojiko is Nami’s adoptive older sister, the owner of a tangerine farm in Cocoyasi Village, and a supporting ally during the Arlong Park Arc. She initially tried to discourage Luffy and his crew from getting involved but accepted his help after realising how strong he is. Nojiko came to see Luffy as a hero after his victory over Arlong and trusted him to look after Nami as a member of his crew. Although he initially disregarded her, Luffy appreciated Nojiko’s help during his fight with Arlong and respects her as Nami’s adoptive sister.

The two first met when Luffy arrived on Cocoyasi Village and had just gotten into a dispute with Nami. Nojiko intended to inform Luffy, and his crew, about the situation with Nami and the Arlong Pirates but he chose not to listen to her and walked off. They would cross paths again when Luffy, along with Sanji, Zoro and Usopp, walked to Arlong Park after Nami pleaded for his help. Throughout the fight, Nojiko supported Luffy and helped to prevent him from drowning, along with Genzo. She was overjoyed at his victory and watched happily as he sailed away with Nami as a part of his crew.

It appears Nojiko did not want Luffy to be involved with Nami’s business as she intended to inform him about the difficult situation Nami’s in as a means to discourage him but was cut short by his blunt refusal to listen. This encounter made her realise why Nami has a hard time dealing with him as he is just as stubborn as she is. However, this rough first meeting did not give her any bad feelings towards Luffy. She was shocked, like most of the villagers, at the raw strength Luffy possesses and soon began to place her faith in him. This led to her aiding the Straw Hat captain when he was in danger of dying after being thrown into the pool of water. She worked with Genzo to keep his head above water, thanks to his Devil Fruit powers, whilst also trying to break the rock that was keeping him underwater. At one point she was worried when he stopped breathing and tried to resuscitate him. She was relieved to see he had regained consciousness and was overjoyed when Sanji broke him free. Following Luffy’s victory she came to respect him a lot and was more than happy with Nami sailing with him and his crew. She is extremely grateful to him for having liberated her and her village from the Arlong Pirates.

When Luffy first met Nojiko he openly refused to listen to her offer of informing him about Nami’s past, instead choosing to go for a walk, as he had already made up his mind about Nami and thus did not care to hear what Nojiko had to say. Nonetheless, he was extremely grateful for her aid in keeping him alive after he had been thrown into the pool of water and for helping to get him free to continue his fight with Arlong. Following his victory he had come to acknowledge her as an important person in Nami’s life.


Genzo makes Luffy promise him not to take Nami's smile away.

Genzo is the sheriff of Cocoyasi Village and a supporting ally to Luffy and the Straw Hats during the Arlong Park Arc. Although having some reservations over Luffy getting involved in his village’s business, he became extremely grateful to Luffy for defeating Arlong, and especially for helping Nami. Luffy appreciated Genzo’s aid during his fight with Arlong and respects him as an important person in Nami’s life, having stood by the promise he made to him before leaving with her.

After Nami had betrayed him and his crew, Luffy followed her to Cocoyasi Village in order to get her back. Once Nami asked for Luffy’s help, he walked to Arlong Park, alongside Sanji, Zoro and Usopp in order to take on Arlong before Genzo and the rest of the villagers took matters into their own hands. With some help from Genzo at one point, Luffy was able to defeat Arlong and liberate the village. During the subsequent party Luffy met Genzo at Bell-mère’s grave, Nami’s foster mother, and promised Genzo he would never take Nami’s smile away before leaving the next day.

Genzo appeared somewhat perplexed about Luffy’s willingness to get involved with his village’s plight, as he was determined to take matters into his own hands for what Arlong had done to Nami. However, after witnessing Luffy’s strength, and realizing he was capable of actually defeating Arlong, he chose to support the Straw Hat captain. When Luffy was thrown into the water whilst weighed down by a piece of rock to his feet, Genzo aided him by keeping his head above the water, thanks to Luffy's Devil Fruit ability, and worked with Nojiko to break the rock after they restarted his breathing. At one point, he was worried that Luffy would not make it. He was relieved that Luffy had broken free and watched on as he fought Arlong. He was overjoyed at the Straw Hat captain's eventual victory. Genzo came to see Luffy as a good friend to Nami and felt he could trust him with her life, however he still felt compelled to warn Luffy that he would hunt him down and kill him if he ever took Nami’s smile away. As Luffy left with Nami and the rest of his crew, he reminded Luffy to not forget the promise they had made.

Although Luffy only intended to defeat Arlong for Nami’s sake, he was more than happy to have helped Genzo and the rest of the villagers. He appreciated the help that Genzo provided to him by keeping his head above water so he would not die. He also understands how much of an important person Genzo is to Nami and reassured him that he will never take Nami's smile away, despite initially being flabbergasted when he threatened him. When Genzo reminded him of the agreement they made as he sailed out of Cocoyasi Village, he gave him a thumbs up to show his commitment to their promise.

Drum/Sakura Kingdom


Luffy sending Wapol flying.

Wapol is a king, a one-time pirate, and was Luffy's enemy during the Drum Island Arc. He and Luffy grew to strongly dislike each other throughout the arc. Luffy believes Wapol is a terrible and cruel king who does not properly understand what it means to be a pirate, while Wapol views Luffy as an extremely annoying brat who gets in the way of his desires and disregards his rights as a king, often throwing tantrums over him. By the time of the Levely Arc, Wapol seems to let go of his grudge against Luffy.

They first met when the Straw Hats were heading towards Drum Island and Wapol tried to ambush Luffy and his crew. He greatly annoyed Luffy by taking a bite out of the Going Merry and the two quickly ended up fighting. Wapol tried to eat Luffy, but this was futile because of Luffy's Devil Fruit. Luffy then quickly defeated Wapol and sent him flying out to sea. Wapol was later able to catch up to Luffy on Drum Island and, in his quest for vengeance, tried to hinder his attempts to carry both Nami and Sanji to safety, but this also failed. Wapol appeared again towards the end of the arc, having returned to try to retake his throne. The two fought yet again, and although this fight dragged out longer than their first bout, the results remained the same.

Luffy has an extremely low opinion of Wapol and does not like him for trying to eat a part of his ship. He was also irritated when Wapol tried to prevent him from getting Nami to a doctor. He was angry with Wapol for trying to shoot down the flag atop his former castle, believing him to be a fraud for not understanding the meaning of the flag. He also does not appear to take Wapol's threats seriously, as he ignored him numerous times and shouted at Wapol that he does not care he is a king under the World Government.

Throughout the Drum Island Arc, Wapol's spitefulness and childish tantrums were most apparent regarding Luffy, often getting upset by the latter's disregard of him being a former king recognized by the World Government, even planning to make laws to specifically stop some of the irritating things Luffy did to him. Despite his clear hatred of Luffy, he still tried to offer him positions in his kingdom as a way to beg for mercy just before the Straw Hat captain defeated him. However, the time of the Levely Arc, Wapol seemed to drop his grudge against Luffy as it was thanks to him that he was able to find new success and rule a new kingdom.


Dalton stunned that Luffy has defeated Wapol.

Dalton is the king of the Sakura Kingdom (formerly known as Drum Kingdom), a former Royal Guard under the former king, Wapol, and an ally to Luffy and his crew during the Drum Island Arc. He was initially hostile, due to Luffy’s status as a pirate, but was won over by his sincerity and has come to respect the Straw Hat captain for defeating Wapol and saving the kingdom. Luffy respects Dalton highly and was immensely thankful for his aid to help his friend, Nami, get medical help.

Luffy arrived on Drum Island, after defeating Wapol, and was met with a hostile reception by Dalton and the villagers. However, Dalton was won over by his and Vivi's pleas to help their friend and allowed them to stay in the village. He informed Luffy of the kingdom’s current situation and how, despite being famous for their medical expertise, there is only one doctor on the entire island, Dr. Kureha. He told him where he could find her and wished him luck on his journey there. Dalton would later encounter Luffy when he traveled to the residence of Dr. Kureha to confront Wapol, but arrived after Luffy had already defeated the tyrannical former king.

Due to the kingdom having recently been attacked by the Blackbeard Pirates, Dalton became extremely hostile to any and all pirates, holding Luffy and his crew at gun point. However, he was convinced by Luffy’s sincere wish to just help his friend and chose to aid him. He soon became friendly with Luffy and informed him about the current situation of the kingdom. This friendship turned him into an ally as he was more than willing to direct Luffy to the location of the doctor and tried to warn him about the difficulty of the journey. By the end of the Drum Island arc, he was amazed, and thankful, that Luffy defeated Wapol, liberating the kingdom once and for all, and ultimately came to see him as a genuinely kind hearted person. Following the time skip, he attended the Levely, having since become king, and made friends with Rebecca who is very fond of Luffy, admitting to the princess that he likes Luffy a lot.

Luffy did not initially reciprocate the hostile reception he got from Dalton and pleaded with him to allow his friend to see a doctor, however, he was furious when one of his men shot Vivi and went to attack them all until Vivi stopped him. After being convinced by Vivi, he begged Dalton to allow his friend to see a doctor. He was very grateful when Dalton allowed him and his crew to land on the island and was even more grateful for the information he provided to find their only doctor. Luffy also became empathetic to Dalton and the citizen’s plights, understanding their animosity for pirates and hatred for Wapol, who Luffy also hated. This led Luffy to eventually fight, and defeat, the former king on behalf of Dalton, as well as his new friend, Chopper.

Dr. Kureha

Luffy begs Dr. Kureha to save his friends.

Kureha is a doctor, the head of the Isshi-100, the adoptive mother and mentor to Chopper, and an ally to Luffy and his crew during the Drum Island Arc. The two have a friendly, but volatile, relationship due to Kureha’s strong willed, no-nonsense, personality. Kureha is impressed by Luffy’s sheer will power and devotion to his friends, but also believes him to be a dangerous person. Luffy was extremely grateful for Kureha’s aid in helping Nami and Sanji get better.

After leaving Little Garden, Nami became sick from a mysterious illness she picked up, from a bug, whilst there, which led to the crew traveling to Drum Island in order to get her to a doctor. Arriving, they were informed that Dr. Kureha is the only doctor on the entire island and that she lives on top of a mountain with no direct footpath. Luffy thus decided to carry Nami up the mountain in order for Kureha to make her better. Whilst on their way, Sanji was injured and Luffy had to carry him, as well. Once Luffy arrived, Dr. Kureha and Chopper immediately began treatment for the three friends. She later spectated Luffy, Sanji and Chopper's fight against Wapol and his men, where he eventually defeated the former king.

Kureha, despite being 139 years old, is in-denial about her elderliness and thus takes offence to Luffy referring to her as “old”, often attacking him. She was also annoyed when Luffy tried to eat Chopper and chased after him. Despite this, she is very sincere to Luffy and his crew mate’s situation, as she immediately began medical procedures to get him, Nami and Sanji back to health, and took care of Sanji when he re-injured himself in the fight against Wapol's men. She was stunned when Chopper informed her that Luffy had carried both his friends up the mountain, finding it inconceivable that someone could do such a thing, and reassured a desperate Luffy that she will make his friends well again. It is perhaps this determination, and the fact he defeated Wapol, that she was ultimately happy that Chopper joined his crew, even though she stated that he is a dangerous man after noting that he bears the initial, “D”, in his name. She smiled as she watched Luffy dispatch the former king, commenting that the Drum Kingdom has been brought down by a pirate.

Luffy was very grateful to Dr. Kureha for saving his friends. When he arrived at her home he begged her to save Nami and Sanji, instead of his own life, and was relieved when she reassured him that she would help them. He tried to recruit her into his crew at one point, as he still needed a doctor on his ship, but was rejected by her. Luffy was mostly unbothered when she attacked him and continued to pester her to join his crew, whilst offending her about her age. However, he became fearful of her violent nature, as he ran in fear when she chased after him and Sanji for wanting to eat Chopper.


Masira and Shoujou

Luffy sitting and talking with Masira and Shoujou.

Masira and Shoujou are sworn brothers, followers of Mont Blanc Cricket and allies to Luffy and the Straw Hats during the Jaya Arc. Despite having gotten off to a bad start with Luffy and his crew, the two brothers became very good friends with Luffy and were grateful for his efforts in solving the mystery of the lost City of Gold for them and Cricket. Luffy was initially hostile to the two brothers when they briefly met, but became good friends with them after befriending and saving Cricket.

