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Over the course of his journey to become the Pirate King, Luffy encounters fellow pirates of all kinds, even among the most prominent ones of the sea. They range from those whom he would come to see as friends and allies to the bitterest of enemies and rivals for the quest of finding One Piece and becoming the Pirate King. There are even those who are inspired by his growing exploits to become pirates themselves, to the point of willing pledging their allegiance.

Straw Hat Grand Fleet

The seven representatives swear loyalty to Luffy.

The Straw Hat Grand Fleet are a group of pirate crews who's captains have pledged their allegiance to Monkey D. Luffy under his crew's name, and were formed at the end of the Dressrosa Arc. They are made up of seven pirate crews, the Beautiful Pirates, Barto Club, Happo Navy, Ideo Pirates, Tonta Corps, the reborn Giant Warrior Pirates and the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet.

Throughout the events of Dressrosa, the various captains had gained a lot of respect for Luffy and his crew, and desired to serve under him. Luffy bluntly stated that he had no desire for such a large fleet but the captains resolved this issue by declaring their allegiance to Luffy among themselves. Luffy was still annoyed but ultimately acknowledged them as his friends and will help them whenever they need it. With all the parties happy with this outcome they exchanged Vivre Cards and went their separate ways.

After Luffy had successfully infiltrated and escaped Big Mom's territory a grand catalog of Luffy was made by the press which included the details of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Luffy's fleet, that gives the Straw Hat captain a cumulative bounty of Beli.png4,183,000,100, contributed significantly to him being labelled as the "fifth emperor" of the seas by "Big News" Morgans and the World Economy News Paper.[24]


Cavendish explaining to Luffy that he will take down Doflamingo for him.

Cavendish is the captain of the Beautiful Pirates and is the First Captain of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Originally, Cavendish despised Luffy as he was part of the Worst Generation that gathered so much attention away from him. However, after the events of the Dressrosa Arc, he came to respect Luffy to the point of becoming the head of his Grand Fleet. Cavendish admires Luffy but is annoyed by him because of his apathetic attitude towards him. Luffy respects Cavendish but is irritated by his vanity and the way he talks down to him, nonetheless, they see each other as dependable allies and friends.

He fell for Luffy's "Lucy" disguise whilst competing in the gladiatorial games and was initially friendly and sociable to him. Once he discovered that Lucy was in fact Luffy he became immediately hostile and violent, with Luffy having to be saved by Rebecca to get away from his blood lust. His hatred of Luffy is great and he was annoyed at how much the crowd loved Luffy after his victory against Chinjao. He later made an attempt at killing Luffy after the match, though Luffy was able to escape him.[25] However, when Cavendish lost his gladiatorial match and was sent to the basement of the Colosseum where he was turned into a toy, he saw Usopp and, after hearing he was part of the Straw Hats, he silently promised himself that he would cease all hostilities towards Luffy if Usopp saves him.[26] Thanks to Usopp, he was reverted back to his human form and stuck by his promise. He thus offered his aid to the Straw Hat captain as a means to repay his debt.[27] Such was his determination to pay his debt back, he offered to personally take down Donquixote Doflamingo for Luffy.

Throughout the Dressrosa Arc he proved to be a very useful ally for Luffy, as he carried him and Law on the back of his horse, Farul, when the Straw Hat captain was on his way to confront Doflamingo. He took on two members of the Donquixote Pirates, Gladius and Dellinger, the latter he defeated in his Hakuba personality. He was more than willing to fight Doflamingo on Luffy's behalf and became irritated when Luffy would not allow him to do so. He defended Luffy's friends from Doflamingo and was more than prepared to go fight him but accepted Luffy's request to escort his friends to safety under the incorrect assumption that Luffy was his fan.[28] Alongside the various allies Luffy had made in Dressrosa, Cavendish chose to stand against the Admiral Fujitora until Luffy had arrived to leave the kingdom. He still believed Luffy was his fan by the end of the Dressrosa Arc but had come to respect him enough to announce his fealty towards the Straw Hat captain.[29] It was Cavendish that revealed to the press the details of Luffy's Grand Fleet.

Cavendish was amazed by Luffy's abilities, although initially not wanting to admit it. He was stunned to see him knock out Hajrudin, a giant, with a single punch and was even more amazed when he unleashed his Haoshoku Haki when he clashed with Chinjao. When he saw Luffy dominate Doflamingo in his Gear Fourth form he was astounded and complimented Luffy, stating he is unbelievable. He was so impressed by Luffy that he desired to serve under him as part of his fleet but was irritated when Luffy refused to accept him along with the others, but ultimately used Luffy's own logic against him and successfully formed the Grand Fleet in the Staw Hat captain's name.

Luffy was initially annoyed by Cavendish and his constant pursuit of him. Although he defended Rebecca from the crowd's vicious jeers against her, something Luffy respected him for, he still did not like him.[30] However, once he realized Cavendish no longer bore any ill will towards him he became much more comfortable and friendlier around him, although still annoyed by his vanity. Regardless, Luffy sees Cavendish as a strong fighter and someone he can rely upon should he ever need his help. He trusted Cavendish's abilities enough to ask him to protect his friends and help them get away from Doflamingo. Although Luffy considers Cavendish to be a friend, he still did not wish to have him follow him and his crew across the seas. Luffy tends to annoy Cavendish as he regularly calls him "Cabbage" instead of his actual name.


Bartolomeo grins happily after Luffy praises him.

Bartolomeo is the captain of the Barto Club and the second captain of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. He is a major fan of Luffy and has extreme admiration for the Straw Hat captain. Such is his admiration that he struggles to maintain his composure in his presence and has shown his willingness to die for him.

He first came across Luffy all the way back in Loguetown when he became awe struck after witnessing Luffy survive Buggy's execution attempt atop Gol D. Roger's execution platform thanks to a stray lightning bolt. He became immediately enamored by him because of this spectacle and followed Luffy and his crew's adventure with a great passion. After the Summit War of Marineford he gave up his life as a Mafia boss to become a pirate. He traveled to Dressrosa with the intent of winning the Mera Mera no Mi, as he was well aware it belonged to Luffy's brother, Ace, and wished to give it to him as a memento. It was here that he finally met Luffy after overhearing Bellamy call "Lucy" by his epithet, Straw Hat.

Throughout the Dressrosa Arc, Bartolomeo was passionately determined to aid Luffy and his crew in any way he could. He led Luffy to Zoro and Kin'emon when the two needed to talk to Luffy, and he protected him from Cavendish's attempts to kill him. Whilst he worked with Luffy and the Straw Hats to take down Doflamingo, he aided Rebecca and Robin when they tried to take the key to Law's handcuffs to Luffy, produced a flight of stairs to provide a shortcut for Luffy to get to Doflamingo, and protected him from Gladius' attacks with his own body. He was enthusiastic about forming the Straw Hat Grand Fleet and was initially disappointed by Luffy's refusal, but respected him even more after hearing his explanation about not wanting fame, but just freedom. This led to him, and the others, to form the Grand Fleet anyway out of their own freedom. He then provided transportation for Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Franky and Robin to get to the rest of their crew in Zou.

His admiration of Luffy goes to extreme lengths and he has openly stated that he would die for him, earning Robin's acknowledgement. He faints when looking at him and fails to make eye contact with him as a result, often crying profusely when Luffy thanks him and blushing from any kind of acknowledgement Luffy gives him and became overly excited when Luffy said his actual name for the first time. Although he is normally aggressive and cruel to every else he comes in contact with, when it comes to Luffy and his crew he cannot help but be overtly kind, defensive, and sincere to all of them. He does not tolerate anyone insulting, or even back talking, Luffy, and at one point he cut off a man's tongue for mocking Luffy's failure to protect his brother. He chastised Rebecca for not being more respectful in front of the Straw Hat captain, and almost went into a fight against Sabo for how he talked to Luffy, not realizing who he was at the time. He looks up to Luffy and seems him as a great inspiration and refers to him as "senpai", showing his great respect for him.

Bartolomeo is constantly amazed by Luffy's abilities and gets excited whenever he does an attack in front of him. He was left completely stunned when Luffy chose to attack the Admiral Fujitora as everyone was making their escape from Dressrosa. His inspiration for his attacks are sometimes based on Luffy's own attacks, such as his finishing move on Gladius which he named "Bari Bari no Pistol", based on Luffy's "Gomu Gomu no Pistol". He admires Luffy's strength to such an extent that he sees himself as greatly inferior to him, and thus promises that he will become strong enough to be of use to the Straw Hat captain one day. He is also a firm believer that Luffy will become the next Pirate King.

Luffy did not interact much with Bartolomeo throughout the Dressrosa Arc and didn't seem to notice Bartolomeo's obsession with him, but he praised him numerous times for his aid and eventually acknowledged him as a friend, seeing him as a capable ally. He finds his Devil Fruit abilities impressive and complimented Bartolomeo when he created stairs for him as a shortcut to Doflamingo. He was also intrigued by Bartolomeo's ship, the Going Luffy-senpai, as it takes on a lot of features of the Going Merry whilst using Luffy's likeness as the ship's figurehead. Luffy has given Bartolomeo the nickname "rooster head", something Bartolomeo does not mind. However, after he delivered Luffy to the Thousand Sunny outside of Zou he finally called Bartolomeo by his actual name, causing him to become overjoyed.


Sai becoming aggressive after Luffy thanks him.

Sai is the current, and 13th, leader of the Happo Navy, the third captain of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, and the grandson of the notorious pirate, Chinjao. The two are allies and friends, but initially Sai somewhat disliked Luffy because of his relations to Monkey D. Garp who had fought his grandfather and flattened his pointy head. However, by the end of the Dressrosa Arc this was no longer an issue and they now share a positive relationship.

The two first met after Luffy had defeated Spartan and was about to be disqualified until Sai, who had witnessed the incident, defended Luffy and informed the official that it was Spartan who started the fight. Luffy thanked Sai but he soon became aggressive, demanding Luffy that he take back the apology and had to be restrained by his brother when he became violent. He next appeared alongside his grandfather, Chinjao, who went after Luffy, seeing through his Lucy disguise, and tried to kill him whilst Sai held him back. He was placed in the same match as Luffy, as well as his grandfather, and was defeated by the Straw Hat captain. After the match, he, along with Chinjao, ceased any hostilities towards Luffy after he fixed his grandfather's pointy head.