Whilst looking for how to get to a Sky Island, Luffy, Zoro and Sanji dived into the water to investigate a ship that had fallen from the sky. Masira soon arrived and dived into the sea as well where he met Luffy and his crew mates. After escaping from a giant sea turtle and landing back on the Going Merry, Luffy, Zoro and Sanji kicked Masira off their ship. Later, as they were sailing out of Jaya, the crew met Shojou who intercepted their ship. Initially having a pleasant conversation, he became hostile when Luffy revealed he had beaten up his brother, Masira, and tried to attack Luffy and his crew but they managed to flee. The brothers would encounter Luffy and his crew again on Jaya when they saved their leader, Mont Blanc Cricket, and became immediately grateful and friendly.

The brothers shared hostility towards Luffy but it never mounted to anything serious. In fact, both of them got on well with the Straw Hat captain and only really became hostile through misunderstandings. When they reunite on Jaya, after Luffy’s doctor, Chopper, saves Mont Blanc Cricket, they become completely good friends with Luffy. Shojou even praised Luffy for being able to literally kick Masira off his ship despite being small, even though he got angry with the Straw Hat captain over this incident earlier. Masira often comically blushes when Luffy compares him to a monkey, taking it as a compliment. The two brothers were more than happy to help the Straw Hats reach a Sky Island and helped to reinforce the Going Merry for the dangerous trip. They were also very grateful to him for retrieving Cricket’s possessions after the Bellamy Pirates robbed them. They were with Cricket when they saw Luffy’s shadow in the sky and heard him ring the famous bell, informing them both that the lost City of Gold they had all been searching for is in the sky, not the ocean. They were incredibly happy at this revelation and were happy to finally move on to their next dream.

Luffy was mostly indifferent towards the two brothers, unintentionally winning them over before accidentally angering them both. He annoyed Masira for taking the ‘treasure’ he found whilst salvaging the ship and angered Shojou for having attacked Masira. However, he held no actual animosity towards them and when he reunited with them he immediately informed them of Cricket’s condition and that he and his crew were helping him. This led to him sitting outside and having a pleasant chat with the brothers. Luffy was very thankful for the help they provided so that he and his crew could reach Skypiea. He became endeared to the determination that Cricket and the brothers have to finding the lost City of Gold in order to exonerate Cricket’s ancestor, Mont Blanc Noland. This led to Luffy becoming determined to ring the golden bell on Skypiea. He called out to the brothers and Cricket when he finally managed to do so, hoping they could hear the bell.

Mont Blanc Cricket

Mont Blanc Cricket shows Luffy a gold statue of a South Bird.

Mont Blanc Cricket is the descendant of famed explorer, and falsely branded liar, Mont Blanc Noland, and a former pirate. He met, and became friends, with Luffy and his crew during the Jaya Arc. He came to like Luffy a great deal and offered vital information on how he could reach a Sky Island, and confined in him his goals of finding the lost City of Gold. Luffy was impressed by his determination to find the missing city and became determined to help him in this endeavor.

Whilst on Jaya, after Luffy's confrontation with the Bellamy PiratesNico Robin found a lead on a man named Mont Blanc Cricket who might have information on how to reach a Sky Island. The crew arrived at his house and, after a brief misunderstanding, aided Cricket back to health from his decompression sickness due to his constant deep sea dives. They learned of Cricket’s story, about his ancestor being branded an infamous liar for claiming there was a City of Gold on Jaya, and how that has tarnished his name as well. He then provided information on how to reach a Sky Island, admitting its possible the City of Gold is in the sky, but that he was skeptical. Whilst Luffy and his crew were out looking for a South Bird, Cricket was attacked and robbed by the Bellamy Pirates, which infuriated Luffy. After getting revenge, and reclaiming Cricket's stolen items, Luffy traveled to Skypiea where he made it his absolute goal to ring the famous bell of Shandora, that Mont Blanc Noland once mentioned, to let Cricket know that the City of Gold he is looking for is in the sky, not in the ocean.

Cricket became a close friend to Luffy and his crew. He initially thought they were there to rob him and pulled the Straw Hat captain into the water before fighting Sanji. However, after collapsing from decompression sickness and being mended back to health by Luffy’s crew mate, Chopper, he apologized and became friends with Luffy. He then held a home party with him and informed the Straw Hat Pirates of his current situation and why he dives into the sea everyday. After he noted Luffy’s determination to visit a Sky Island, despite his own skepticism on whether it exists or not, he decided to provide vital information on how to do so, such as details of the Knock Up Stream, the necessity of a South Bird and even reinforced the Going Merry for the dangerous trip. He was very appreciative of Luffy for reclaiming his possessions that were stolen by the Bellamy Pirates, despite not wanting him to get involved, and waved Luffy and his crew off as they set out to reach Skypiea. He was moved to complete tears when he heard the famous bell, that his ancestor spoke of, ringing with Luffy’s shadow in the sky. He thanked the Straw Hat captain for giving him closure, and absolution, on his, and his ancestor's, legacy.

Luffy was greatly impacted by Cricket’s story and was impressed by his determination to find out the truth on whether the City of Gold existed or not. He was furious when the Bellamy Pirates had attacked and robbed him, and returned to Mock Town in order to confront Bellamy. He defeated the captain in a single punch and returned the stolen items to Cricket before he set off to go to Skypiea. He was very thankful for Cricket’s help to reinforce the Going Merry and the information he provided to reach Skypiea. Whilst on the Sky Island, he made it his goal to ring the bell for Cricket as he was saddened that he has to spend his life vindicating himself because his ancestor was falsely branded a liar. He argued with Nami about the need to complete this goal and fought off Enel in order to succeed in this endeavour. He called out to Cricket, as he finally rang the bell, hoping he could hear it. When he landed back on a cloud, he asked Nami if she thinks Cricket heard the bell ring, with Nami affirming that she thinks he did.


Gan Fall

Gan Fall and Luffy, along with Nami and Aisa, whilst inside Nola's stomach.

Gan Fall is the current, and two-time, God of Skypiea and an ally to Luffy and the Straw Hats during the Skypiea Arc. He is on very good terms with Luffy, finding him to be a natural ally against Enel and thus chose to work with him. Although he initially had his doubts, he came to respect Luffy highly like his old friend, Gol D. Roger. Luffy is fond of Gan Fall, making friends with him quickly and appreciating his assistance in defeating Enel.

When Luffy and his crew arrived on Skypiea they were immediately attacked by a Shandia warrior. Gan Fall came to his aid and forced the attacker to flee, after briefly acquainting himself with Luffy and his crew, he gave them a whistle that will summon him to their aid and left. Gan Fall would not meet Luffy again until he, and Pierre, along with Nami and Aisa, were swallowed up by the giant snake, Nola. Although succeeding in escaping with Nami, he accidentally left Luffy and Aisa behind and sent Pierre to rescue them. Following his defeat to Enel, he watched Luffy battle the supposed God and was pleased to see he had won. Following Luffy’s victory, he became God once again.

Gan Fall, through his role as “Knight of the Sky”, was more than willing to aid Luffy and his crew. He saved them as they arrived on Skypiea and would assist Luffy as best he could for the remainder of the arc, having saved Chopper and Nami at various points. When Luffy was being left behind inside Nola, he sent his pet, Pierre, to save him. His trust in Luffy is very high, as when he had been defeated by Enel he decided to put his faith in the Straw Hat captain to save Skypiea, and tried to aid him in this endeavor by forcing Giant Jack to fall westwards so the Straw Hat captain could reach Enel. He was initially shocked to find out Luffy is actually captain of his crew, but watched on in amazement as he fought against Enel, whilst also cheering him on to ring the bell of Shandora. He was moved to tears when Luffy finally defeated Enel and rang the famous bell. He has come to respect Luffy, as after the events of Skypiea, he favorably noted Luffy’s striking similarities to his old friend, Gol D. Roger, when talking with Nico Robin.

Luffy appreciated Gan Fall’s help throughout the Skypiea arc and respected him as a capable warrior. When he first met Gan Fall he found him weird and confusing, not understanding what he was talking about due to having no knowledge of how Sky Islands work. He thus would refer to him as "Weird guy" whenever talking to him. Nonetheless, when he and his crew were first attacked on Skypiea he was grateful for his aid. He was happy to have had him as an ally and became even more grateful for the aid he provided for the rest of his crew throughout their time on Skypiea. He was furious to see he, along with Robin, Zoro and Wyper, had been severely injured by Enel and swore to defeat him. He was happy to have saved all of Skypiea from Enel and that he had been made God again.


Luffy lands a blow on Enel.

Enel is the former "God" of Skypiea and the main antagonist of the Skypiea arc. The two completely despise each other and see the other as enemies. Enel dislikes Luffy for tarnishing his self-belief that he is a god and for interfering with his plans. Luffy hates Enel for his arrogance and his intentions to destroy all of Skypiea, as well as for hurting his friends.

Luffy arrived on Skypiea via the knock-up stream and quickly befriended some Skypieans. He was soon informed about Enel and how he is the god of the island. The two would not actually meet until towards the end of the arc, once Enel’s ultimate plan had been set in motion. Luffy confronted him atop his ship and fought against him in order to save Nami. Even though Nami, and the rest of his crew, were saved, Luffy still chose to persist against the supposed “God” and, with the help of Nami and some others, he was able to defeat him, saving all of Skypiea.

Luffy caught the attention of Enel because he was breaking his country’s laws. Nonetheless, Enel's extreme hubris and arrogance meant he did not necessarily hate or dislike Luffy, at least initially, as he believed himself to be too divine to concern himself with Luffy and his crew. Instead, he chose to make a game out of their shenanigans and proceeded to partake in said game. Enel's attitude towards Luffy changed when he proved his prediction, regarding the outcome of his game, wrong. This then led to a confrontation between the two and Enel soon realized that Luffy is naturally immune to his Devil Fruit powers, the main source of his claim to being a god, causing him to frantically panic as the justification for his arrogance, and sense of superiority, was instantly shattered. After Luffy defeated him he was in denial, stating that he could never be defeated. He decided not to pursue Luffy and the Straw Hats and instead chose to continue with his original plan of going to Fairy Vearth, which turned out to be the moon.

Luffy loathed Enel's god complex and believed him to be a despicable person for how he treated his subjects and questioned his claims about his right to do what he pleases to people. When he came across his crew mates, who were all easily defeated by Enel, and discovered he had taken Nami, he was furious and promised to defeat him. Luffy was not aware that he is naturally immune to Enel’s main source of power and was confused by his constant attacks on him that were not doing anything. He eventually grew frustrated and relentlessly attacked him. Eventually, he defeated Enel and was relieved to have saved all of Skypiea whilst simultaneously ringing the bell of Shandora, achieving his goal of informing Mont Blanc Cricket of its location.

Sky People

Luffy celebrating with both Skypieans and Shandians.

Skypiea is a sky island that is ruled by Gan Fall and was previously ruled by the self proclaimed "God", Enel. The people of Skypiea are divided into two, the Skypieans and the Shandians. Whilst the former are non-aggressive, the latter are. Luffy and his crew got on generally well with the Skypieans, but were immediately attacked by a member of the Shandians. Eventually, they both worked with Luffy to defeat Enel and save everyone on the sky island. Both groups now recognise Luffy and his crew as heroes.

Luffy and his crew arrived on the sky island and entered into Skypiea but were marked as criminals for not paying the entrance fee. He briefly makes friends with some Skypieans but is attacked by the law enforcement of Skypiea for being criminals, eventually escalating tensions. Due to this, Luffy and his crew are forcibly taken to Upper Yard, a sacred piece of land where Enel and his Priests reside. It is throughout this location that they meet members of the Shandians and begin to fight Enel. Luffy had the desire to ring the famous Shandorian Golden Belfry Bell in order to vindicate Mont Blanc Noland and inform his descendant, Mont Blanc Cricket, of the city of gold's location. Having successfully defeated Enel, and ringing the bell, he had saved and ultimately liberated the island of Enel, making him a hero.

The Skypieans and the Shandians are greatly fond of Luffy for having saved them from Enel who was intending to destroy the entire sky island. Not only that, but they acknowledged Straw Hat as having played a crucial role in ending the dispute between the Skypieans and the Shandians over the claim for Upper Yard. They held celebrations with Luffy and his crew, and later tried to offer up a broken golden column as a reward to them. They were greatly disappointed that they did not get to say their goodbye to him and his crew but chose to ring the bell instead. They hope that Luffy and his crew will visit them again some day.

Luffy gets on well with the Skypieans following their rough start after being marked as a criminal. At one point he was seen as an enemy to the Shandians but by the end of the Skypiea Arc had managed to win them over. He partied with both groups before stealing some of their treasure that was lost inside the giant snake, Nola, that lives on Skypiea. He mistakenly believed that the people of Skypiea were chasing him and his crew for the treasure they had taken and ran away without saying goodbye, not realizing that they were trying to give him a giant golden column as a reward.

He made numerous allies among both the Skypieans and the Shandians, such as Gan Fall who was the former ruler of Skypiea before Enel dethroned him, and Aisa, a child Shandian, who sees Luffy as a hero. After Enel’s defeat to Luffy, Gan Fall was able to be reinstated as the leader of Skypiea and started working to create coexistence among the Shandians and the Skypieans. Gan Fall, himself, compared Luffy favourably to his old friend, Gol D. Roger. Luffy also made friends with the Shandian warrior, Wyper, who was originally antagonistic to Luffy and the Straw Hats but became a crucial ally. He was moved by Luffy’s determination to ring the bell on Skypiea for the descendant of Mont Blanc Noland, as Noland was a close friend of his own ancestor, Kalgara. Following Enel’s defeat he had become much more open to foreigners and is extremely grateful for what Luffy and the Straw Hats had done. He hopes to see them return to Upper Yard one day. Luffy also became close friends with the Skypieans, Pagaya, and his daughter, Conis, who were the first friends the Straw Hats made on Skypiea.


Wyper fights Luffy.

Wyper is a former Shandia warrior, a member of God's Guards for Gan Fall and a minor antagonist turned ally to Luffy during the Skypiea Arc. Initially, due to his great pride as a Shandian, and disdain for outsiders, he was very hostile and aggressive towards Luffy and his crew. However, through their indirect shared connection with Mont Blanc Noland, and knowing he desires to defeat Enel like he does, he became an ally. Luffy found Wyper to be irritating because of his hostility, but ignored him for most of the arc, however, he was happy to have made an ally out of him and his people.

The Straw Hats arrived on Skypiea via the knock up stream and soon became enemies of Enel. Whilst exploring Upper Yard, Luffy eventually encountered Wyper and was warned by him to leave. He fought the Shandian warrior, after encountering him again, to a stalemate before being eaten by Nola. Later on, whilst witnessing his homeland being gradually destroyed by Enel, Wyper was informed of Luffy’s true intentions, and decided to aid the Straw Hat captain by cutting down Giant Jack for him. He was greatly moved when Luffy successfully rang the bell and defeated Enel.

Due to his extreme pride as a Shandian warrior, he held a strong prejudice to outsiders and Luffy was no exception. When he met the Straw Hat captain he threatened him and told him to leave, and ferociously fought against him when he did not listen to his warning. However, due to his deep admiration for his ancestor, Kalgara, and knowing of the close friendship he had with a man by the name of Mont Blanc Noland, he was shocked and moved when Nico Robin informed him of Luffy’s intentions to ring the bell so the descendant of Noland, Mont Blanc Cricket, would discover the location of the Golden City of Shandora and exonerate Noland. Thus, he became a determined ally to Luffy and risked his life by using a reject dial to knock down Giant Jack, as per Nami’s request, to help him reach Enel. He cheered Luffy on passionately as he fought against Enel, having trusted him with the legacy of his ancestors to ring the golden bell once more. When Luffy succeeded in ringing the bell, whilst also defeating Enel, he was overjoyed. He has since dropped his prejudice to outsiders thanks to Luffy and smiled when he saw him and his crew were celebrating with his people.

Luffy disregarded Wyper for the most part, as he had no interest in his, or his people's, cause or business. He chose to ignore Wyper’s warning to him and was mostly apathetic when Wyper tried to talk to him, instead choosing to carry on walking and singing, although he did apologise for his intrusion when Wyper informed him that his people own Upper Yard. He nonetheless fought against the Shandia warrior with great determination, finding him to be an equal opponent. Whilst attempting to reach Enel, Luffy was unaware that Wyper was the one responsible for cutting down Giant Jack for him, but was greatly appreciative of the help he and his people provided after he had defeated Enel.


Luffy and Aisa inside Nola's stomach.

Aisa is a young Shandia girl who is a supporting ally of Luffy during the Skypiea Arc. Initially hostile, she warmed up to Luffy and grew to have huge admiration for the Straw Hat captain after he defeated Enel and saved her people. Luffy is fond of Aisa, immediately being tolerant of her aggressive nature towards him, similar to how he is with Nami, and appreciated her help when trying to take down Enel.

After the Straw Hats arrived on Skypiea, and were forcibly taken to Upper Yard, they began fighting against Enel and his priests. Aisa would first meet Nami, who she warmed up to first, and eventually met Luffy inside Nola after they were eaten by the giant snake. After being accidentally left behind by Nami and Gan Fall, Aisa and Luffy were able to escape the inside of the snake thanks to the help of Pierre and then tracked Enel down so Luffy could defeat him. She watched on as Luffy confronted the supposed God and tried to aid him when he was trying to get back up Giant Jack. She watched in amazement as Luffy finally defeated Enel and rang the Shandorian Bell. Before leaving, the two said their goodbyes.

Despite her initial hostility, and doubts regarding Luffy, she came to greatly admire him and now sees him as a hero. She told Raki that she wants to grow up to be a strong warrior like Luffy and was pleased she was the only one that got to say goodbye to him and his crew. Due to her strong minded personality, she is easily irritated by Luffy’s simple mindedness, sometimes doubting him as a captain of his own crew. Nonetheless, she was left in amazement as he fought against Enel and was stunned to see he is immune to Enel’s lightning attacks. At one point, she tearfully asked Luffy if Skypiea was really going to be destroyed, worrying for her homeland. She was overjoyed at Luffy's victory over Enel and successfully ringing the bell for the first time in 400 years.

Luffy came to like Aisa a lot, appreciating her help when he was trying to take down Enel, and sees her as a good friend. For the most part, he was indifferent to her insults towards him and was laid back around her. He worked with Aisa to try and escape from Nola and trusted her when he wanted to reach Enel after he had attacked his crew and taken Nami, asking the young Shandia girl to take him to Enel using her “Mantra”. Whilst trying to reach Enel he looked at her with concern as she cried over the possibility that her homeland might be destroyed. He was thus happy to have saved her and her people from Enel, and partied with them all before leaving.

Water 7


Kokoro decides to help Luffy reach Enies Lobby.

Kokoro is a mermaid, the main conductor for the Sea Train, the Puffing Tom, and an ally to Luffy and the Straw Hats during the Water 7 Arc and Enies Lobby Arc. She was very helpful to Luffy and his crew throughout their time on Water 7 and came to see him as an incredibly courageous and insane person. She became endeared to Luffy that she personally drove another train, the Rocket Man, to Enies Lobby so he could save Nico Robin. Luffy was very thankful for all her help, from the information she provided to helping him save his crew mate.

Whilst out at sea, Luffy and his crew almost crashed their ship into the Puffing Tom, avoiding the collision they then met Kokoro, along with Chimney and her pet rabbit, Gonbe. Informing Kokoro of the condition of their ship, she personally wrote a letter for the Straw Hats to give to a man called Iceburg when they arrive on Water 7, as he will help fix their ship. She would appear again, following the commotion of Iceburg’s assassination attempt and the revelation of who the members of CP9 are, and offered to aid Luffy and his crew to reach Enies Lobby on another Sea Train. She later saved Luffy’s crew after Rob Lucci flooded the tunnels they were in and sailed back with them all to Water 7.

Kokoro is very friendly towards Luffy and was willing to aid him throughout the Water 7 and Enies Lobby arc. When she first met him she provided information on Water 7, how to get there, and wrote a letter for him to give to the mayor of Water 7, Iceburg, to help get his ship fixed. When Luffy wished to go after Robin, she stopped the disputed between him and Paulie and volunteered to drive the Sea Train, the Rocket Man, to Enies Lobby for him. She even risked her own life by joining in on the chaos of the battle and saved Luffy’s crew from drowning, whilst in the process revealing herself to be a mermaid.

However, she has expressed some doubt about Luffy, as she made a sarcastic comment to Nami if he is meant to be her Pirate King after he got stuck between two buildings. However, she did state she likes him and finds him to be funny when he expressed his dream of becoming the Pirate King. When on Enies Lobby, she told Chimney, whilst watching Luffy stand atop the courthouse, that what Luffy has done is something no one else would be brave enough to do, and that by the end of the battle the entire world will know his name. She was shocked to find out that Luffy’s grandfather is Monkey D. Garp and his father is Monkey D. Dragon. Following her return to Water 7, after the battle at Enies Lobby, she attended the funeral for Luffy and his crew’s ship and partied with them all at Galley-La. She was happy to see her long time friend, Franky, join Luffy’s crew and waved them off when Luffy and his crew escaped Garp and the Marines on their new ship.

Luffy is very friendly towards Kokoro and appreciated the help she provided in order to reach Water 7, and again when trying to reach Enies Lobby. He was overjoyed when she informed him that Water 7 is where the best shipwrights in the world are and decided that it would be his crew's next destination. Before leaving, he and his crew hoped to see her again whilst in Water 7 and thanked her for the information she provided. He was annoyed with Kokoro when she sided with Paulie when he wished to sail to Enies Lobby after Robin despite the dangerous of Aqua Laguna. Notably, despite Luffy being overwhelmingly disinterested in women’s appearances, when he met Camie, another mermaid, he commented in disgust over the idea of seeing Kokoro as a mermaid, having been unaware of her true form up until then. He tends to refer to her as “Monster Granny”.

Sabaody Archipelago


Sabaody citizens left in complete shock at Luffy punching a World Noble.

Sabaody Archipelago is the final island in Paradise and is close to the Red Line. The people of Sabaody were initially indifferent to Luffy’s arrival due to the island being a hotbed for pirates and is located virtually next door to Mary Geoise and Marineford. However, the citizens flew into a blind panic after the Straw Hat captain assaulted a World Noble, gaining extreme notoriety among the people there. Luffy, himself, takes no interest in the people of Sabaody, as he just viewed the area as a stopping point before he goes to the New World, but is furious for how they treat fish-men and merfolk.

When Luffy arrived on Sabaody, he was accompanied by Hatchan, Camie and Pappag to visit Shakky in order to find someone to coat his ship. However, due to the extreme discrimination towards fish-men and merfolk, and a thriving slave trade, Camie was captured and was sent to be auctioned off. This led to Luffy arriving at the Human Auctioning House to save her. Whilst there, a World Noble, Saint Charlos, shot Hatchan, inciting Luffy’s fury that led to him punching the World Noble, causing pandemonium on the island for its people. Eventually, Luffy and his crew were scattered by Bartholomew Kuma. He returned two years later to reunite with his crew, causing chaos once again, before leaving for Fish-Man Island.

Due to the island being the last stop before entering the New World, it is often a rest stop for pirates and adventurers alike. This meant that Luffy did not stand out to the citizens living there, as there were plenty of notorious individuals like him, such as the other eight members of the Worst Generation. Furthermore, the citizens have a sense of security by the fact that they are situated so close to Marineford and Mary Geoise, which deters violent activity among the pirate groups. However, after Luffy punched a World Noble, an unthinkable act that incurred the wrath of the Navy’s highest power, his name became infamous among the people of Sabaody. With many of the citizens in complete shock at what he had done and panicking when they realised what was to come next. 

Luffy did not care much for the citizens there, and was more than willing to cause chaos for all of them when a World Noble harmed his friend. However, he has great disdain for the slave trade on the island, being furious after witnessing a World Noble kill one of his slaves and had to be warned by Pappag of the consequences when he was about to attack him. He was further angered by the fact that his friend, Camie, had been kidnapped by slave traders. He also holds complete hatred for the extreme discrimination that fish-men and merfolk experience from the citizens of Sabaody.


Luffy talks with Shakky at her bar.

Shakuyaku, otherwise known as Shakky, is a former pirate, the owner of Shakky's Rip-off Bar in Sabaody Archipelago and the wife of Silvers Rayleigh. The two get on very well and both have high respects for each other. Shakky has openly stated her support for Luffy to become the Pirate King and has taken an interest in him. Luffy was amazed to find out she was hunted by his own grandfather, and the Marine hero, Monkey D. Garp, and sees her as a kind woman.