Initially, he indulged his grandfather's hatred towards Luffy as he was perfectly fine with his desire to kill the Straw Hat captain and only restrained him because it would potentially compromise their true mission, telling his grandfather that he can just kill him during their match. After the match he held no grudge for his defeat and he brought Chinjao to Luffy so his grandfather could thank the Straw Hat captain for fixing his head. He then became an ally to Luffy and his crew after he was saved by Usopp, a member of the Straw Hats. Once he found Luffy again he declared that he would defeat Doflamingo for him as a way to pay back his debt. Throughout the events of Dressrosa, Sai worked to defeat members of the Donquixote Pirates and to support Luffy in his quest to defeat Doflamingo. Following Dressrosa he chose to become a subordinate of Luffy's and join the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, but like everybody else, was left stunned by Luffy's initial refusal.

Luffy does not think much of Sai due to their limited interactions. He was thankful for coming to his aid and explain his innocence after defeating Spartan, but was left shocked by his sudden turn of aggression towards him. He was also annoyed by his insistence to defeat Doflamingo for him and competed with him to see who could reach Doflamingo first. By the end of the Dressrosa Arc he had come to see Sai as an ally and friend, although was still irritated by the formation of the Grand Fleet. Nonetheless he shared his Vivre Card with Sai before they went their separate ways.


Ideo amazed by Luffy's power against Pica.

Ideo is a XXX rank boxer, a member of the Longarm Tribe, the captain of the newly formed Ideo Pirates and the fourth captain of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. The two have scarcely interacted and thus their relationship is not fleshed out, however, they have come to recognize each other as allies, having worked together to defeat Doflamingo and end his reign over Dressrosa. He is also a representative of the XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance in Luffy's Grand Fleet.

They were opponents in the same match during the gladiatorial games in the Corrida Colosseum. Having lost the match after being defeated by Chinjao, he was sent to the basement of the Colosseum and turned into a toy. He was soon rescued by Usopp who he discovered was a member of the Straw Hats and because of this he decided to aid Luffy in his fight against Doflamingo.

Ideo was a very helpful ally to Luffy throughout the Dressrosa Arc. He defended Luffy when some toys came after the Straw Hat captain, working with some of the other Colosseum fighters to fend them off. He worked with the Colosseum fighters again to hold off members of the Donquixote Pirates whilst Luffy and Cavendish made their way towards Doflamingo. Following Luffy's victory, he and some of the other fighters subdued the Marines at the port that they intend to sail out of with Luffy.

He is surprised, and sometimes annoyed, at Luffy's abilities and brazen attitude. After being thrown out of the ring he watched in awe as Luffy clashed his Haoshoku Haki with Chinjao's. He was stunned when he saw Luffy and his group riding up Pica's arm and was left even more amazed when he shattered Pica's stone head with his Grizzly Magnum. He was irritated by Luffy's refusal to drink the cup of sake in order to confirm the Grand Fleet that would be formed under the Straw Hat captain, and even proposed forcing Luffy to drink it. However, he understood Luffy's reasoning and used his logic to form the Grand Fleet with the other captains anyway.

Luffy has not been seen interacting with Ideo on any particular basis. However, he was annoyed with Ideo when he tried to compete with him to take down Doflamingo. By the end of the Arc he accepted Ideo as a friend, being grateful for his aid in defeating Doflamingo, and professed that he would come to aid him, and the others, should they need his help, but did not wish to have him form a Grand Fleet in his name. Nonetheless, despite him having formed the Grand Fleet with the other captains, he gave him his Vivre Card before they parted ways.


Leo about to drink his cup of Sake to form the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

Leo is a dwarf from the Tontatta Kingdom, the leader of the Tontatta Pirates and the fifth captain of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. He did not directly work with Luffy throughout the Dressrosa Arc, but instead worked with Usopp, Nico Robin and Franky to loosen Doflamingo's grip on Dressrosa. Despite this, he came to admire Luffy greatly for defeating Doflamingo and ending his tyranny, though he still refers to Luffy as "Luffyland" (due to Usopp's influence).

Although he never directly interacted with Luffy, he proved to be a helpful ally. He indirectly aided him by providing transport for Robin, Rebecca and Bartolomeo to deliver the keys to Trafalgar Law's seastone handcuffs. He also reattached Law's arm after Luffy had entrusted him into his, and the other's, care. After hearing an explosion on the palace roof he wished to aid Luffy but was told by Robin and Kyros that they would just get in Luffy's way.

He was thankful for what Luffy did for him and his kingdom, as well as Dressrosa. Particularly for allowing his crew members to aid him and his kingdom to save the princess, Mansherry, and undo the affects of Sugar's Devil Fruit abilities. He cried into Robin's chest after hearing from Gatz that Luffy was victorious against Doflamingo. Such was his joy he worked to build statues of Luffy, as well as Usopp and Kyros, to celebrate what they had done. Following the defeat of Doflamingo he requested permission from his king, Gancho, to join the others in forming the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. When Luffy was fighting the Admiral Fujitora he commanded his troops to aid him. He was initially annoyed at Luffy's refusal to form the Grand Fleet, but understood his reasoning and ultimately formed the Grand Fleet anyway. He traveled with Rebecca to the Levely and befriend Nefertari Vivi and Shirahoshi through their shared admiration of Luffy. This reason alone was enough for him to attempt to attack a World Noble who was trying to enslave Shirahoshi.

Luffy has rarely been seen interacting with Leo, but still acknowledged him as an ally and friend. He professed that he would come and aid him, as well as the others, if they ever needed his help, and recognized the help he provided during his fight against Doflamingo. Despite being irritated that he, along with the other captains, formed the Grand Fleet anyway, he still exchanged Vivre Cards with Leo so that they could come and aid each other.


Luffy defeating Hajrudin in their first encounter.

Hajrudin is a giant warrior from Elbaf, the captain of the reformed New Giant Warrior Pirates and the sixth captain of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Despite getting off to a bad start during the gladiatorial games after they fought each other in their respective match, he proved to be a useful ally for Luffy throughout the Dressrosa Arc in order to take down Doflamingo. They have both come to respect each other as allies, friends and warriors.

The two met during their match in the Corrida Colosseum when Hajrudin crushed Luffy and the Fighting Bull who he had befriended, because of this, Luffy angrily punched Hajrudin, defeating him instantly. After being defeated he was sent to the basement of the Colosseum where he was turned into a toy. He was then saved by Usopp when the Straw Hat sniper was able to nullify Sugar's Devil Fruit abilities, turning Hajrudin, and everybody else, back to normal. From then on he allied with Luffy to defeat Doflamingo.

Despite being opponents in the match, he did not harbor any particular dislike for Luffy, seeing him simply as an opponent he needs to defeat and did not hold a grudge towards the Straw Hat captain for defeating him. Hajrudin is responsible for helping Luffy gain so many allies during his fight with Doflamingo as he was the one that made sure everybody knew it was Usopp, a member of the Straw Hats, that saved them. He promised Luffy on his pride as a warrior of Elbaf that he would defeat Doflamingo for him.

Throughout the Dressrosa Arc, Hajrudin aided Luffy numerous times. He held off a number of toys that were after Luffy alongside the other fighters. He fought off members of the Donquixote Pirates in order to allow Luffy and Cavendish to go on ahead to face Doflamingo. He was prepared to stand his ground against the Marines and the Admiral Fujitora until Luffy had arrived to leave the kingdom. Whilst escaping from Dressrosa, he caught Luffy and forcibly took him away from his fight with Fujitora so they could successfully escape, even keeping hold of him in fear he would continue trying to fight the Admiral. He is determined to continue aiding Luffy and has set out to reform the Giant Warrior Pirates for his sake.

He has come to respect Luffy and acknowledged his abilities as a fighter. He was willing to forget about his defeat to the Straw Hat captain in order to aid him. He was stunned to see Luffy was charging up Pica's arm and was left speechless when he used his Grizzly Magnum to destroy his stone head. Nonetheless, he was still greatly annoyed by Luffy's decision not to drink the cup of sake to form the Straw Hat Grand Fleet but understood his reasons why, and used this reason to form the alliance anyway, along with the other captains.

Luffy did not take kindly what Hajrudin did to Ucy who he had made friends with and knocked him out with a powerful punch for it. However, by the time they reunited Luffy had seemingly dropped any ill-will he had towards the giant. He was appreciative of him for his aid and found him helpful as an ally whilst trying to reach Doflamingo. He still became irritated with Hajrudin for making him leave his fight with Fujitora prematurely. By the end of the Arc he considers Hajrudin a friend and swore to come to his, and the other's, aid should they ever need it. He still exchanged Vivre Cards with Hajrudin even though he was annoyed that he and the other captains formed the Straw Hat Grand Fleet despite not wanting them to.


Orlumbus (far right) present during the formation of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

Orlumbus is the Admiral of the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet and the seventh captain of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet who met Luffy during the Dressrosa Arc. The two did not interact very often but he became a determined ally for Luffy in his quest to take down Doflamingo. Luffy acknowledges his efforts and sees him as a friend and ally.

Following his lost during the gladiatorial games he was sent to the basement of the Corrida Colosseum where he was transformed into a toy. He was saved by Usopp after the Straw Hat sniper managed to nullify Sugar's Devil Fruit abilities and allied with Luffy and his crew.

He protected Luffy and his friends when some toys came for them, fighting them all off alongside the other Colosseum fighters. He then worked with the other Colosseum fighters to provide an opening for Luffy and Cavendish to reach Doflamingo. He was crucial for Luffy's, and everybody else's, escape from Dressrosa as he provided 56 ships to cover their escape and had them board his flagship, the Yonta Maria.