The two met when Luffy arrived at her bar for information on a coater for their ship. She directed them to the amusement park as that is where her husband, Rayleigh, who works as a coater, would sometimes go. She met Luffy again, along with her husband, after Luffy had assaulted a World Noble. Whilst there they discussed various things, such as Rayleigh being a member of the Roger Pirates, the Void Century and One Piece. After the Straw Hats were separated by Bartholomew Kuma, and following the Battle of Marineford, she helped Rayleigh track down Luffy’s location so he could train him.

Shakky has openly admitted her admiration for Luffy and found him intriguing after meeting him at her bar. She was more than willing to give him and his crew shelter despite being pursued by an Admiral and held no animosity towards him despite her hostile past with his grandfather, Garp. She is aware of his similarities to Gol D. Roger, since her husband, Rayleigh, is his former first mate, and thus supports the Straw Hat captain in his quest to become the Pirate King. Shakky was also very impressed by Luffy’s refusal for any information on the location of One Piece, stating she is becoming a big fan of his. She aided Luffy in becoming stronger by deducing his location for Rayleigh so he could be trained by the legendary pirate. She finds Luffy amusing and could not help but laugh at seeing him raid her fridge.

Luffy is very friendly to Shakky and appreciated her help when looking for a coater, and again when she hid him from the Marines after he had assaulted a World Noble. He was very much interested in her past as a pirate when she informed him that she was once hunted down by his grandfather Garp and was curious about how old she was when she told him that she quit piracy 40 years ago. Luffy was also grateful for the information she provided regarding the other members of the Worst Generation.

Amazon Lily


Luffy annoyed when the Kuja women keep pulling his skin.

Amazon Lily is an empire made up of exclusively women who are known as the Kuja Tribe. They are ruled by the Pirate Empress, and former Shichibukai, Boa Hancock. Their relationship with Luffy has been a roller coaster, they have a great interest in Luffy as he is the first man they have met, but soon hated him once it was apparent Hancock wanted him killed. However, after Luffy won over Hancock they became much more friendly and resumed their interest in him. Luffy is kind to the people of Amazon Lily and does not dislike any of them, even making genuine friends with a few, although he did find them annoying because of their curiosity of him.

Luffy arrived in Amazon Lily after Bartholomew Kuma sent him there from Sabaody Archipelago. After falling unconscious from eating mushrooms he was recovered by Marguerite, Sweet Pea and Aphelandra who nursed him back to health, not initially realizing he is a man. Upon finding out he is a man they quickly put him in a cage but he was soon able to escape. They frantically tried to capture Luffy but continued to fail until he was eventually caught by Boa Hancock and her sisters. From then on they disliked him greatly and wished to see him killed, but he was able to survive his execution and win Hancock’s favor, and eventual love. Since then, they themselves find Luffy very likable and interesting.

Due to Luffy being a man the women of Amazon Lily continuously surround him and play with his skin because it is so stretchy, having no knowledge of Devil Fruits, which gives them the false idea that all men have rubber skin. Such is their lack of knowledge of men they also mistook Luffy’s genitals for a mushroom when bathing him. They are very tolerable of Luffy and allow him to be the only man to live among them after Hancock accepted him. At one point, they held festivities with him, enjoying his party antics and found him fun. They care for Luffy, like their Empress, and were overjoyed when they were told he was coming back from the Battle of Marineford and that he would be allowed into their country again. They let Luffy recuperate on their island after the battle, regularly keeping Hancock up to date on his recovery. They all refer to Luffy affectionately as "Luffy-sama".

Luffy likes the people of Amazon Lily, despite getting off to a bad start with them. He was initially annoyed with them not only for locking him up, but for taking his clothes, including his straw hat. He found them somewhat intimidating as they were capable of using Busoshoku Haki and thus could hurt him, prompting him to run away rather than fight. Once he was on their good side he felt comfortable enough to party with them all, but was soon harassed by them because of his rubber body, forcing him to run away. He has good relations with all of the Kuja tribe and appreciates their help when they cared for him, and for transporting him back to Sabaody Archipelago after the time skip.

Among the Kuja tribe, Luffy has made friends besides Hancock. He was able to befriend Marguerite, Sweet Pea and Aphelandra, as they were the ones to find him and nurse him back to health. It was also these three that had gotten to know Luffy better than the others and spoke favorably of him even though it led to them being petrified by Hancock. He protected the three throughout his fight with Hancock’s sisters and gave up the option of returning to his crew in order to save them. He grew especially close to Marguerite after he kidnapped her, as she was in possession of Silvers Rayleigh’s Vivre Card. The two somewhat bonded and Marguerite saved his life when he began to sink whilst trying to escape on a raft. Upon hearing his return from the Battle of Marineford she wished to make him some clothes. He also got on good terms with Gloriosa, who was, relatively speaking, one of the more accepting members of the Kuja tribe and was the one to convince Hancock to open herself up to him. She also informed Luffy about Ace's planned execution.


Luffy sat with Elder Nyon inside her home.

Gloriosa, otherwise known as Elder Nyon, is the former Empress of the Kuja Tribe before Boa Hancock succeeded her, and is an ally to Luffy during the Amazon Lily Arc. She is one of the first people to be accepting of Luffy even though she is also against men being on the island, and will try to help him whenever she can. Luffy valued her aid throughout his time on Amazon Lily and is very friendly towards her like he is with all the Kuja women.

After Luffy was found by Marguerite, Aphelandra and Sweet Pea and was brought to the Kuja Village, Elder Nyon arrived and informed all the women present that Luffy is a man, shocking them all. She would next make an appearance during Luffy’s execution and took a keen interest in his performances against Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold. She counselled Boa Hancock to indulge Luffy after he helped cover Sandersonia’s back and was present when he was with Hancock in the throne room where she revealed to Hancock who Luffy is and what he had done on Sabaody Archipelago. She later indirectly revealed that Ace was to be executed by the Marines, sparking Luffy’s rescue effort for his brother.

Unlike pretty much every other member of the Kuja Tribe, Elder Nyon is not that interested in Luffy, as she has the experience of dealing with men. However, she was the first that displayed a certain level of empathy for Luffy, as she was not as enthusiastic about his execution like the rest of the crowd was. Since Luffy caught Hancock’s interest, she has acted as a mediator between Hancock and Luffy, counselling Hancock to talk with Luffy and open up to him. She also tries to keep Hancock’s obsession with Luffy in check, often reminding her that his actions are not marriage proposals or a sign that they are lovers. She is completely accepting of Luffy’s presence on the island, despite the Kuja having always outlawed men, and even had tea with him in her house, along with Marguerite.

Gloriosa was very grateful that he managed to convince Hancock to partake in the Battle of Marineford for the sake of maintaining her Warlord of the Sea title. She was also appreciative of Luffy's relationship with Hancock due to her suffering from “Love Sickness” over Luffy, an illness that has killed past rulers when their feelings for someone are suppressed. She ultimately sees Luffy as an important person for Hancock’s sake, helping her overcome her past tragedies and to become more proactive as the ruler of Amazon Lily. She is impressed with Luffy’s abilities, such as being able to use Haoshoku Haki, and his selflessness when he asked Hancock to save Marguerite, Aphelandra and Sweet Pea over benefiting himself. Like Hancock and her sisters, she was stunned that Luffy admitted that he truly did punch a World Noble.

Luffy is thankful for all the help Elder Nyon provided him with whilst he was on Amazon Lily. He was kind to her when he had tea whilst at her house and has shown to respect her. He was shocked when she told him that Hancock is a Shichibukai and that the Marines will likely be going to war with the Whitebeard Pirates. He became frantic when she informed him that Ace is about to be executed and explained to her that Ace is his brother, shocking her. He was thankful for her helpful information on how to get to Impel Down and the advice to convince Hancock to answer the Marine call to attend the Battle of Marineford as a means of infiltrating the infamous prison.

Fish-Man Island


Shirahoshi cries as Luffy is leaving.

Shirahoshi is the Mermaid Princess of the Ryugu Kingdom on Fish-Man Island and is a supporting ally to Luffy and his crew during the Fish-Man Island Arc. Shirahoshi and Luffy have a good relationship and have become very close friends. She greatly admires and adores Luffy, believing him to be an incredible person and fighter. Luffy actually finds Shirahoshi irritating from time to time, but cares for her a great deal, wishing to help her as best he can, and has come to like her a lot.

The two first met when Luffy accidentally stumbled into her private quarters in the Ryugu Palace. She mistook him for an assassin until he saved her from a flying axe thrown by Vander Decken IX. He finds out that she has been locked away because she is constantly harassed and attacked by Decken, who sought her hand in marriage. She warms up to Luffy and hides him from the palace guards before feeding him some of her food. Despite Luffy saying he does not like her, and occasionally showing his annoyance with her, he decides to take it upon himself to help her see the outside world, something she has always dreamed of doing, and will act as her personal bodyguard. The two spend most of their time exploring Fish-Man Island whilst having to deal with people's false assumption that Luffy had kidnapped Shirahoshi. After her father is captured, Shirahoshi travels to the Gyoncorde Plaza and spectates Luffy's fight with the New Fish-Man Pirates. After he defeated Hody Jones the two said their goodbyes, with Shirahoshi in tears.

Throughout his stay on Fish-Man Island, Shirahoshi becomes extremely fond of Luffy, trusting her life to him completely and followed his lead when they left the palace together. Her trust in Luffy is extremely high as she chose to stay with him, after Decken showed up to attack her, when he reminded her that he cannot protect her if she runs away. Despite the name calling, Shirahoshi does not let it affect her friendship with Luffy in the slightest, still being incredibly kind to him as she believes he is a good person and knows he means well. She is very thankful for how much Luffy protects her from Decken and feels completely safe whenever he is around, finding him to be a great source of comfort despite her timid nature. When her father was about to be executed by Hody Jones, she cried out for Luffy to save him and was relieved when he did so. When she was being kidnapped by Caribou, she cried for Luffy's help and tearfully held onto him after he quickly defeated her would be kidnapper, thanking the Straw Hat captain.

She becomes very grateful to Luffy after he takes her to explore the outside world and to see her mother's grave. She finds his abilities to be amazing and marvels at how strong he is, commenting that he is incredible after he used Haoshoku Haki to knock out 50,000 of Hody Jones' crew members. She is very worried for his well-being and was anguishing over his fight against Hody, and again when he was trying to destroy the Noah to stop it from crashing onto Fish-Man Island, as it was causing him to lose too much blood. She was in tears as Luffy was dying in her hands, carrying him all the way back to Gyoncorde Plaza so he can be saved, and desperately offered up her own blood for him even though it was not the right type and in spite of the law preventing fish-men or merfolk from sharing blood with humans. When Luffy was ready to leave Fish-Man Island she became distraught and tearfully swam after him to ask if he would one day return and take her to see a real forest on the surface world. She became overjoyed when he promises her that he will and holds onto that promise as a source of comfort.

Luffy is kind to Shirahoshi whilst also giving her a lot of tough love. He casually insults her habit of crying all the time as a means to build her character, believing her to be too soft from being pampered all her life. Nonetheless, he is more than willing to protect her from Decken and act as her personal bodyguard throughout his time on Fish-Man Island. When Jinbe panicked that Shirahoshi was out of the palace Luffy reassured him that she will be fine because he will protect her. He does not take kindly to people trying to hurt her and beat Decken senseless once he managed to get a hold of him. When Hody Jones went after the Mermaid Princess he attacked him, and did so again when Caribou tried to do the same. Despite his genuine concern, he does show his irritation with her from time to time, as despite being very grateful when she let him eat her food when they first met, he was annoyed when she poked his cheek, causing him to lash out. Upon discovering the burden Shirahoshi has had to carry to protect her mother's dying wish, he complimented her and acknowledge that she is not as weak as he initially thought. By the end of the Fish-Man Island arc, he has come to genuinely care for Shirahoshi and talked with her whilst sat in her palms before saying goodbye. Whilst leaving, he made a promise to her that he would come back to Fish-Man Island to take her to the surface world to see a real forest.

Since Luffy and his crew left Fish-Man Island, Shirahoshi has been keeping up with him and his adventures, using the news of him as a means to build her confidence to one day go to the surface world. She initially refused to attend the Levely with her family, as she wanted her first trip to the surface world to be with Luffy, stating that he promised her he would do so. However, after hearing about his exploits in Totto Land she decides to go with her family to the Levely as she does not want Luffy to call her weak again. Shirahoshi also met Vice-Admiral Garp whilst attending the Levely and enjoyed being in his company because he is Luffy's grandfather. She often refers to him as "Luffy's Grandfather-sama". Whilst at the Levely, she befriended both Rebecca and Vivi because of their shared admiration for Luffy. She affectionately calls the Straw Hat captain, "Luffy-sama".

Fish-Men and Merfolk

Luffy declares Fish-Man Island to be his territory to Big Mom.

Fish-Man Island is an underwater island ruled by King Neptune and are inhabited by fish-men and merfolk. Luffy and his crew got off to a bad start with the people of the island due to the assumption that they are the ones behind the numerous missing mermaids. Throughout their time there their relationship continued to sour but eventually they were recognised as heroes after defeating Hody Jones and saving the Royal Family. Luffy likes the people of Fish-Man Island and has declared the island as his territory from Big Mom.

The Straw Hats arrived on Fish-Man Island after reuniting following the two year time skip. The Straw Hats were accused of the numerous kidnappings of Mermaids that began when they arrived, but this was later revealed to be Caribou. Matters were made worse for them when Madam Shyarly prophesied that Luffy would bring about the destruction of Fish-Man island. They were then taken to the Ryugu Palace where Luffy befriended the Princess, Shirahoshi, and proceeded to take her out of the palace to explore the outside world, leading people to believe he had kidnapped her. Hody Jones, the main antagonist of the Fish-Man Island Arc, launched his coup against the Royal Family and planned to have them all publicly executed. At this point, the people wanted Luffy to destroy the island, rather than let Hody be their king. Luffy and his crew, under the counsel of Jinbe, saved the Royal Family and defeated Hody Jones and his crew, becoming heroes to the fish-men and merfolk of the island. Before leaving, Luffy stopped members of the Big Mom Pirates harassing Fish-Man Island and contacted Big Mom herself to claim Fish-Man Island from her as his territory.

Despite their initial prejudice against Luffy, they now strongly admire the Straw Hat captain and acknowledge him as the hero of Fish-Man Island, and are openly friendly with him and his crew since their initial disdain for them. Throughout his fight with Hody Jones they cheered him on, as well as the rest of his crew. Their respect for Luffy reached a point where they started selling replica straw hats for people to wear to show their admiration for the Straw Hat captain. They view him equally to Whitebeard, who was the original protector of Fish-Man Island, and Fisher Tiger who freed many slaves from Mary Geoise. Their love for Luffy, however, did not encourage them to offer up their blood for him when he was suffering from blood loss, due to their laws. They were overjoyed, however, when Jinbe offered up his own blood for him.

Luffy knew about the serious abuse fish-men and merfolk have received from humans and thus was sympathetic to them. He did not harbor any resentment for their false assumptions about him being a criminal on their island either, although he was irritated by the numerous fish-men who came to apprehend him when they believed he had kidnapped Princess Shirahoshi, as it hindered his ability to protect her from Vander Decken IX. At one point used his Haoshoku Haki on them so he could save her. Despite becoming a hero, Luffy had no intention of being one and was more than prepared to worsen the relations between humans and fish-men in order to save his friends, he ultimately had to be bribed with meat by Jinbe to follow his plan instead. Luffy does care for the people of Fish-Man Island and did not take too kindly to the threat Big Mom posed for the island, happily taking the blame for why there was a shortage of candy on the island, he also gave up the treasure he had earned and claimed the island from Big Mom as his own territory.

Whilst on Fish-Man island Luffy managed to befriend the three brothers of the Royal Family, Fukaboshi, Ryuboshi and Manboshi. In particular, Fukaboshi actively aided Luffy in his fight with Hody Jones. He is also on good terms with King Neptune, who now is planning to declare Fish-Man Island to be under the protection of him and his crew. They all appreciate the positive impact Luffy has made on Shirahoshi, but also for saving their family and the island, and even rewarded Luffy and the Straw Hats with treasure. Minister of the Left became an ally of Luffy for what he has done and provided him and his crew with a new log pose for the New World. Madam Shyarly has become fond of Luffy despite her prophecy that he would destroy Fish-Man Island, and has taken an interest in him.


Luffy and Camie on the Thousand Sunny.

Camie is a mermaid who is friends with Hatchan and befriended the Straw Hat Pirates at the beginning of the Sabaody Archipelago Arc. She befriended Luffy and his crew as soon as she met them and was an ally to them throughout the Sabaody Archipelago arc and the Fish-Man Island Arc. They reunited again two years later on Fish-Man Island and were very happy to see each other. Luffy likes Camie and gets on with her very well and has saved her numerous times. Camie admires Luffy for his sincere personality and abilities as a fighter.

The two first met when she landed on the Straw Hats’ ship after being swallowed by a sea king. She was able to make friends with Luffy and his crew very quickly and asked for his aid in saving her friend. Upon discovering her friend was Hatchan, a former enemy, Luffy refused but ended up doing so after Nami wanted to save him. She traveled with Luffy and his crew to Sabaody Archipelago where she was captured and was about to be sold off at the Human Auction House before Luffy arrived to save her. After the Straw Hats were separated she returned to Fish-Man Island. Two years later she reunited with her old friends on Fish-Man Island and acted as a guide for them and helped them throughout their time there.

Camie finds Luffy to be incredibly kind and friendly, warming up to him immediately and does her best to aid and protect Luffy as best she can. When Luffy and his crew arrived on Fish-Man Island she saved Luffy from drowning and took him and the others back to her dorm. She protected Luffy and his crew when a royal gondola was approaching their position, telling them to hide, as they had accidentally entered Fish-Man Island illegally. She is amazed by Luffy’s strength and abilities and was happy when he agreed to save her friend, Hatchan. Whilst she was being held captive she was relieved to see Luffy had arrived to save her. She was greatly worried for Luffy and his crew’s safety after they had been gone for almost a full day since they were separated on Sabaody. Camie is often shocked by Luffy’s actions, as she was left stunned, and panicked, after Luffy punched a World Noble. She was shocked when she saw that Luffy was with Princess Shirahoshi. However, she is not all fazed by Luffy’s bluntness as she was willing to answer his question about whether she can poop or not.

Luffy found Camie interesting due to her being a mermaid and got on with her immediately. He was greatly excited by her offer of takoyaki but was disappointed when she charged money for them. He has become fond of her and is willing to protect her when she is in danger. He saved her when she was captured by the Flying Fish Riders and crashed into the Human Auction House in order to save her from being sold, being relieved he had finally found her. When he met her again on Fish-Man Island he was very excited to see her again and thanked her for saving him. Luffy is impressed with Camie’s abilities and was amazed that she could not only summon fishes, but talk to them as well. He also watched in awe as she saved his crew mate, Sanji.



Luffy and Rebecca look at the statue of Kyros.

Rebecca is the former Crown Princess of Dressrosa, a former gladitorial combatant, the daughter of Kyros, and an ally during the Dressrosa Arc. She and Luffy share a very close friendship and deeply care for each other. Rebecca was initially concerned about Luffy being an obstacle to her ultimate goal of defeating Doflamingo, but was reassured to find out he shared this goal as well. She is frequently awestruck by Luffy’s abilities and comes to rely on him heavily throughout the Dressrosa arc. Luffy respects her determination to save the people of Dressrosa, doing his best to protect her, and promises to defeat Doflamingo for her.

The two first met in the Corrida Colosseum, during the gladiatorial games, when Rebecca went up to Luffy and thanked him for defeating Spartan earlier, who had regularly bullied her. She talks to him about the statue of Kyros that he was admiring and informed him of the legend behind it, intriguing him. Despite the immediate positive impression she got off Luffy, she became wary of him because of the immense power he showed during his match, which led her to try and kill him so she could be the one to win the Mera Mera no Mi. Luffy was able to overpower and subdue her, however, and listened to her explain why she tried to kill him. Upon finding out her desires to defeat Doflamingo the two came to a mutual understanding and became friends. From then on, she acted as an ally to Luffy and played a role in helping him free Trafalgar Law and taking on a member of the Donquixote Pirates before watching Luffy finally defeat Doflamingo. After Luffy reunited her with her father, she watched as he escaped Admiral Fujitora and leave Dressrosa.

Rebecca is very reliant on Luffy whilst also finding him interesting and inspirational. When they first met she liked him quickly because of the shared admiration he had for the statue of Kyros. She was happy to discover they were not in the same group for their matches and hoped that they would both make it out of their respective rounds. She was amused, and intrigued, when Luffy was able to tame the Fighting Bull of the Colosseum, commenting that he is interesting. She was confused, and also stunned, by Luffy forgiving her despite her attempt to assassinate him, having been willing to accept any punishment. This kindness convinced her to confide in Luffy about her desires to stop Doflamingo and save Dressrosa. She was hesistant about Luffy's claim that he would defeat Doflamingo, but after being reassured by him, her faith became cemented. When she was being forced to strike down her own aunt, Viola, she cries out for Luffy and becomes inconsolable when he turns up just in time to save them both.

She is amazed by Luffy’s abilities as a fighter, but nonetheless still worries for him. She was shocked when Luffy was able to one punch Hajrudin even though he is a giant, and was further amazed when he unleashed his Haoshoku Haki whilst clashing with Chinjao. She watched in awe as he fought Doflamingo in his Gear Fourth form and cheered him on as much as she could whilst also being worried for his well-being throughout the fight. She was amazed by Luffy's victory against the Shichibukai and cries profusely over him for fulfilling the promise he had made to her. She cared for Luffy after he passed out and rested his head on her lap until his crew arrived to take him away. She was disappointed when she thought she would not get to say goodbye to Luffy but was overjoyed when he arrived at the palace and took her to see her father. When Luffy was trying to escape Dressrosa whilst Fujitora pursued him she was worried, but was relieved to see he managed to escape.

Luffy likes Rebecca a lot and respects her determination to liberate Dressrosa and become stronger for the sake of achieving that dream. He cheered her on during her match and became extremely angry with the crowd for booing her so viciously. He asked Robin if Rebecca was doing okay and was happy to hear her over the Den Den Mushi. He decided to inform Rebecca that the Thunder Soldier, who had raised her, is actually her father, Kyros, causing her to cry at the revelation. He quickly comforted her, promising that he would defeat Doflamingo for her, and to stay with his friends. He later thanked Rebecca for getting him the key to Trafalgar Law’s seastone cuffs. When she questioned him if he could really defeat Doflamingo, whilst still calling him "Lucy", he reminded her of his actual name and reassured her that he would defeat him because he is going to become the Pirate King. Before leaving Dressrosa, he made sure that Rebecca was reunited with her father, knowing that is what she truly wants, and carried her to his house whilst being chased by the Marines.

Since Dressrosa, Rebecca has become enamored by Luffy and takes great pleasure reading about his exploits in Totto Land. She seeks to talk about him at every opportunity and got to do so with Koby, and later Vivi, Shirahoshi and Sai, whilst at the Levely. Rebecca has the habit of calling Luffy by his gladiatorial cover name, "Lucy", despite having been corrected numerous times.


Viola telling Luffy to be quiet whilst infiltrating the Royal Palace.

Viola is the current Crown Princess of Dressrosa, the aunt of Rebecca, and a former member of the Donquixote Pirates. She aided Luffy and his crew throughout the Dressrosa Arc, having initially been their enemy. Despite being initially hesitant about him, she grew to like Luffy and has become eternally grateful to him for defeating Doflamingo. Luffy did not interact with Viola very often but was thankful for her aid throughout the Dressrosa arc and protected her at numerous points.

In Dressrosa, She first met Sanji and was intent on killing him, as she was a member of the Donquixote Pirates, but was won over by him and was convinced to aid him and his crew. Later she came across Luffy and decided to help him by sneaking into Dressrosa's Royal Palace and help him get all the way to Doflamingo’s location. She continued to aid Luffy and his crew as best she could throughout the arc. After being saved by Luffy and Trafalgar Law, She watched on in amazement as Luffy fought Doflamingo and was overjoyed when he finally defeated the Shichibukai.

Viola was stunned by Luffy’s audacious and reckless nature, but was won over by his sincerity to help save her kingdom from Doflamingo. As a result, she faithfully aided the Straw Hat captain, working alongside him during his initial confrontation with Doflamingo and his family, and convinced her father, King Riku, to believe in Luffy and the Straw Hats. Viola is often shocked by Luffy’s actions, such as blowing their group’s cover by recklessly smashing an entrance whilst infiltrating the Royal Palace. She was relieved by his late intervention when Rebecca was being controlled by Doflamingo to kill her and watched in awe as Luffy fought Doflamingo. When Luffy had finally defeated him she could not help but cry whilst looking up at the Straw Hat captain, thanking him. She appreciates Luffy’s friendship with her niece, Rebecca, and was ultimately happy to see him take her back to be reunited with her father, Kyros.