Orlumbus is greatly impressed by Luffy's abilities and determination, whilst also being irritated by his refusal of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. He was amazed to see him riding up Pica's arm and was left speechless when the Straw Hat captain destroyed Pica's stone head. When Luffy refused to form the Straw Hat Grand Fleet he seemed to take personal offence that his fleet of 4,300 men was not enough power for Luffy. However, after hearing Luffy's reasoning he understood what the Straw Hat captain meant and chose to form the Grand Fleet with the other captains anyway.

Luffy was annoyed by Orlumbus' determination to take down Doflamingo, as he wished to do so himself. Nonetheless, by the end of the Dressrosa Arc he has come to see Orlumbus as a valuable ally and recognized his efforts in freeing Dressrosa from the Warlord of the Sea. He promised Orlumbus, as well as the other captains, that he will come to their aid should they ever need it. Despite being annoyed that they formed the Grand Fleet anyway, he exchanged Vivre Cards with him and went their separate ways.

Worst Generation

Trafalgar D. Water Law

Luffy and Law sitting side by side.

Trafalgar Law is the captain of the Heart Pirates, a member of the Worst Generation, a former Warlord of the Sea, and Luffy's most prominent ally since the time skip. They first met on Sabaody Archipelago and briefly became acquainted. They met again on Punk Hazard where Law formed an alliance with Luffy to take down the emperor, Kaido.[31] Despite their opposing views on what an alliance is meant to be, their relationship is positive. Law puts up with Luffy's antics and begrudgingly respects him. Luffy, himself, is very fond of Law and is overtly casual with him despite his serious demeanor.

The two met on Sabaody Archipelago inside the Human Auction House when Law witnessed Luffy punch the Celestial Dragon, Charlos. He smiled at Luffy's defiance towards the World Noble and fought alongside him, as well as Eustass Kid, when the Marines surrounded the auction house. Following this, the two went their separate ways. Law was the one to save Luffy at the end of the Battle of Marineford and operated on the Straw Hat captain to save his life. He then left Luffy in the company of Jinbe and Silvers Rayleigh before Luffy could thank him. Following the time skip, Luffy met Law again on Punk Hazard after the now Warlord of the Sea saved Luffy and Nami from the Yeti Cool Brothers. He formerly requested an alliance with the Straw Hat captain to take down the emperor, Kaido. Luffy agreed and the two have remained partners.

Despite his outward stoic demeanor and apathetic attitude towards Luffy, Law does seem to like him. He also seems to accept following Luffy's lead when it comes to carrying out their plans and tolerates the Straw Hat captain taking the initiative in a lot of situations, even if it can annoy him from time to time. His first impressions of Luffy were positive as he smiled when he punched a Celestial Dragon. He decided to brave the attacks of the Marines and the Admirals to rescue Luffy and Jinbe when they tried to escape the Summit War of Marineford, before he then saved his life by tending to his wounds. Although he admitted that it would have been a shame if Luffy had died at Marineford, he tried to claim to Luffy that he only helped him on a whim. He later saved Luffy as he fell from the sky after he defeated Donquixote Doflamingo and attempted to save Luffy's life again after the Straw Hat captain was defeated by Kaido but was stopped by Basil Hawkins. During the Dressrosa arc, he stated that if Luffy were to die at the hands of Doflamingo he would be prepared to die along with him, as he felt a sense of guilt for dragging Luffy into a battle that was outside their original agreement.

He has come to respect Luffy enough that he tolerates some of his decisions. He agreed to aid him in rescuing the children from Punk Hazard, despite seeing them as a burden, and accepted Luffy's decision to retrieve Sanji from the Big Mom Pirates despite neither having anything to do with their plans, and the latter would in fact make their alliance much more complicated if they were to anger another emperor. He appeared to be grateful, as well as amazed, when Luffy defeated Doflamingo, who Law had hated since he was a child after he killed Donquixote Rosinante, a very close friend of his. When it came to facing Kaido, Law chose to fight by his side again, like they had done against Doflamingo. The two proved to be effective at times in their battle, albeit Law was still annoyed when Luffy ordered him around. He is ultimately not above being childlishly competitive with Luffy, as well as Kid, as all three of them made a bet to see who would be the last to move against Big Mom's attack.

Law often feels frustrated by Luffy's carefree and reckless attitude. He laments his misunderstanding of what an alliance is supposed to be but he still has plenty of faith in his abilities and trusts him to complete his tasks. He was greatly annoyed when Luffy charged in to attack Caesar Clown as the original plan was to capture him quietly. However, he later bragged to Doflamingo with great confidence that Luffy would capture Caesar. He was irritated when Luffy sent Caesar flying away and admitted that he regrets their alliance, but was pleased to see his crew had actually captured Caesar. At one point, he tried to nullify their alliance when their plan to have Kaido attack Doflamingo was no longer possible but he was rebuffed by Luffy. When Law was at Doflamingo's mercy he chose not to give the Seven Warlords of the Sea what he wanted and berated Doflamingo for underestimating Luffy and the Straw Hats, warning him that he would lose his fight against them as they are capable of performing miracles.[32] At one point, he reflects on his alliance with Luffy and comments to Smoker that although he intended to use Luffy for his own means he feels like he is the one who is being used. When Luffy formed the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance he was briefly annoyed that Luffy had not consulted him first but ultimately had no objections. When the two are reunited in Wano he is immediately annoyed after Luffy and Zoro attracted too much attention, compromised Kin'emon's plans and eventually led Kaido to their location. When Luffy believed Kaido had potentially killed his crew Law tried to stop him from attacking the emperor but this was in vain. Annoyed, he was forced to watch as Luffy hopelessly fought against Kaido.

Luffy treats Law as one of his closest friends and likes him a lot. Due to his lack of understanding of what an alliance is supposed to be, and being oblivious to Law's attitude around him, he ends up dragging Law into a lot of his chaotic situations. He was very happy to see Law again on Punk Hazard and thanked him for saving his life following the Summit War of Marineford.[33] Even though he does not know Law that well, he implicitly trusts him and was more than willing to make an alliance with him as soon as he offered. When challenged by Robin if he could trust him, Luffy simply asked Law if he was going to betray them and believed him immediately when he said he would not. He is very protective of Law and was determined to rescue him when he had been captured by Doflamingo[34], and became extremely angry when he believed Doflamingo had killed him.[35] He carried Law up towards the Flower Field in order to get the key to his seastone handcuffs so he could be freed. He did not accept Law's attempt to end the alliance after their plan had been compromised whilst in Dressrosa, stating that he cannot decide that for both of them. Although from the outset he intends to follow Law's plans, as he trusts him enough, he ultimately ends up disregarding it and relying on his improvisation instead.

It also seems like Luffy cannot pronounce "Trafalgar" properly and calls him "Tora-o" (トラ男 Tora-o?) instead, a portmanteau of the "Tra" in "Trafalgar" and the Japanese kanji for "male". It is often localized as "Tra-guy" in some subs or as "Traffy" in Pirate Warriors 3.[36] Despite being allies, they still see each other as rivals for One Piece.

Eustass Kid

Luffy and Eustass Kid whilst in the Prisoner Mine.

Eustass Kid is the captain of the Kid Pirates, a fellow member of the Worst Generation, and is a rival to Luffy's dream of becoming the Pirate King. In spite of their rivalry, Kid has huge respect and admiration for Luffy because of his infamous reputation of causing chaos wherever he goes. On the other hand, Luffy had not heard of Kid until he arrived on Sabaody Archipelago, but got on with him pretty well when he first met him and acknowledged him as a rival. The two have shared a competitive relationship since being reunited in the Prisoner Mine.

The two first met on Sabaody Archipelago where both were seen as members of the Worst Generation. Kid was greatly excited when he heard that Straw Hat Luffy was on Sabaody and was eager to see him do something crazy. He got his wish as he witnessed Luffy crash land into the Human Auctioning House and deliver a devastating punch to the World Noble, Charlos, something that not even he was expecting him to do. In the ensuing chaos, he decided to work with Luffy, as well as Trafalgar Law, to fight off the Marines before going their separate ways. The pair reunited two years later in Wano after both Kid and Luffy were captured by the emperor, Kaido. Depsite their disagreements, they ultimately formed an alliance to take on Kaido, with Kid joining Luffy and Trafalgar Law in the raid on Onigashima.

Although their personalities are opposites of one another, Kid has a great amount of respect for the Straw Hat captain and is impressed by his numerous feats and his well documented craziness. He praised Luffy for being the only Supernova brave enough to take part in the Summit War of Marineford and believed (incorrectly) that Luffy ringing the Ox Bell on his return to Marineford was his declaration of a new age that he will forge himself. Ultimately, however, he sees Luffy as his rival first and foremost, and states he will not let him do as he pleases. During the incident on Sabaody, Kid was caught off guard by Luffy nonchalantly claiming he will be the one to find One Piece, remarking to himself that those who say something like that would normally get laughed at, but understood that they had to stake their claim if they want to survive in the New World. Kid thus acknowledged Luffy's determination and promised to meet up with him and Law in the New World.[37]

When he reunited with Luffy in Kaido's prison, he could not help but show his competitive side with the Straw Hat captain, often arguing with him on who would be the one to take down Kaido and who did the most work.[38] Nonetheless, he willingly worked with Luffy to defeat the deputy warden, Dobon, and even listened to his command to not attack first. Despite his begrudging respect for Luffy, he rejected his offer of an alliance, not out of any animosity towards him, but because of his bitterness after being betrayed in his last alliance with Basil Hawkins and Scratchmen Apoo. Nonetheless, he reneges on this decision and joins Luffy in his fight against Kaido. The two would fight side by side against Kaido at the top of Onigashima and would still show their overt competitiveness with each other. Despite wanting to defeat Kaido, Kid made the decision to fight Big Mom, alongside his crew mate, Killer, as a means to keep the emperors seperated.