Luffy became immediately friendly with Viola and trusted her to take him, Kin'emon and Zoro to Doflamingo. He was thankful for the aid she gave him when infiltrating the Royal Palace, and praised her when she gave him the key to free Trafalgar Law from his Seastone cuffs. He tried to protect her from Gladius and carried her when she was injured. Later on, he came to her aid again when she was captured by Doflamingo and was about to be struck down by Rebecca, with the help of Law, he switched his position with hers and took the brunt of the attack from Rebecca.


Citizens of Dressrosa building a statue of Luffy.

Dressrosa is a kingdom in the New World currently ruled by King Riku Doldo III and formerly ruled by Donquixote Doflamingo and the Donquixote Pirates. Luffy arrived on the island, through his alliance with Trafalgar Law, with the intent of disrupting Doflamingo's operations there but ended up taking down the Shichibukai himself. The people of Dressrosa have come to adore Luffy as a hero for liberating them from Doflamingo's rule and ending Sugar's Devil Fruit powers over their loved ones. Luffy defeated Doflamingo in order to save the citizens of Dressrosa after he was informed about his cruel tyranny over the island by Rebecca, promising the princess he would defeat him for her.

Following on from Punk Hazard, Luffy and his crew, under the guidance of Law, headed to Dressrosa to begin operations to disrupt Doflamingo's partnership with the emperorKaido, with the goal of goading Kaido into attacking Doflamingo. When he arrived, he discovered that his late brother's Devil Fruit, the Mera Mera no Mi, was up for grabs in a local gladiatorial game. It was here that he first made his impression to the people of Dressrosa. After leaving the Corrida Colosseum, he went directly after Doflamingo. During his fight with the Shichibukai, the people of Dressrosa began to cheer him on under the guidance of King Riku and Gatz. Following his victory, the people of Dressrosa celebrated and decided to help Luffy escape Admiral Fujitora under the guise of chasing him out of their kingdom.

The people of Dressrosa have a lot of faith in Luffy and believed he would save them from Doflamingo. Following the bounty revelation by Doflamingo for Luffy and his crew, the citizens contemplated trying to capture the Straw Hat captain and hand him over for their own sake, but ultimately chose not to do so and followed King Riku's advice to believe in Luffy instead. When King Riku informed the rest of the citizens, via speaker, that Luffy was the one fighting Doflamingo, they all gained a sense of hope after despairing at the thought of Doflamingo's Birdcage killing them. Gatz, the announcer of the Corrida Colosseum, played a major role in Luffy being recognized as a hero of Dressrosa and rallied the support of the people in his favor as they all cheered him on throughout his grueling battle.

They are often impressed by Luffy's abilities. When they first witnessed Luffy, under his gladiatorial name “Lucy”, they were amazed by his performances in the colosseum and were stunned when they saw Doflamingo crash land in the town centre, from the Royal Palace, after being punched by Luffy. However, they were rather confused by his Gear Fourth appearance and did not initially believe it was actually the Straw Hat captain and even asked him if he was really Luffy. They watched in amazement whilst Luffy fought against Doflamingo in the sky of Dressrosa and were overjoyed when Gatz finally announced Luffy as the winner. After Luffy's victory, they wished to return a favor to him by covering his escape under the false pretense that they hated him and were chasing him out of town, preventing Admiral Fujitora launching his attack. In his honor, they built a statue of Luffy as the gladiator “Lucy”, alongside Usopp, Kyros and Mont Blanc Noland.

Luffy seemed to initially dislike Dressrosa, whilst it was under Doflamingo's reign, and compared the kingdom unfavorably to his home kingdom, Goa Kingdom, as it is plagued with major class segregation and discrimination. He also described the island all together as “rough”. Nonetheless, he came to empathize with the people of there after Rebecca informed him of the nature of Doflamingo's rule, and later found out what he has been doing to the citizens throughout his ten year reign, such as turning them into toys and robbing people's memeories of their loved ones. Although he promised to defeat Doflamingo specifically for Rebecca, he did so with the wish to save all of Dressrosa as well. Despite saving them, he does not care for their approval as when he had taken Rebecca from the castle he was not at all concerned that some of the citizenry believed he had kidnapped her. Throughout his time in Dressrosa, Luffy managed to befriend numerous people besides Rebecca, such as Viola, who aided him in his infiltration of the Royal Palace. King Riku and Gatz, who both played vital roles in swaying the public's opinion of him in his favour, and at one point was saved by the latter. He befriended Kyros, a legendary fighter of the colosseum and became a crucial ally in defeating Doflamingo. It was also whilst he was on Dressrosa that he met numerous fighters within the Corrida Colosseum that would come to make up the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.


Luffy and Kyros whilst eating inside the latter's house.

Kyros is the legendary champion of the Corrida Colosseum, the father of Princess Rebecca and an ally to Luffy during the Dressrosa Arc. The two get on pretty well when they first meet and he is extremely thankful for what Luffy did for him, Rebecca and Dressrosa, having played a crucial role in Doflamingo's demise. Luffy admires Kyros as a great warrior and for his aid in taking down Doflamingo.

Luffy met Kyros when he entered Dressrosa whilst he was still a toy known as the “Thunder Soldier” and found him to be hilarious. He later came across Kyros' statue inside the Corrida Colosseum and was told about the legend of Kyros by Rebecca, who did not know she was his daughter due to the effects of Sugar's Devil Fruit. They would cross paths once more when Luffy saved him from an attack by Gladius and from then on he worked with him to take down Doflamingo.

Kyros finds Luffy to be a great fighter and wished to aid him as best he could. He was pleased to know he was on his side after realizing he is a pirate, having no issues with him being a criminal as he is also one.[24] He found him to be a useful ally and was grateful that his friend, and crew mate, Usopp, was the one to dispel Sugar's Devil Fruit effects on him that allowed him to become human again. When he was riding with Luffy and Cavendish on Farul he was briefly annoyed that Luffy did not stop Rebecca getting into enemy territory but was reassured when Luffy told him she is with his friends. When Luffy defeated Doflamingo he cried profusely with great relief as his ten year suffering was finally over. After Luffy's victory he allowed him and his crew to use his home as shelter from the Marines.[25] He was extremely thankful when Luffy brought his daughter to him so that they could be reunited once more and watched happily as Luffy escaped the Admiral Fujitora and the Marines.

Luffy admires Kyros and found the legend of his days as a gladiator interesting. He respects him not only for being a capable fighter but for protecting the ones he loves. At the beginning he found Kyros to be hilarious whilst he was in his Thunder Solider form, taking a great liking to him. He aids Kyros multiple times, having saved him from Gladius and from a lethal blow by Doflamingo. He was later relieved to meet him again when riding on Cavendish's horse. However, he was annoyed when Kyros declared he would be the one to defeat Doflamingo, getting into a short argument over it. After his victory he rested inside Kyros' house and was irritated with his decision not to stay with Rebecca, not buying his reasoning. This led to him taking Rebecca from the palace and bringing her to his house so they could be reunited and live together.[26]


Gatz helps Luffy.

Gatz is the announcer of the Corrida Colosseum in Dressrosa and was a huge supporting ally of Luffy throughout the Dressrosa Arc. He is a major fan of Luffy and is constantly left in awe at his power and abilities, and sees Luffy as a huge inspiration and the saviour of Dressrosa. Luffy himself scarcely acknowledged Gatz due to how little they interacted, however, he was thankful after he offered his aid and got him to safety from Doflamingo when he needed to rest.

Luffy, disguised as “Lucy”, fought in the gladiatorial games and Gatz became an immediate fan of his. He watched with great enthusiasm as he fought the varying opponents in his match, and was happy to declare him the winner of the round. He would not meet Luffy again until he found the Straw Hat captain exhausted from his use of Gear Fourth and choose to carry him to safety whilst being pursued by Burgess and Doflamingo. He witnessed Luffy finally defeat Doflamingo and was left in tears of joy.

From the moment he met him, Gatz adored Luffy and was constantly left in awe at his feats. He was greatly disappointed when he fought Luffy had been defeated by Hajrudin but was stunned to see him not only get back up without any injuries, but proceed to one punch the giant. He was amazed when Luffy clashed his Haoshoku Haki with Chinjao that knocked out every other opponent in the ring as well as half of the audience. He was determined to aid Luffy, at the risk of his own life, when Luffy had exhausted his Haki reservoir from using Gear Fourth. He played a crucial role in having the people of Dressrosa support Luffy in his fight against Doflamingo, commentating over his fight. At one point Doflamingo attacked Gatz because of his support for Luffy. He still continued to support the Straw Hat captain however, and cried with joy when Luffy had finally won, announcing the results to the people of Dressrosa. He remained supportive of Luffy even when he “kidnapped” Rebecca and was happy to hear he had reunited her with her father, Kyros. He discovered Luffy was "Lucy" in the gladiatorial games early on but still refers to him as "Lucy" alongside most of the people of Dressrosa.

Luffy did not interact with Gatz very often, but was nonetheless extremely grateful to him for saving him from Doflamingo when he had ran out of Haki. He felt comfortable enough to tell Gatz that he had swapped places with Sabo during the gladiatorial games, which is against the rule, but Gatz let it slide as he understood that the Mera Mera no Mi is very important to Luffy. He promised Gatz that if he buys him ten minutes he would defeat Doflamingo with one more punch and free him and everybody else, inspiring the announcer to aid him.

Mokomo Dukedom

Mink Tribe

Luffy and his crew enjoys partying with members of Mink tribe.

The Mink tribe are a race of animal-like people that dominantly live on Zou. Luffy first met a Mink, Bepo, all the way back on Sabaody Archipelago who is part of the Heart Pirates, he then came across Pekoms on Fish-Man Island who is a member of the Big Mom Pirates and met the Mink tribe once he arrived on Zou. The Minks have great respect for Luffy and his crew for aiding them both directly and in-directly. Luffy, himself, admires the Mink tribe for their strength and toughness, being greatly impressed by a lot of the Minks he has met.

On Dressrosa, Luffy allowed Sanji, along with Nami, Brook and Chopper, to leave the kingdom and go on ahead to Zou as they were being pursued by the Big Mom Pirates. Sanji’s group arrived on Zou and immediately aided the Minks after they had been brutalised by Jack, an All-Star of the Beasts Pirates. Soon after, Luffy’s group arrived on Zou and was warmly welcomed by the Minks for what his crew members did for them and for defeating Doflamingo which forced Jack to leave Zou. Whilst there, after discovering their dedication to the Kozuki Family, he formed an alliance with the Mink Tribe with the expressed goal of defeating the emperor, Kaido.

The Minks are very fond of Luffy and his crew and held banquets for them. Apart from Pedro, the leader of the Guardians, having mistaken Luffy as a threat, they have shown complete kindness and courtesy to him and his crew. They are extremely grateful for Luffy defeating the Shichibukai, Doflamingo, as it forced Jack to abandon his rampage on Zou, saving their lives. They were more than happy to allow Luffy and his crew mate, Robin, to inspect the Road Poneglyph in their kingdom. Through their allegiance with the Kozuki Family, the Minks were happy to form an alliance with Luffy and his crew, recognizing them as capable and powerful individuals. The leaders of the Mink Tribe wished to aid Luffy and his crew when they planned to rescue Sanji and did so by allowing Pedro to join Luffy’s group as he would be able to keep Pekoms in line throughout their time on Totto Land.

Luffy is respectful of the Mink Tribe and admires how tough they all are, having survived the onslaught of the Beast Pirates, led by Jack, for five days. He was impressed when Pedro and the Guardians had surrounded him and he had no idea despite his proficiency with Kenbunshoku Haki. He was stunned when it was revealed that they had protected the location of Raizo, the ninja of the Kozuki Family, from Jack and his crew, having originally been under the impression that there was bad blood between them and the Kozuki Family. He was grateful to the Minks for their hospitality and parties that they held for them, and was thankful that they allowed Pedro and Pekoms to join him on his mission to recover Sanji.

Whilst on Zou he has made numerous friends, such as Wanda who was the first Mink he met, alongside Carrot, who saved him from his fight with the Guardians. He was able to make friends with the two leaders of the Mink Tribe, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi, both of whom acknowledge Luffy as a serious candidate to become the next Pirate King. He found Inuarashi to be impressive and complimented his strength, whilst Inuarashi took a great interest in Luffy, especially as he was in possession of the straw hat Shanks used to wear. Nekomamushi was eager to meet Luffy, as well as Zoro, and decided to have a party with Luffy and his crew. Just like his counter-part, he took an interest in Luffy because of his straw hat. He also made two close allies, and friends, in Pedro and Carrot who journeyed with him to Totto Land.


Carrot typically rubbing her cheek against Luffy's.

Carrot is a member of the Mink tribe and an ally of Luffy and the Straw Hats. Luffy and Carrot get on very well and have developed a strong friendship with each other. She has allied with the Straw Hats since the Zou Arc and has sailed with them all the way to Wano Country. Carrot is pretty fond of Luffy and believes him to be a great person and captain. She also has admiration for his determination and fighting abilities. Luffy has come to care for Carrot and treats her like a member of his crew, becoming furious when someone tries to hurt her.

After entering Zou, Luffy found himself in a fight with Roddy until Carrot intervened and calmed Roddy down. She then introduced herself to Luffy and rode with him and Wanda to Right Belly Fortress. Once Luffy had discovered what had happened to Sanji, he announced his intention to infiltrate Big Mom's territory to recover him, which excited Carrot. This led her to sneak aboard the Thousand Sunny to travel with Luffy and the Sanji Retrieval Team to Totto Land. She worked with Luffy and his crew to get Sanji back and escape Big Mom’s territory, eventually arriving in Wano and work with Luffy and his crew to remove the Beasts Pirates.

Carrot is very fond of Luffy and tends to joyfully nibble on his face a lot. She also gives him "garchu", which involves her rubbing her cheek against him, and is the Mink Tribe's way of greeting or thanking someone. She cares for him deeply and was distraught when he had been poisoned after eating the Armoured Stonefish. She was extremely happy when he made a recovery and affectionately nibbled on him again. She was concerned for Luffy during his fight against Charlotte Katakuri and was overjoyed to see he had not only survived, but had won, rubbing her cheek against him. When she reunited with him at Oden’s Castle, on Wano, she immediately hugged him. Despite her obvious fondness for him, she is capable of being violent towards Luffy, as she aggressively attacked him and bit into his neck when she saw him eating her carrot and had to be patted on the head by him to stop.

Luffy has become quite fond of Carrot and was more than happy to let her join him and the Sanji Retrieval Team when it was revealed she had hidden away on the ship. He tolerates her habit of nibbling on his cheek but finds it annoying at times. When she was subdued by Katakuri he became angry and attacked the Sweet Commander, successfully managing to hold him off so she could get away. He treats her almost like a member of his crew and trusts her, along with the others, to take care of the Thousand Sunny before he leaves to fight Katakuri.


Pedro rubbing his cheek with Luffy when they first properly meet.

Pedro was a member of the Mink tribe, the captain of the Guardians, the former captain of the Nox Pirates, and an ally to Luffy and the Straw Hats during the Whole Cake Island Arc as a member of the Sanji Retrieval Team. Despite initially thinking he was an enemy, Pedro quickly became friends with Luffy and respected him as the captain of his crew. Luffy was very friendly with Pedro and was impressed with his fighting abilities. He was devastated when Pedro chose to sacrifice himself for him and his crew so they could escape the Big Mom Pirates.

The two met on Zou when Pedro initially believed that Luffy was an enemy after he entered the Whale Forest illegally, but backed off once Wanda told him who he was. He later apologised to Luffy and wished to join the Sanji Retrieval Team to save Sanji, who had previously saved him and the Mink tribe after Jack’s assault on Zou. He aided Luffy throughout their time on Whole Cake Island and eventually sacrificed himself to nullify Perospero’s Devil Fruit abilities on the Thousand Sunny, allowing the Sanji Retrieval Team to set sail and escape.

Pedro was very loyal to Luffy and respected him as the captain of the Straw Hats. His loyalty was shown when he chose not to dispute some of Luffy's decisions, such as when Luffy allowed Carrot to join the Sanji Retrieval Team despite his protest and his protectivness of her. His loyalty is reflected again when the crew landed on Cacao Island and he held Charlotte Pudding, a member of the Big Mom Pirates, at the edge of his sword before asking Luffy what he wished to do with her. Another part of his loyalty is his fierce determination to protect him, as he was more than prepared to fight Vinsmoke Yonji, who refused to give an antidote to Luffy after he was poisoned from eating the Armored Stonefish, but was stopped by Vinsmoke Reiju who cured Luffy. When Luffy was being apprehended by the police force on Cacao Island, Pedro readied his sword to save him but Pudding stepped in before he could do anything. After Luffy had been immobilized by Charlotte Katakuri, he was more than ready to help him but Jinbe intervened first, and when the Sweet Commander went after Luffy again he tried to hold him off. He chose to make the ultimate sacrifice for Luffy's sake so he and his crew could set sail off Whole Cake Island. Pedro wished to aid Luffy as best he could and would feel guilty if he had inadvertently burdened him. An example of this is when he apologized to Luffy for having to take Brook to steal the Road Poneglyph, as he intended to do this task on his own. He had noted the similarities between Luffy and Gol D. Roger, who he met as a child, after Luffy was able to hear Zunesha's voice but could not respond to it. It was his brief interaction with Gol D. Roger that made him believe how important Luffy and his crew are in bringing about a new age, which encouraged him to give up his own life for them.

Luffy has huge respect for Pedro for what he did for him and his crew, and thought of him as a really impressive fighter. He was amazed by Pedro's ability to mask his presence, along with the rest of the Guaridans, when he first met him, despite his own proficiency in Kenbunshoku Haki. Later on, he was more than happy to accept his apology and agreed to have him join the Sanji Retrieval Team. When they arrived in Totto Land, he trusted him with the task of retrieving the Road Poneglyphs from Big Mom, which is a crucial job for Luffy’s dream to become the Pirate King. When he sacrificed himself for him and his crew, Luffy was devastated at the loss of a friend, but quickly regained his composure and told Nami to set sail. He understood what Pedro had done for him and his crew, as he remarked that if they failed to escape they could never face Pedro again. Luffy has great appreciation for Pedro’s efforts and acknowledged him as a valuable ally throughout their quest to save Sanji.

Wano Country

Kozuki Family

The Kozuki Family formally request an alliance with Luffy.

The Kozuki Family were the original rulers of Wano Country that were overthrown twenty years ago by the emperor, Kaido. The remaining members of the family is Momonosuke, who is protected by numerous retainers loyal to his family, and Hiyori. Luffy has a good relationship with the Kozuki Family and has had Momonosuke, along with his retainers, join him on his journey in the New World since Punk Hazard. The Kozuki Family have developed a sincere friendship with Luffy and his crew, having come to admire their strength and abilities. They provided helpful aid to Luffy during the Dressrosa Arc whilst Luffy returned the favour in the Wano Country Arc.

Luffy first met a member of the Kozuki Family, the retainer Kin'emon, who originally had his body cut up by Trafalgar Law and scattered across the island of Punk Hazard.[27] They later became allies and worked together to rescue the children of Punk Hazard and Momonosuke.[28] Luffy would be the one to find Momonosuke, in his dragon form from eating an Artificial Devil Fruit, whilst inside a laboratory. After defeating Caesar Clown they headed to Dressrosa where the crew met another retainer of the family, Kanjuro. Following the defeat of Doflamingo, the crew travelled to Zou where they met a third retainer, Raizo, and also met the Mink tribe who are loyal to the Kozuki Family and are headed by two more Kozuki retainers, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi. It was also on Zou that the Kozuki Family formally created an alliance with Luffy and his crew to defeat Kaido. After sorting out the logistics, Luffy travelled to Totto Land to get Sanji back before arriving in Wano to reunite with the Kozuki Family and begin operations to take down Kaido and put the Kozuki Family back in power. Whilst in Wano, Luffy met further members of the family, KikunojoShinobu and Kawamatsu.

The Kozuki Family respect and admire Luffy, with each member having been saved by him during their various adventures across the New World. They are respectful towards him and do not try to establish any authority despite the urgency of their quest. Each member has proven to be an incredibly helpful ally for Luffy and have played various key roles in defeating both Caesar Clown and Doflamingo. Kin'emon, who acts as the official lead representative of the family, even wished to aid Luffy in his retrieval of Sanji but regrettably needed to return to Wano to begin operations. They have all grown close to Luffy and admire him as a captain and fighter to such an extent that they formally requested that he ally with them to defeat Kaido since their goals are aligned. Despite the high nobility of their family, each of them often get caught up in Luffy and his crew's shenanigans, having fun with him and enjoying his upbeat way of living. Kin'emon and Momonosuke, in particular, have gotten close to Luffy, with the latter almost looking up to him like an older brother.

Luffy does not particularly care that they are a high noble family from Wano and treats them simply as his friends. He likes each one of the family and believes them all to be good people. When it was revealed who Momonosuke was, Luffy was not at all fazed, still treated him like any other person, and outright refused his request to bow. When it comes to Momonosuke, Luffy tries to help him understand his role as the leader of the Kozuki Family and initially refused Kin’emon’s request to ally with them unless Momonosuke was the one to ask him. Luffy becomes sympathetic with their situation and desires to help them reclaim what they have lost to Kaido. He saved Momonosuke and Kin'emon on Punk Hazard, as well as Kanjuro on Dressrosa, and was more than happy to allow them to travel with him and his crew all the way to Wano. Whilst in Wano, he befriended Kikunojo and saved her from Urashima, and freed Kawamatsu from Udon Prison.

He also greatly appreciates the aid each member of the family has provided him with since he met them. He is comically fond of Raizo because he is a ninja and is amused at some of the tricks he can perform. Luffy has also come to deeply admire Oden, the late head of the family who had done numerous good deeds to improve the welfare of Wano Citizens and was unjustly killed by Kaido and Kurozumi Orochi. He was shocked to find out that he was Momonosuke’s father and even more shocked to hear he was part of the Roger Pirates. Luffy has become greatly inspired by Oden and wishes to continue his legacy by removing Kaido from power and restoring peace and prosperity to Wano. Despite his fondness for the Kozuki Family, he was furious when Kanjuro betrayed him and his crew, as well as the family, and took Momonosuke captive.


Luffy entertains Kin'emon as they feast.

Kin’emon is a retainer of the Kozuki Family and the guardian of it's heir, Momonosuke. He and Luffy first met on Punk Hazard and the two quickly became friends and allies. Since the Punk Hazard arc, he had remained on Luffy’s ship and gradually grew closer to the Straw Hat captain. They both share mutual respect for each other and both desire to remove Kaido from Wano Country so the Kozuki Family can return to power.

Whilst adventuring through Punk Hazard, Luffy came across a dragon and soon found Kin’emon’s legs, separated from his body, attached to the dragon.[29] Luffy was able to remove them from the dragon before attaching them to himself.[30] Eventually, he came across the rest of Kin’emon’s body and he was reassembled back to normal.[31] From then on, they formed an alliance to rescue the children and find Momonosuke. After their success, they travelled together to Dressrosa[32] where Kin’emon aided Luffy’s victory over Doflamingo after finding his friend, Kanjuro,[33] on the island. From there they visited Zou and the two formally entered an alliance.[34] They have since reunited on Wano and begun operations to remove Kaido from power.[35]

Although a high ranking member of the Kozuki Family, Kin’emon is ultimately fond of Luffy’s silly nature and gets on with him pretty well. Fundamentally, he sees Luffy as a great warrior and holds nothing but respect for him. Even the urgency of his quest to save Wano and restore the Kozuki Family back to power does nothing to lessen his acknowledgement of Luffy’s authority. Despite this, he can be shocked by his antics, such as recklessly storming Doflamingo’s palace,[36] refusing his initial request for an alliance[37] and jumping off Zou.[38]

He very often supports Luffy and aids him in his quests even though they do not have much to do with his own, such as helping him infiltrate Doflamingo’s palace,[39] impersonating Doflamingo himself,[40] and providing various outfits when needed.[41] He even wished to join Luffy’s mission to recover Sanji but could not do so due to his obligations in Wano.[42] Furthermore, he is very grateful for Luffy’s efforts to help Momonosuke grow as a leader, even admitting to his fellow retainers that Luffy sometimes knows better than they do when it comes to Oden’s son.[43] He is very grateful to Luffy for having saved Momonosuke and eventually admitted to him the truth behind his and Momonsuke’s quest, having originally told him that they are father and son.[44] He told Kaido that he believes Luffy will achieve his dream of becoming the Pirate King and firmly added that even if the Nine Red Scabbards perished, Luffy will still be here to take him down.[45]

Luffy is very kind to Kin’emon and even wanted him to join his crew when he first met his legs, finding them to be fun.[46] He has worked well with him as an ally and was more than happy to have him join his crew to sail all the way back to Wano. He sympathises greatly with their quest to reclaim Wano and loathes Kaido for what he did to him and his family.[47] This has led him to become a passionate ally to Kin’emon and intends to defeat Kaido, not just for his own sake, but for his as well. Despite how much he respects Kin’emon, he refused his request to form an alliance, instead turning his attention to Momonosuke and demand that he be the one to ask him as he is their leader.[48] This was done for Momonosuke’s sake and not actually out of any disrespect towards Kin’emon himself, something he understood. When Luffy was shown Kin’emon’s grave by Trafalgar Law, he became worried that he had died but was relieved to see him alive shortly after.[49]


We came here to defeat Kaido. Those who would be allies should not get in the way. That's why decide right now. Will you join us or side with Kaido!?
— Luffy to his fellow Udon Prisoners

Citizens of Okobore Town thank Luffy for the food.