Luffy does not necessarily think much of Kid as he does not pay attention to the people in his generation, but still recognizes him as his rival and believes he is a strong fighter. Luffy was intrigued by Kid's Devil Fruit and commented that his power is weird, with Kid retorting that Luffy's Devil Fruit was the weirdest. Luffy met Kid again whilst in Kaido's prison and argued with him on who would defeat Kaido and who did the most work. He still was able to work with him to defeat the deputy warden, Dobon, and showed deep concern when Queen threatened to drown Kid. By the time they escape he had come to like Kid enough to request an alliance, which Kid rejected. Luffy was happy to have him as an ally, when he changed his mind, and fought alongside him against Kaido before Kid chose to chase after Big Mom whilst Luffy is left to fight Kaido on his own.

Luffy refers to Kid by the nickname "Giza-o" (ギザ男 Giza-o?, English versions: Jaggy), referencing Kid's spiky hair.[39] Giza comes from giza giza (ぎざぎざ?), which is an onomatopoeic word that indicates something having serrated or jagged edges.

Capone Bege

Bege parting ways with Luffy and his group.

Capone Bege is the captain of the Fire Tank Pirates, a former ally of the Big Mom Pirates and a member of the Worst Generation, alongside Luffy. He was originally an antagonist to Luffy but chose to ally himself with the Straw Hats once he realized their goals against Big Mom were aligned. He proved to be a helpful ally to Luffy and his crew throughout the Whole Cake Island Arc. Bege found the Straw Hat captain to be a reckless and an exhausting person but grew to respect him. Luffy did not like Bege for his actions against him and his friends, but grew to like him nonetheless.

Bege first met Luffy on Sabaody Archipelago when he became extremely annoyed with the Straw Hat captain after he punched a World Noble and brought the wrath of Admiral Kizaru onto the island. Following the time-skip, he made an enemy out of Luffy and the Straw Hats when, as a member of the Big Mom Pirates, he traveled to Zou in order to take Sanji away to be married. Having succeeded, Luffy became angry with his actions and chose to infiltrate Big Mom's territory to recover his crewmate. He found himself begrudgingly agreeing to ally with Bege, due to Jinbe's insistence, once it was revealed he intended to assassinate Big Mom.

Through this alliance their relationship greatly improved. Bege became sympathetic towards the Straw Hats, especially because his wife, Charlotte Chiffon, felt indebted to them for helping her sister back on Thriller Bark. As a result, he became a valuable ally during the Whole Cake Island Arc, at varying points protecting them and refusing to give them up to the emperor or her crew. The two parted on good terms after he aided Luffy and the Straw Hats' escape from Whole Cake Chateau, although he continued to aid the Straw Hats with his own escape from Big Mom's territory.[40]

Luffy initially disliked Bege because of his former life as a Mafia don and for trying to kill Pekoms, someone who Luffy considered a friend. Despite this, at the behest of Jinbe, he agreed to meet with Bege to discuss forming an alliance since Bege wished to assassinate Big Mom and was willing to help the Straw Hats escape with Sanji. The two got into a heated argument during negotiations, and at one point Luffy tried to punch him, but the two were able to set their differences aside and agreed to work together.  Luffy began to soften up to Bege and he was very concerned for him when he was being attacked by Big Mom whilst protecting him and his crew in his Big Father form and tried to help him. Luffy found his Devil Fruit abilities amazing and was left star struck when he saw his tank form just before they parted.

Despite getting off to a bad start with Luffy on Sabaody, he stayed loyal to him as an ally. Bege refused to turn on Luffy despite being ordered to do so by Charlotte Katakuri, as despite his disreputable past, he still believed in honoring his deals. He then tried to hold off the Sweet Commander so that Luffy could continue their plan. He provided shelter for Luffy and his crew with his Big Father form and took the onslaught of Big Mom's attacks in order to protect everyone inside. Like most people, he can be irritated by Luffy's recklessness, as he was stunned when Luffy openly revealed his presence to Big Mom, jeopardizing their plan.[41] After risking his life to keep Big Mom at bay, Bege said that he would not forgive the Straw Hats if they were to die.[42] He was annoyed when Luffy was falsely credited with being the mastermind behind the plot to assassinate Big Mom.

Seven Warlords of the Sea


A typical moment between Luffy and Buggy.

Buggy is the captain of the Buggy Pirates, the head of Buggy's Delivery, a former Warlord of the Sea and a former member of the Roger Pirates. The two share an antagonistic relationship but have been able to work as allies. Buggy finds Luffy irritating in a similar way he finds his old crew mate, Shanks, irritating. However, he is willing to work with Luffy if it is to his benefit. Nonetheless, he strongly dislikes Luffy for all the trouble he has caused him and has spent some of his time chasing after the Straw Hat captain to kill him. Luffy did not initially like Buggy and saw him as an enemy, but has since dropped his hostility and has grown to tolerate him.

The two first met during the Orange Town Arc where Buggy and his crew were causing trouble for the residents there. With the help of Nami and Zoro, Luffy was able to defeat the Buggy Pirates and liberate Orange Town. After going through the trouble of reassembling his body, Buggy followed Luffy to Loguetown whilst having also made an alliance with Alvida, who is also searching for Luffy. Whilst in Loguetown, he successfully trapped Luffy atop Gol D. Roger's execution platform and attempted to execute the Straw Hat captain but was miraculously prevented from doing so. The two would not cross paths again until the Impel Down Arc where Buggy reluctantly worked with Luffy to escape the infamous prison and follow him to the Summit War of Marineford, with Buggy carrying him and Jinbe to safety towards the end of the battle.

Buggy strongly disliked Luffy when he first met him because the Straw Hat captain insulted his nose, something he is sensitive about. After losing to him he has remained bitter and spent half of his time hunting down the Straw Hat captain, even allying with Alvida who also wishes to find Luffy, in order to achieve this goal. However, circumstances always got in his way and he found his attempts to ultimately be futile. He is often annoyed by Luffy's reckless and careless decisions, such as when they arrived at the Summit War of Marineford atop a frozen wave and he suggested breaking it, causing him, and everyone else, to fall towards the battlefield. He was also greatly annoyed when Luffy used his body as a shield in his fight against Dracule Mihawk. Since the timeskip, Buggy has seemingly dropped his desire to kill Luffy, as before he would sail the seas hoping to find him, but has since become too busy running his enterprise to do so, however, he has still maintained his animosity towards the Straw Hat captain.

By the time he met him again in Impel Down, Buggy had softened somewhat, and was more than willing to work with Luffy in order to escape but was frustrated as he kept finding himself going deeper and deeper in to the prison. Buggy, at one point, acknowledged how much stronger Luffy had gotten since they both fought each other. Despite his great annoyance and occasional hostility with Luffy, he agreed to save his life when he and Jinbe were hurled towards him by Crocodile and carried them to Trafalgar Law's submarine.[43] He even returned Luffy's straw hat after Shanks bribed him to do so. Earlier in the conflict, he desperately tried to tell Luffy to be quiet when he was backtalking the emperor, Whitebeard, and was shocked when the two started talking on friendly terms. When he found out Luffy's father is Monkey D. Dragon he was left utterly astonished and commented that his father is a big deal.[44] Buggy has also benefitted from Luffy's actions, as he saw an increase in business for his dispatch company after Luffy had defeated his fellow Warlord of the Sea, Donquixote Doflamingo, in Dressrosa.

Luffy originally disliked Buggy and his crew for the mayhem they caused in Orange Town. He became furious with Buggy when he pierced his straw hat that was given to him by Shanks. However, once he had defeated him he no longer had any serious hostility towards him, and was rather nonchalant about Buggy's attempt to execute him in Loguetown. When he met Buggy again in Impel Down, he agreed to a truce and worked alongside him to make his way down towards Ace's level. He happily gave away the armband to Buggy, that was given to him by Nami, in exchange for his aid. Either due to his obliviousness, or simply not caring, Luffy does not show any annoyance with Buggy's attempts to leave him behind and still treats him as an ally. However, he was annoyed when Buggy revealed to him that he had lied about knowing how to get to level four of Impel Down. Luffy is grateful for Buggy's aid as when his old nemesis revealed his intention to abandon him, along with Mr. 3, he just simply thanked him for getting him this far. When he used Buggy as a human shield against Dracule Mihawk, that eventually led to Buggy comically being blown up by his own attack, Luffy ran off stating he would never forget him.​

Dracule Mihawk

Mihawk attacks Luffy.

Dracule Mihawk is a former Warlord of the Sea and the current holder of the title "World's Strongest Swordsman". Their relationship is mostly neutral, as Mihawk and Luffy do not really see each other as enemies, but have fought each other on one occasion. Mihawk has an interest in Luffy due to his connection with the emperor, Shanks, and has a growing suspicion that Luffy is favored by fate. What Luffy thinks of Mihawk has never been stated but he acknowledges Mihawk's incredible strength. He was briefly angry with the Warlord when he believed he had killed his crew mate, Zoro.

The two first met during the Baratie Arc when Mihawk arrived to finish destroying Don Krieg's fleet. Luffy's crew mate, Zoro, challenged Mihawk to a duel and convincingly lost. Following his battle, Mihawk also interacted with Luffy and took note of his determination to become the Pirate King. The two crossed paths again during the Summit War of Marineford where Mihawk chased down Luffy to see how much fate favors him, but much to his intrigue, found that people kept getting in his way in order to save him. When he returned to his home on Kuraigana Island, he found Luffy's crew mate, Zoro, and agreed to train him after noting his desire to become stronger for Luffy's sake.

Mihawk took an interest in Luffy after he told him that his dream is to become the Pirate King and showed that he is unfazed by the difficulty of the challenge. Shanks had once told Mihawk about a "curious kid in a small village" and realized that Luffy was that same kid after first meeting him at the Baratie. He traveled to where Shanks was camping with his crew and gave him Luffy's first wanted poster. It also appears that Mihawk believes in Luffy's, as well as the Straw Hat Pirates', potential, and has kept tabs on their activities. He even once bothered to attend a Seven Warlords of the Sea meeting with the Marines after Luffy had defeated Crocodile, saying he had a particular interest in the pirates on the meeting’s agenda. During the Summit War of Marineford, Mihawk was amused by Luffy's unorthodox entrance and was not surprised at the revelation that Monkey D. Dragon is Luffy's father. He openly tried to kill Luffy throughout the battle just to see how fate favors him and complimented the Straw Hat captain on his abilities, especially for not being as reckless in battle as he originally believed him to be. It was during his attempt to take down Luffy, and being stopped by numerous people, that he came to the realization of what truly makes Luffy so powerful, stating that its not some cheap trick but it is his ability to turn everyone around him into an ally.