Wano Country is a country in the New World ruled by the emperor, Kaido. The citizens of Wano suffer from extreme isolation from the outside world and thus are not aware who Luffy is. Wano has a class divide, with many of the people there dealing with famine due to food hoarding by the wealthly class and pollution of Wano’s natural environment, something Luffy wishes to end. Some of the Wano citizens were hesitant to support Luffy, but were won over by the Straw Hat captain and now have allied with him to defeat Kaido.

When Luffy arrived on Wano he met a young girl named Tama who took him to her home. Here he discovered that she suffered from starvation and had become sick from drinking the polluted water.[50] Once getting her some aid, he learned from Hitetsu[51] and Tsuru[52] about the cruel reality for the people of Wano and how they suffer under Kaido and Orochi’s rule. Luffy was later imprisoned in Udon's Mines[53] and met more citizens of Wano, who had become political prisoners of Orochi, and won them over as allies.[54]

The citizens of Wano are oblivious to who Luffy actually is, as Kaido goes to great lengths to limit the information from outside Wano’s boarders. As such, they were shocked to hear this apparent nobody had attacked Kaido, but were unsurprised that he had lost.[55] Some citizens, such as the people of Okobore Town, came to see Luffy as a hero after he stole food for them to eat after starving for so long.[56] He further won more admirers in Udon Prison after he stood up to the Beasts Pirates and protected Hyogoro from Daifugo.[57] Nonetheless, their fear of Kaido prevented them from following Luffy initially, and they even tried to stop his rampage in Udon Prison because of it, despite admiring his bravery to rebel.[58] This soon changed after Luffy purposefully infected himself with the Mummy Virus and gave them an impassioned speech that motivated them to aid his efforts to subdue Babanuki and fight for their freedom.[59] Their support for Luffy was cemented after Oden’s son, Momonosuke, vouched for him as his friend, despite being a pirate.[60]

Initially, Luffy had only intended to free Wano from Kaido for the Kozuki Family, but his friendship with Tama and seeing the harsh reality for the citizens there convinced him to fight on their behalf too. Luffy event went as far as to steal fresh food for the citizens of Okobore Town. In Udon Prison, he was annoyed by some of the imprisoned citizens’ submissiveness towards Kaido and their lack of desire to fight for their own freedom. He berated the imprisoned citizens in Udon Prison for this and informed them all of his promise to Tama, that he understood the cruelty of Oden’s execution, and Kaido destroying the prosperity of Wano. He openly declared to all of them that he will remove Kaido for them and demanded that they follow him if they want their freedom back. Luffy has ultimately become a source of inspiration for them and has managed to win their full support in his battle to free Wano.


Luffy happily watches Tama eat some fresh food.

Tama is a young girl from the Kuri region of Wano and has become a supportive ally of Luffy during the Wano Country Arc. The two get along incredibly well and have grown fond of one another. Tama greatly admires Luffy and finds him amazing. She constantly refers to him affectionately as “big brother”. Luffy deeply cares for Tama and has promised her that he will defeat the emperorKaido, and end his reign over Wano.

Luffy met Tama when he inadvertently saved her after she was captured by two members of the Beasts Pirates. After Luffy defeated them, Tama offered to surrender herself to him but after realizing that he would not harm her, she immediately became thankful and quickly befriended Luffy. She then took him to her house and fed him some of her rice.[61] It was here that Luffy was informed about the serious plight the citizens of Wano face because of Kaido, boosting his resolve to defeat the emperor.

From the moment she met him, Tama has a great intrigue in Luffy, finding him kind, friendly, and amazing. She is very grateful for Luffy’s aid and gave up her own rice, which was meant to be her annual food supply, for him. Having met Luffy's brother, Ace, a few years prior, she has started to see a lot of resemblance between Luffy and Ace.[62] She was briefly angry with Luffy when he informed her that Ace had died, not wanting to believe it.[63] When she was captured by Holdem, she cried out for Luffy to save her and was overjoyed when he eventually arrived.[64] She was very worried for Luffy after finding out he had been captured by the Beasts Pirates but was reassured by Chopper that he would be fine.[65] She joined the group to take over Udon in order to save Luffy and was extremely happy to be reunited with him. Despite knowing who Ace is, she is unaware that Luffy is his brother.

Luffy has gone out of his way to help her. When he was taken to her house, he felt extremely guilty for eating the rice she had given him after finding out she had little to eat. When she fell ill after drinking toxic water from a nearby river, Luffy resolved to get her medical aid and carried her to Okobore Town. He was happy to see her enjoying some fresh food and was feeling better. He was infuriated when she had been kidnapped and chased her down all the way to Bakura Town. He rescued her from Holdem but became enraged after seeing what Holdem had done to her cheek, attacking him with a powerful Red Hawk Punch. He later promised Tama that before leaving Wano, he will ensure that she won't have to live with hunger. After discovering that Tama had been attacked by Kaido and presumed to have been killed, Luffy became extremely angry and outright challenged the emperor to a fight that he quickly lost.[66] He finds her Devil Fruit powers to tame animals to be incredible.


Luffy and Hyogoro during Queen's Inferno Sumo.

Hyogoro, also known as "Hyogoro of the flower", is a former Yakuza boss who is well known across Wano. Luffy first met him inside Udon Prison after his defeat to Kaido. Immediately the two got on well, Luffy was kind to the old man whilst Hyogoro was polite and courteous towards the straw hat captain. Whilst Luffy is much stronger than Hyogoro, he chose to become a student of his in order to learn advance Busoshoku Haki. Since his and Luffy's escape from prison he has remained a determined ally and wishes to join the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance.

Luffy first saw Hyogoro being assaulted by Dobon. He attacked the Shinuchi in his defence, despite the threat of execution, and successfully defeated him before carrying Hyogoro to safety. Luffy took pity on the old man, due to Udon's prison's rule that you can only eat via tokens that you earn from work, meaning Hyogoro was at risk of starvation because of his small and weak frame. Thus, Luffy was more than happy to give him some of his own tokens in order to eat. Later on, Luffy spotted Daifugo assaulting Hyogoro and once more he defended the old man before he carried him on his back to attempt an escape from the prison. During Queen's Sumo Inferno, Luffy remained protective of Hyogoro, happily taking on all fighters by himself as a means to get stronger. At one point he used his advance Kenbunshoku Haki to help Hyogoro avoid being hit.

Eventually, Hyogoro revealed to Luffy, after he understood what his goal was, that he was capable of using an extremely advanced version of Busoshoku Haki like Silvers Rayleigh. Luffy was stunned by this ability before enthusiastically agreeing to become his student in order to learn from him. Despite many efforts, he was not able to achieve the advanced Busoshoku Haki, it was only until he desperately needed to save Hyogoro's life that he was able to unleash the same power he saw Rayleigh use back on Sabaody.[67] Following their escape from the prison, Luffy continued to train under him until the day of the Fire Festival arrived.

Hyogoro is very polite to Luffy and looks at him with great admiration for his courage, strength and honesty. Despite his great status amongst the people of Wano, he held no superiority over Luffy or demanded respect. Instead, he was very humble and felt that he was nothing more than a burden to him during the Sumo Inferno fight. Even going as far as to offer his own life in exchange for Luffy's to Queen.[68] Most of the time, he constantly apologises to Luffy and tries his best to be helpful towards him.

Due to his old age, and loss of hope, he had resevered himself to an inevitable death but felt fulfilled having met Luffy, seeing him as an inspiration of the Wano of old before Kaido and Orochi came to power, but still planned to let himself die. It was only when he was visited by Raizo in the middle of the night, and informed of the situation, that he found a new will to live again and was determined to aid Luffy. He commented that it is fate that Luffy was brought to Udon, where many potential allies for his cause are placed.[69] When former Yakuza bosses, who were also imprisoned, became hostile towards the straw hat captain he vouched for him, and did so again to the prisoners of Udon.

As a teacher, Hyogoro does his best to help Luffy understand how to further his Busoshoku Haki. Once he learned Luffy's goal was to further his Busoshoku Haki, or "Ryuo" as it is known in the land of Wano, he was more than willing to help him.[70] He was imprissed by his hidden talent and told him that his Haki is developing beyond what he is able to teach him. Such is his determination, he willingly stood in the path of the emperor, Big Mom, in order to incentivise Luffy to fully master his Haki.[71] Following his and Luffy's escape, he continued to train Luffy until the day of the Fire Festival.


Luffy and Yamato charge into battle.

Yamato is the daughter of Kaido and an ally to Luffy. The two became friends and allies when Luffy stormed Kaido's castle and Yamato came to find him. Despite being part of opposing parties, Yamato revealed her wish to defeat her father and leave Onigashima with Luffy. The two have developed a sense of mutual trust. Yamato believes that Luffy is the one that can open up Wano's borders and defeat Kaido, something her hero, Kozuki Oden, had always wanted. Luffy is sympathetic to Yamato and happily accepted her as an ally to take down Kaido.

The two first met when Luffy was in the middle of battling Ulti. Yamato had slipped away from the party being held in Orochi's honor and, coincidentally, Ulti, a member of the Flying Six who were tasked with finding her, stumbled onto Luffy. Yamato then arrived and immediately defeated Ulti before carrying Luffy away to somewhere secluded. Once alone, she revealed her identity to Luffy, her dream to become just like Kozuki Oden and her wish to join his crew.

Yamato implicitly trusts Luffy because he is the brother of Portgas D. Ace, who she had met when he arrived on Wano two years prior. Initially, she wished to join Ace's crew but failed to do so and instead vowed to join Luffy when the opportunity arises.[72] She was determined to find and speak with Luffy when he had arrived on Wano and even clashed with him just to achieve this.[73][74] Furthermore, she has faith in Luffy's abilities and strength and wished for him to save her from Kaido, open up Wano's borders[74] and, because of her intense admiration for Oden, to join Luffy's crew in order to be free and explore the sea just like he had done.[72]

Luffy did not immediately see Yamato as an enemy, as he noted she did not attempt to hurt him when she clashed with Ulti. However, the urgency of his mission meant he had no desire to talk to her and thus tried to escape. He ended up fighting Yamato that caused major destruction around them before he was taken to an attic by her where he finally agreed to talk. Luffy was shocked to discover she was actually a woman and that she even knew Ace. After hearing her story he accepted her help and demanded that she show him the way to save Momonosuke. He also chose to aid her by removing the explosive handcuffs that Kaido had put on her that would explode if she tried to leave Onigashima. It was immediately after that he agreed to work with Yamato to take down Kaido.[72][75] Luffy has come to trust her enough to ask her to help Shinobu protect Momonosuke.[76]

Luffy refers to Yamato by the nickname "Yama-o" (ヤマ男?), similar to the nicknames he uses for Trafalgar Law, Bartolomeo, and Eustass Kid. Yamato appears to not understand Luffy's use of nicknames, as evidenced by the attempt to correct Luffy with the former's actual name,[75] as well as Ulti's name when Luffy gives her a nickname as well.[77]


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