Despite rarely interacting with Mihawk, Luffy has come to fully acknowledge his immense power and tried to avoid fighting him during the Summit War of Marineford, openly stating he does not have time to fight someone as strong as him. When he first met Mihawk, he went into a rage when he believed he had killed Zoro, but was relieved to see he had allowed his crewmate to live. When challenged by the Warlord of the Sea about his dream to become the Pirate King, Luffy simply shrugged off his warnings and remained undeterred by what he said, leaving a positive impression on Mihawk.


Luffy fighting Crocodile for the third time.

Crocodile is the former President of Baroque Works, a former Warlord of the Sea, a pirate, and the antagonist of the Arabasta Arc. He was the very first foe Luffy lost a fight to, having done so twice. The two disliked each other throughout the Arabasta Arc but became temporary allies during their escape from Impel Down and throughout the Summit War of Marineford. Luffy hated him for the chaos he caused Nefertari Vivi and her kingdom and swore to defeat him for her sake. To Crocodile, Luffy was just a naive rookie who knew nothing of the real world out at sea, but ended up underestimating him.

He was able to defeat Luffy comfortably in their first fight but underestimated Luffy's will power and determination and gave him the opportunity to recover. He fought him a second time and was able to win yet again, but still made the same mistake of not finishing off the Straw Hat captain, allowing him to recover once more to finally be defeated by him. The two met again when Luffy broke into Impel Down to save his brother and discovered Crocodile on the bottom level. Luffy reluctantly allowed him to be released and worked with him to escape and to try and rescue his brother, Ace.

Crocodile dislikes Luffy but also has a begrudging respect for the young rookie. He normally keeps a calm and composed persona but Luffy is able to get under his skin as he bit his cigar clean in half when Luffy called him stupid, which caused Nico Robin to chuckle. He acknowledges Luffy's tenacity and believes he is worthy enough for him to reveal his poisonous hook to him, something he rarely uses in his fights. He believed that Luffy's determination to become the Pirate King was weak and that he would soon forgo this desire once he discovered what the seas are truly like. By the time he meets Luffy again in Impel Down he has seemingly dropped any grudge he had against him, possibly due to seeing him as his only means of escape. However, he chose to be a helpful ally for Luffy and aided him even during the Summit War of Marineford. This in spite of being greatly annoyed when Luffy interfered in his attempt to kill Whitebeard.

Whilst escaping Impel Down he provided plenty of help and worked alongside Luffy and Jinbe in defeating the prison guards and the various other enemies that got in their way. During the Summit War of Marineford he took on Mihawk in order to protect Luffy from the powerful Warlord and used his Devil Fruit powers to prevent Ace from being executed, although with the latter he claimed it was because he did not wish to see the Marines enjoy victory. Whilst Jinbe was trying to escape with Luffy he came to the Straw Hat captain's aid and frustrated Admiral Akainu's attempts to kill them, even working alongside the Whitebeard Pirates to do so despite having a strong hatred for them. Since the war, Crocodile has kept up to date on Luffy's exploits, particularly in Totto Land.

Luffy despised Crocodile for the chaos he caused for Vivi and her kingdom and became extremely angry when Crocodile revealed he is responsible for Yuba's plight with sandstorms. He was also annoyed by Crocodile's taunts that were directed at Vivi. Although he was willing to agree with him that Vivi is naive for believing she could stop the incoming civil war without bloodshed, he still found his actions intolerable. By the time he came across Crocodile again in Impel Down, Luffy was not willing to trust him and had to be convinced by Emporio Ivankov that he would keep him in check before letting him out. He chose to stop Crocodile's attempt to kill Whitebeard and bluntly told him that he would not allow him to attack the emperor because of how much Ace cares for him. Overall, despite the disagreements he has with him, Luffy was accepting of working alongside him throughout his endeavor to save Ace and was appreciative when he came to his aid against Mihawk.

Gecko Moria

Luffy finally reaches Gecko Moria on Thriller Bark.

Gecko Moria is the captain of the Thriller Bark Pirates, a former Warlord of the Sea, and was the antagonist of the Thriller Bark Arc. The two met when Luffy stumbled upon Moria's ship by chance and became enemies once Luffy had discovered what Moria had been doing to the people he captured, as well as for standing in the way of him recruiting Brook. The two do not like each other; Moria sees Luffy as a rookie who is naive about the reality of the world and a pain in his plans. Luffy dislikes Moria for taking people's shadows and trapping them on his ship.

When Luffy arrived in the Florian Triangle he met Brook, a lonely and trapped skeleton man who was also a musician. Whilst talking with Brook he was told about Moria and what he has been doing to people on his ship, and explained how he is also a victim and could not join his crew as a result. This made Luffy want to defeat Moria as he wanted Brook to join his crew. He landed on Thriller Bark and tediously had to fight his way through the entirety of the ship before he was able find, and defeat the Warlord after a grueling battle with him and his pet zombie, Oars.

Luffy does not like Moria and believes him to be cruel for taking other people's shadows for his own personal use, having met numerous zombies and other victims on Thriller Bark who were stranded there due to having their shadows taken by him and developing an aversion to sun light. Luffy also sees him as a rival, as he too wishes to become the Pirate King, which fueled his motive to fight and defeat him. When he arrived at the Summit War of Marineford he bemoaned having to deal with Moria again but was spared fighting him thanks to Jinbe.

Moria finds Luffy to be greatly irritating, and believed he was too inexperienced, much like Crocodile did, and warned him that even at his current strength, he would lose his crew just like he did. This prediction turned out to be true when the Straw Hats were scattered by Bartholomew Kuma at Sabaody Archipelago. Nonetheless, he did acknowledge Luffy's strength, as he stole his shadow to put into his most powerful zombie, Oars. He warned Luffy to go forth and see the terror of the New World after he was defeated by him. He was more annoyed and angry than anybody else when Luffy arrived at the Summit War of Marineford, holding a grudge against the Straw Hat captain for defeating him and ending his ambitions. Despite this, he sought Luffy's shadow again because of his strength. Moria was the only member of the Warlords of the Sea to be shocked at the revelation that Luffy's father is Monkey D. Dragon.

Bartholomew Kuma

Kuma about to take Luffy away on Thriller Bark.

Kuma is the former king of the Sorbet Kingdom, a former pirate, a former officer of the Revolutionary Army, a former Warlord of the Sea and a current slave. He appeared to Luffy and his crew at the end of the Thriller Bark Arc and again at the end of the Sabaody Archipelago Arc. The two have rarely interacted and as a result do not have a clear relationship. Kuma is an ally to Luffy, despite appearing to be an enemy, and seems to respect Luffy and his crew. Luffy initially loathed Kuma for his actions on Sabaody, however, he now recognizes him as a good person after Franky informed him of the things he did for them.

He appeared before Luffy and his crew on Thriller Bark after Luffy defeated Gecko Moria. He offered to spare all of their lives in exchange for Luffy's, but everyone refused. In response, he released his "Ursus Shock" attack, which only succeeded in knocking most of them out. Zoro, who was one of the people to stay conscious, offered his own life in Luffy's place, with Kuma agreeing. Before leaving, he made Zoro experience all the intense pain Luffy had accumulated in his fight with Moria. He reappeared on Sabaody and initially defended the Straw Hats from a Pacifista but then, using his Devil Fruit powers, forcibly separated the Straw Hats to different islands across the world. During the Summit War of Marineford, Luffy and Kuma crossed paths briefly, but did not engage in a serious battle.

Kuma appears to have taken a liking to Luffy and his crew, having gone to such great lengths for them. He remarked to himself on Thriller Bark that Luffy has loyal comrades and that Monkey D. Dragon would be proud of him. When he arrived on Sabaody, he saved the Straw Hats from a Pacifista, and his decision to separate Luffy and his crew was an act of mercy to save them from Admiral Kizaru, who had come to the island after Luffy punched a World Noble. Before he sent Luffy away, he told the Straw Hat captain that this would be the last time they would ever meet, as he was fully aware he was going to lose his free will and memories. Following the Summit War of Marineford, he convinced Dr. Vegapunk to allow him to complete one last mission of his own free will before becoming a full Pacifista. Vegapunk appeared to have accepted his request and allowed him to spend the next two years protecting the Straw Hat's ship, the Thousand Sunny, from thieves and pirates, greatly damaging his own body in the process.

Out of all the enemies Luffy has faced, Kuma is one of only two people that made him experience true despair, the other being Akainu. During their first encounter, Luffy was unconscious and was completely unaware who Kuma actually was. He was left completely devastated, and crushed, after being resoundingly defeated by Kuma on Sabaody and was distraught that he could not protect any of his friends from him, who were all sent flying one by one. However, at the time, Luffy had no idea this was actually Kuma saving him from Admiral Kizaru. Once it was revealed to him that Kuma had, in fact, saved them all and defended their ship throughout the time skip, Luffy remarked that he was a good guy after all.

Boa Hancock

Luffy hugs Hancock.

Boa Hancock is the Empress of Amazon Lily, captain of the Kuja Pirates, and a former Warlord of the Sea. Hancock fell in love with Luffy after initially trying to kill him. Their relationship is often defined by her complete and growing love for him whilst he remains indifferent to her feelings. She was a crucial ally to Luffy during the Impel Down Arc and the Marineford Arc. While Luffy does not return her feelings,  he nonetheless sees her as a genuine friend and thus cares for her a great deal. He is thankful for all the help she has provided for him.

They started out as enemies when they first met after Luffy was sent to Amazon Lily by Bartholomew Kuma and fell into her private bath house, finding Hancock naked, and seeing the slave mark on her back, something she found to be too severe for him to live. Her intrigue in Luffy began when she discovered that her Devil Fruit powers were completely useless against him, due to him not having any lustful desires for her despite seeing her naked. She then had him captured and ordered his execution via combat. During his fight with her sisters she was left stunned when Luffy protected her sister's back to hide the slave mark from the crowd and called off the execution. After testing him in order to prove he is like all men, selfish and immoral, she is amazed to find he is nothing like she imagined (soon afterward he became her love interest). Eventually, she told Luffy the story about her slave mark and quickly fell in love with him.

Hancock's love for Luffy runs to extreme lengths, dropping her normally stoic and serious demeanor whenever in his presence, and often acts like a little girl in love. She constantly blushes over him and is overwhelmed whenever he says her name or makes any kind of physical contact with her. Despite being a rather intelligent person she can easily exaggerate his interactions with her, such as during the Summit War of Marineford, when she believed that Luffy's hug was a marriage proposal. Hancock is completely unaffected by the news that Luffy's father is Monkey D. Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army, despite his notorious reputation, simply stating she would not care if he was the son of the devil himself.

Boa Hancock suffering from "Love Sickness" over Luffy.

Hancock's actions sometimes leads to her doting on Luffy because of her love for him. She has helped him on multiple occasions and tries to make sure he is well cared for in her company. She actively aided Luffy in his infiltration of Impel Down so he could rescue his brother Ace, as well as to deliver a message to him on Luffy's behalf. She also covertly gave Luffy the key to Ace's seastone handcuffs during the Summit War of Marineford. Throughout the battle, Hancock was completely worried for Luffy's well-being. She is very protective of him and holds complete and utter contempt for anyone who thinks about harming him and immediately came to Luffy's aid when Smoker attacked him, aggressively threatening the commodore. She tossed aside her obligations of aiding the Marines as a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea to instead openly aid Luffy during the war, risking the protection status of Amazon Lily from the Marines. After the war, she was grief stricken when she discovered that Luffy was in a critical condition and was extremely concerned over his future well-being because of Ace's death. She barely ate her food back on Amazon Lily until she knew he would recover. Before Luffy began his training with Silvers Rayleigh, Hancock was angry with Rayleigh when he told her that she cannot come and give Luffy food throughout his training, but relented when he told her that it was for Luffy's benefit. After the two-year timeskip, she gave Luffy a comically large luggage filled with food, medicines, and various other things so he can look after himself. After Luffy returned to Sabaody Archipelago, she aided Luffy and his crew's escape by holding off the pursuing Marines.

Hancock is surprised by Luffy's abilities in combat and his unique personality. She was irritated when he easily defeated Bacura and was left stunned when he was able to use Haoshoku Haki when fighting her sisters. His devotion to protect members of her own tribe who Luffy had made friends with both, surprised, and annoyed her. She was shocked when he chose to save Marguerite, Sweet Pea, and Aphelandra over benefiting himself. When Luffy saw her naked a second time and he simply asked why she responded that his rudeness never ceases to amaze her. After hearing that Luffy did the unthinkable and attacked a World Noble, and showing no regret, she was left completely speechless and crying at this revelation, stating she is happy there are people like Luffy still fighting the World Government and compared him favorably to Fisher Tiger. She teared up when Luffy said he harbored no hatred for Hancock for her past as a slave, admitting that she likes him and offered up her ship to him. It was after this interaction that she was soon stricken with "Love Sickness" over Luffy.

Luffy, on his part, originally did not like Hancock and believed her to be a cruel person for attacking members of her own tribe for simply standing up for him. At one point he tells her that she makes him sick, causing her to almost collapse because of her vanity. However, he grows to like her after being given the offer to save the three girls, finding it generous of Hancock. Luffy was shocked to find out she was a slave to the World Nobles, and empathized with her horrific past. He was extremely grateful when she offered up her ship to him so he could go and reunite with his crew. Although he does not reciprocate Hancock's love, he greatly appreciates everything she does for him, seeing her as a close friend and a trusted ally. He was willing to protect her when Magellan demanded to know how he got inside Impel Down, stating he would not tell him anything even if it meant his death. Despite Luffy rejecting her proposals, Hancock's love for Luffy only increased during the time-skip and with each refusal, she only becomes more determined to marry him. Although he refuses to marry her, he is still happy for the things she did for him and hopes to see her again someday.

Donquixote Doflamingo

Luffy stops Doflamingo from killing Law.

Donquixote Doflamingo is the former captain of the Donquixote Pirates, the Patriarch of the Donquixote Family, a former Warlord of the Sea, the former king of Dressrosa, and a former World Noble. Doflamingo proved to be one of Luffy's most frustrating enemies since the timeskip. Originally having no interest, Luffy ended up fighting him due to his alliance with Trafalgar Law. Doflamingo underestimated Luffy and believed him to just be a simple rookie, but grew irritated by his constant interference in his plans. Initially apathetic, Luffy came to despise Doflamingo for his cruelty and manipulation.

Doflamingo was well aware of who Luffy was well before the events of the Dressrosa Arc, as he attended a Seven Warlords of the Sea meeting in order to discuss Luffy's recent victory over Crocodile. When he gathered information on Luffy, he was visibly shocked that he has the initial, 'D', in his name. At the Summit War of Marineford, he was greatly amused when Luffy arrived, and even more so upon hearing that Luffy's father is Monkey D. Dragon, remarking that this explains why Ivankov was fighting alongside him. He commented that Luffy escaping with Ace would be more amusing to him and, as a result, he chose not to fight or hinder him. The two would eventually cross paths after Luffy allied with Trafalgar Law and arrived on Dressrosa where he worked with the various citizens there, as well as his fellow Colosseum fighters, to take him down.

The Warlord of the Sea grossly underestimated Luffy's abilities. This largely came down to believing in his own divinity and Luffy being of common blood. Having said that, he was well aware of Luffy's potential and warned his allies, Caesar Clown, Vergo, and Monet to be wary of him back on Punk Hazard. Nonetheless, due to his cunning and deceptive nature, he was able to frustrate Luffy throughout his time on Dressrosa. However, he began to hate Luffy because of his perseverance and constant interference, such as preventing him from killing Law several times and undoing all of Sugar's work. Such was his hatred, he decided to place a personal bounty on him and his allies to incite the citizens of Dressrosa to apprehend him. When Luffy activated Gear Fourth, he initially laughed at his appearance but found himself being quickly overwhelmed after the Straw Hat captain unleashed devastating attacks on him. Doflamingo then began to see Luffy as a great threat and used his awakened Devil Fruit powers to try and defeat him. When Luffy was rendered immobile for ten minutes, Doflamingo was relentless when trying to find him so he could make him pay for his actions. After his defeat and arrest, Doflamingo did not seem to hold a grudge against Luffy and instead was getting excited at the incoming chaos that will engulf the world because of his defeat.

Luffy did not take Doflamingo any more seriously than any of his previous enemies, and casually threatened him when he got in contact with him through a Den Den Mushi whilst on his way to Dressrosa. However, this changed when he found out that the Warlord has been turning humans into toys, that he dethroned Rebecca's grandfather, forced Bellamy to fight him, constantly attempting to kill Law,[45] and forced Rebecca to try to kill her own aunt, Viola. At one point, Luffy cried out Doflamingo's name in a complete rage. Doflamingo also managed to get hold of the Mera Mera no Mi, Ace's Devil Fruit, and used it as bait for Luffy by offering it up as a prize in his gladiatorial game. Earlier in the arc, Luffy had promised Rebecca that he would defeat Doflamingo for her, which served as one of the key motivators for him to take down the Warlord. Throughout the Dressrosa arc, Luffy constantly referred to Doflamingo as "Mingo".

East Blue Pirates and Crews

Buggy's Delivery


Alvida attempts to defeat Luffy.

Alvida is the former captain of the Alvida Pirates, a captain in the Buggy and Alvida Alliance, an administrator of the Buggy's Delivery and one of the first antagonists Luffy made out at sea. Alvida sees Luffy as an enemy but has also fallen for him, and is greatly intrigued by that Straw Hat captain, as he left a strong impression on Alvida by being the first man to defeat her. Luffy does not think anything of Alvida, as he found her to be annoying and bluntly insulted her, before effortlessly defeating her. He has since mostly forgotten who she is.

The two met when her crew picked up a barrel that contained Luffy and stored it inside the warehouse at her camp. Once he broke free, and had befriended Koby, she stumbled onto Luffy and began to attack him but was shocked to find her attacks did nothing to the rubber man. He then quickly defeated her and left her camp, along with Koby. The two crossed paths again in Loguetown, after she had allied with Buggy, and watched as her new partner attempted to execute Luffy but was stunned to see he had miraculously survived. She fled the town and has since joined Buggy in their pursuit of finding him again.

Initially, Alvida hated Luffy for openly calling her fat, and shattering her vanity, as she had created a culture among her crew to constantly refer to her as the most beautiful woman on the seas. This led to her to attack Luffy in a fit of anger but was quickly beaten. She was shocked to find he is made of rubber and her attacks could do nothing to hurt him. Following her defeat, she went through a drastic appearance change by eating the Devil Fruit, the Sube Sube no Mi, losing a lot of weight. She had become infatuated with Luffy and wishes to find him, either to kill him or make him her's. Because of these feelings, she was somewhat disgruntled by Buggy's attempt to try and kill him but ultimately accepted it. Following the failed attempt, she has continued to try and find Luffy but has been distracted by her business with Buggy.

Luffy is not at all interested in her, and found her to be annoying when they first met. He was happy to see Koby stand up to her and quickly defeated Alvida after taking a painless blow from her. When he met her again in Loguetown he had completely forgotten who she is and struggled to remember due to her drastic appearance change.


Luffy and Galdino whilst in Impel Down.

Galdino, otherwise known as Mr. 3, is a former Baroque Works agent, a member of the Buggy Pirates and an administrator of Buggy's Delivery. He was an enemy to Luffy during the Little Garden Arc and an ally during the Impel Down Arc and Marineford Arc. The two share an antagonistic, but also friendly, relationship. Galdino found Luffy to be a difficult opponent on Little Garden, and becomes frequently annoyed by his habit of putting him in danger. Luffy disliked Galdino for trying to kill his friends, but was more than willing to work alongside him when escaping from Impel Down and fighting at the Summit War of Marineford.

The two first met on Little Garden when Galdino was trying to kill Zoro, Nami and Vivi, angering Luffy. He was defeated by the Straw Hat captain and had to escape from Little Garden before his fellow agent, Mr. 2, tried to kill him. He arrived in Arabasta but was thrown into a tank full of Bananawanis by Crocodile, but managed to survive and was inadvertently saved by Sanji who then forced him to create a key to help Luffy, and the others, escape from Crocodile's hideout. The two met again in Impel Down where Galdino reluctantly worked alongside Luffy to escape the infamous prison and traveled with the Straw Hat captain to the Summit War of Marineford, he ended up playing the most vital role in freeing Portgas D. Ace as he created a copy of the key to his seastone handcuffs so he could be freed. Since the time-skip, he has since joined Buggy's crew and works alongside him in his business, Buggy's Delivery.

Galdino was very antagonistic towards Luffy during the Little Garden arc, often patronizing the Straw Hat captain and grossly underestimating Luffy's abilities. He maintained his dislike of Luffy even throughout their escape from Impel Down despite having apparently “forgiven” him for his actions, as he quickly befriended Buggy through their shared hatred of him. However, he tends to be inconsistent about his attitude towards the Straw Hat captain, as by the time of the Impel Down arc he was notably less antagonistic and was willing to aid Luffy, as he used his Devil Fruit abilities to help take down a Minotaurus and even blocked a coat of poison aimed at Luffy using his wax, as he felt he owed the Straw Hat captain a debt. He was aware of his actions, however, and noted he should be careful or he’ll start to think of Luffy as a friend. Following Bentham's sacrifice, he became determined to aid Luffy during the Summit War of Marineford in honor of his friend, as he willingly tried to disguise himself as one of the executioners to save Luffy's brother, Ace, and produced a copy of the key to his brother's seastone handcuffs that allowed him to escape. He also indirectly aided Luffy as he freed Marco from his seastone handcuffs who later held off Admiral Akainu whilst Luffy was being carried to safety.

It appears he is also inspired by Luffy, as by the time of the Impel Down arc he had become notably more cowardly, but found motivation to risk his life in order to escape thanks to Luffy's sheer determination. He is willing to listen to Luffy's orders as he agreed to provide boxing gloves and boots out of his wax so he could fight Magellan, and when Luffy was about to block a punch from Fleet Admiral Sengoku he listened to Luffy's order to create a coat of wax to protect Ace. He is also surprised at Luffy's abilities, as he was stunned that Luffy could defeat him in his wax armor and was left perplexed when he made duplicates of himself only to still be instantly beaten by Luffy, not understanding how he guessed right simply off his instincts. When he heard that Luffy is the son of the leader of the Revolutionary Army, Monkey D. Dragon, he was completely shaken, and could not believe that he personally knew Luffy. He was happy to hear Luffy say he would not laugh at his desire to free Ace in order to honor Bentham's sacrifice, and demanded Luffy to save his brother.

Luffy disliked Galdino for what he was trying to do to his friends and for dishonoring the fight between the two giants on Little Garden who he had befriended. This eventually led to Luffy defeating Galdino, but then chased down the Baroque Works agent and defeated him once again. By the time of the Impel Down arc, Luffy had dropped any animosity towards him and was more than happy to work alongside him during the escape, finding him to be an incredibly useful ally and appreciated his help in defeating the Minotaurus and later to fight Magellan. He even chose to stay by Galdino's side whilst he held off Magellan as he realized he could not defeat him on his own. He was overjoyed when he saw Galdino atop Ace's platform and became extraordinarily grateful when he provided a copy of the key to Ace’s shackles. Luffy made sure to keep hold of Galdino as he was carried by Ace to safety, not wanting to let his ally perish.


Luffy and Gaimon bonding.

Gaimon is a former pirate and the protector of the animals on the Island of Rare Animals. Although their time was brief, he and Luffy grew close and became fond of one another. Gaimon was very appreciative of Luffy's efforts on his behalf and was impressed by his determination to become the Pirate King. Luffy became endeared to Gaimon after hearing his story and gets along very well with him, and at one point offers Gaimon a place on his crew.

Following the Orange Town Arc, Luffy and his crew sailed towards the Island of Rare Beasts where they were attacked by Gaimon. However, once it was clear they were not a threat the pair quickly bonded. After hearing his story, he chose to try and aid Gaimon by retrieving the treasure that he came to the island looking for twenty years prior, however, they turned out to be empty. Nonetheless, Gaimon was grateful for Luffy’s efforts and waved him off with tears in his eyes.

Gaimon got on well with Luffy, having initially mistaken him and his crew to be poachers, he was convinced that they were not a threat to the animals there. He felt comfortable enough to confined in Luffy about how he was a pirate that got stuck in a treasure chest after falling during his attempt to get the treasure he came looking for, and explaining that his crew had left him behind on the island. This made Luffy the first person he talked to about his situation. Despite Gaimon openly stating that he does not trust anyone to retrieve the treasure for him, he felt he could trust Luffy to retrieve it for him. He was saddened that the treasure chests turned out to be empty, but was nonetheless extremely grateful for Luffy’s efforts. He was overwhelmed with emotion when Luffy offered a place to him on his crew, but turned him down because of his obligations to the animals on the island. He was sad to see Luffy go but was also happy to have made a friend like him, and wished him luck on his journey to find One Piece.

Luffy was amazed at Gaimon because of his large afro and being stuck inside a treasure chest. He had no hard feelings with Gaimon’s initial hostility, and after hearing his story, came to like him. They bonded very quickly and got on well with each other. Luffy chose to aid him by getting the treasure chests that he has been guarding for twenty years, however, he was saddened to find they were all empty and tried to pretend he was going to steal it from him, as oppose to telling him the truth, but Gaimon deduced what he was doing. He then comforted Gaimon over his disappointment, telling him that he is happy to have met him and invited him to join his crew, although disappointed when he refused, he understood his reasoning. Luffy tends to refer to Gaimon as “uncle”.

Black Cat Pirates


Luffy defeats Kuro.

Kuro is the former captain of the Black Cat Pirates and was an enemy of Luffy during the Syrup Village Arc. The two did not like each other in the slightest and disagreed strongly on what it means to be a pirate. Kuro believed Luffy to be too naive and does not possess the necessary qualities to be a captain. Luffy loathed Kuro for how he treated his own crew members and for trying to harm his friends, Usopp and Kaya.

The two first met on Syrup Village when he was posing as Kaya's butler. However, it was soon revealed that he was orchistrating a plan to take Kaya's family fortunes for himself, which led to Luffy and Usopp working together to take down him and his crew. This resulted in Luffy defeating Kuro after a grueling fight and throwing his unconcious body back at his crew members, telling them to leave.

To Kuro, Luffy was an irrelevant and weak pirate. Despite evidence to the contrary, he maintained this view right up until he was defeated, as he believed his plans could not possibly fail. Kuro was extremely patronising towards Luffy and convinced himself that the only reason he defeated his crew's best fighters was because they were unforgivably weak, rather than Luffy being too strong. He mocked Luffy's ideals of piracy and camaraderie, believing him to be too naive about the world and thus will be an inevitable failure.

When Luffy first met Kuro he did not like him in the slightest for how he treated his new friend, Usopp, and for the way he looked down on pirates. After he discovered his true identity and intentions, he came to hate him, finding his actions against Kaya to be despicable, and worked with Usopp to stop him. The two disagreed strongly on what it means to be a pirate, with Luffy scolding him for becoming a pirate in the first place when he could not take the reputation of being one. When Kuro began massacring his own crew members, Luffy flew into a rage, finding his actions absolutely abhorrent, and managed to stop him.


Luffy and Zeff meet and negotiate Luffy's payment for the damage he had done.

Zeff is a former pirate, the former captain of the Cook Pirates, and the head chef and owner of the Baratie, as well as Sanji’s adoptive father. The two got off to a somewhat hostile start but came to respect each other after the events of the Baratie Arc. Zeff was originally angry with Luffy for the damage he had done to his restaurant but was won over by the Straw Hat captain’s performance against a threatening Don Krieg. Luffy felt guilty for the damaged he had done to his restaurant but soon came to respect him as a former pirate and his role in raising Sanji, believing him to be a great man.

Whilst heading towards the Baratie, Luffy was attacked by Marine Lieutenant Fullbody’s ship and deflected one of the canon balls aimed at him towards the Baratie, damaging it. He was dragged into the restaurant and promptly apologised to the head chef, Zeff, and eventually agreed to work there for one full year. Once Don Krieg had arrived and became a clear threat to the people of the restaurant Luffy decided to fight him with the promise of not having to work at the restaurant if he won. Having defeated Krieg, Luffy was allowed to leave the Baratie and take Sanji along with him.

Zeff was initially furious with Luffy for the damage he had done to his ship and scolded the Straw Hat captain numerous times, but appeared to harbour some level of admiration for his personality. He was annoyed that Luffy did not have the money to pay for the damage and offered him a choice of either working for a full year at his restaurant as a chore boy or give up one of his legs. However, after Luffy proved to do more harm than good as a chore boy he accepted his offer of defeating Don Krieg for him in exchange for allowing Luffy to leave. It was during this fight that he became a strong admirer of the Straw Hat captain, being left nothing short of impressed by his determination, bravery and fighting spirit. He informed Sanji to observe Luffy closely, and to recognise the Straw Hat captain’s sheer will power. By the end of the battle, after Luffy’s victory, he had become so impressed by Luffy that he requested that he take Sanji along with him on his journey, signifying how much trust he has in Luffy to take care of the person he considered to be like a son.

Luffy felt very guilty about the damage he had done to Zeff’s restaurant and initially thought he had blown off his leg but was reassured he did not. Such was his guilt, he begrudgingly agreed to work a full year as a chore boy. He ultimately respects Zeff, and felt compelled to defend him and his restaurant from Don Krieg when he arrived and threatened to take it. He also admired Zeff for how he raised Sanji, as he found out that Zeff had given up own his leg to save him and saw the parallels with how Shanks gave up his arm in order to rescue him. At one point he ridiculed Sanji for being willing to throw his life away after all Zeff had done for him. When Zeff asked him to forcibly take Sanji, he declined, as although he appreciated his offer, he wished for Sanji to choose to join his crew himself. Although they have not seen each other for over two years, Luffy still remembers Zeff and promised Sanji that he would not allow any harm to come to him or his restaurant when he was being blackmailed by his biolgical family, the Vinsmoke Family.

Don Krieg

Luffy fighting Krieg.

Don Krieg is the Admiral of the Krieg Pirates and the antagonist of the Baratie Arc. Both Luffy and Krieg fought each other after the latter intended to take over the Baratie and revealed his intention to become the Pirate King, causing Luffy to see him as a challenger. The two generally dislike each other, Krieg is annoyed by Luffy's open defiance towards him and perseverance throughout their fight, whilst Luffy dislikes Krieg because of his method of fighting and cruelty towards his own crew members.

The two first met during the Baratie Arc when Krieg tried to forcibly take over the restaurant and make it a part of his fleet. He attacked Luffy during Sanji's fight with Pearl and the two ended up fighting each other. Even though he used plenty of cheap tricks and deceptions, he was not able to keep Luffy down. Eventually, he was defeated by the Straw Hat captain who fought him with sheer determination.

Krieg found Luffy to be irritating because he continuously stated that he was stronger out of the two of them. Despite a slew of tricks and deceptions during their fight, Luffy would not stay down and kept getting back up, frustrating Krieg. Because of his ego and his belief that he is the most powerful captain in all of East Blue, he desired to have Luffy executed for daring to challenge him. After his defeat, Krieg unconsciously got up and demanded to continue the battle, only to be knocked down by Gin.

Luffy has a low opinion of Krieg because of his use of dirty tricks in battle and finds them ridiculous. At one point he asked Krieg if he was going to take the fight seriously. Luffy was not at all fazed by Krieg's insults, such as calling him a monkey, as he was confident that he is much stronger than Krieg and it became more apparent, throughout the fight, that he was frustrating him with his will power. Luffy was furious when Krieg insulted Gin after he was poisoned by the "MH5" gas, that Krieg had launched onto the battlefield, because he gave his own gas mask to Luffy.

Arlong Pirates


Arlong lies defeated after his fight with Luffy.

Arlong is a fish-man, the former captain of the Arlong Pirates, a former member of the Sun Pirates and was the main antagonist of the Arlong Park Arc. The two strongly dislike each other. Luffy especially loathes Arlong because of what he has done to Nami since her childhood and believes Arlong to be an exceptionally cruel and despicable person. Arlong dislikes Luffy, not just for being a human, but for being a pest that interfered with his ambitions to eventually rule the world.

After Nami had taken his ship, the Going Merry, and the treasure, Luffy sailed after her and arrived on Cocoyasi Village, Nami's hometown. He intended to get her back in his crew but was rebuffed numerous times. When Arlong betrayed Nami he saw her crying and stopped her stabbing her tattoo, she turned to him and asked for his help, with Luffy screaming of course he will. Luffy proceeded to storm Arlong's base, Arlong Park, alongside Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp and fought the fish-man, eventually defeating him and winning Nami back into his crew, as well as liberating Cocoyasi Village.

Arlong thought very little of Luffy and did not consider the possibility that he was the captain of his group, instead assuming it to be Zoro. Due to his arrogance, and opinion that fish-men are superior to humans, he underestimated Luffy and was eventually defeated by him. Throughout his fight with the Straw Hat captain he grew greatly irritated by Luffy's persistence and tenacity. When inside Nami's old room Arlong became antagonistic to Luffy, trying to annoy the Straw Hat captain with taunts about Nami. He lost his composure and confidence when Luffy decided to destroy the makeshift prison that had all of Nami's maps that she drew for him since childhood. In his fit of rage he tried to attack Luffy but allowed himself to be on the receiving end of his final attack.

Luffy holds complete hatred for Arlong. As soon as he met him Luffy wasted no time punching him, chastising the fish-man for making Nami cry. Despite the strength Arlong possessed, Luffy was absolutely determined to defeat him even though he admitted that he has no special skills like his other crew members. When they ended up in Nami's room during their fight, Arlong remarked that he would use her for his plans to dominate the world, angering him. Luffy deduced that the room they were in was a prison for Nami, which angered him even further. He decided to trash the room and destroy all of the work Nami had been forced to do for Arlong. His determination went so far as to try destroy Arlong Park all together, doing so with a final attack that simultaneously knocked the fish-man out. He emerged from the rubble with great satisfaction of having defeated Arlong and freeing Nami from him. Luffy's hatred for Arlong has spread to people who were associated with him, such as Hatchan, who he initially refused to save upon realizing he used to be part of Arlong's pirate crew.


Hatchan attempts to stop Luffy attacking a World Noble.

Hatchan is a fish-man and a former pirate of the Arlong Pirates and Sun Pirates. He was an antagonist to Luffy and his crew during the Arlong Park Arc but became an ally during the Sabaody Archipelago Arc and the Fish-Man Island Arc. Though they started off as enemies, the two now genuinely care and respect each other, forming a strong friendship. Hatchan, despite having once been his enemy, held no dislike for Luffy and quickly became friends with him. Luffy loathed Hatchan as he was partly responsible for Nami's suffering under Arlong, but has come to like him a lot since they became allies.

The two briefly met during the Arlong Park Arc after Luffy had broken down the entrance to Arlong Park and proceeded to punch Arlong. Hatchan briefly tried to attack Luffy but was goaded into a fight with Zoro that he eventually lost. They would meet again after Luffy met Camie who took him to save her friend, Hatchan, from the Flying Fish Riders. Despite not wanting to do so initially, he saved Hatchan after Nami told him she was fine with it. He then joined Luffy and his crew to Sabaody Archipelago. Whilst on Sabaody he was shot by the Celestial Dragon, Charlos, which incurred Luffy's anger upon the Celestial Dragon. Eventually, the Straw Hats were scattered off the island by Bartholomew Kuma. They reunited two years later on Fish-Man Island where he was supportive of Luffy defeating Hody Jones.

Hatchan is fond of Luffy and treats him as a very good friend, despite initially trying to kill him back when he was a member of the Arlong Pirates. He admires Luffy's abilities and is grateful that he saved, not only him, but Camie as well. When Camie was kidnapped and taken to the Human Auction House he tried to stop Luffy from doing anything rash as he did not want him earning the wrath of the World Nobles. After he was shot by the Celestial Dragon, Charlos, Hatchan tearfully begged Luffy not to attack him, telling the Straw Hat captain this is what he deserves for being a pirate anyway, as well as apologizing for the trauma him and his crew had inflicted on Nami. He was happy to be reunited with Luffy and his crew on Fish-Man Island two years later and agreed with Jinbe's plan to make Luffy a hero of Fish-Man Island by taking out Hody Jones. He bid the Straw Hat's farewell as they left the island.

Luffy initially hated Hatchan for his role in Nami's suffering, outright refusing to aid him once he realized who he was. However, after Nami told him she was fine with saving him he agreed to do so, and after getting to know Hatchan, quickly became friends with him. He bonded with him on Sabaody and was extraordinarily angry when he saw Charlos shoot Hatchan. The Celestial Dragon's taunts pushed him to the point where he delivered an extremely powerful punch to the face of the World Noble, in spite of the consequences. He empathized with Hatchan as he tearfully informed Luffy of the tremendous regret he had for what he and his crew had done to Nami, believing him to be sincere about his guilt. When they reunited on Fish-Man Island Luffy was very happy to see him again. He is very fond of Hatchan's takoyaki.

Paradise Pirates and Crews

Roger Pirates


Crocus with Luffy as he informs his crew of the nature of the Grand Line.

Crocus is a doctor, a former member of the Roger Pirates, and the caretaker of Laboon. Luffy first met him during the Reverse Mountain Arc and quickly befriended him. The two get on well and have developed a respect for one another. Crocus is grateful for Luffy’s role in healing Laboon’s suffering and noted his similarity to his former captain, Gol D. Roger. Luffy, like the rest of his crew, found Crocus to be an odd person but came to respect him for his determination to care for Laboon.

During the Reverse Mountain arc, Luffy arrived on the Grand Line only to get immediately swallowed up by Laboon where he eventually met Crocus after being separated from his crew. After defeating Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9, he became friends with the doctor and was able to escape the inside of Laboon thanks to his help. After helping Laboon cope with missing his friends and discussing the nature of Grand Line with Crocus, along with getting a log pose from him, he left Reverse Mountain.

Crocus was able to make quick friends with Luffy and found him to be an interesting character. He was thankful that he knocked out Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9 as they were attacking Laboon. He was also extremely grateful for how Luffy helped Laboon overcome his depression of losing his friends. Crocus also came to care for Luffy, as he was concerned when he was fighting the giant whale, but was reassured by Nami that Luffy will be fine. He also aided Luffy and his crew in understanding the magnetic fields of the Grand Line and the necessity of a log pose, even giving his own log pose when the one they found was broken by Sanji and Luffy as a way to thank him. As Luffy sailed away, he noted that Luffy has a mysterious aura around him, a lot like his former captain, Gol D. Roger, and commented that he and his crew might be the people that him, and the rest of the Roger Pirates, have been waiting for.

Luffy was impressed by Crocus’ determination to look after Laboon, and even though he did not understand the situation, chose to aid him and Laboon when Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9 attacked him. When he found he was a doctor he request Crocus to join his crew, but he declined. Luffy listened to Crocus tell the story of Laboon, despite appearing disinterested as he was climbing a tree at one point, and chose to help him in his quest to help Laboon by fighting the giant whale, having understood the nature of the whale’s friendship with the missing crew. He was thankful for the information Crocus provided about the Grand Line and for providing him and his crew with a new log pose.

When meeting Rayleigh, he was quite surprised to learn Crocus was a member of the Roger Pirates.

Silvers Rayleigh

Rayleigh and Luffy bonding during the timeskip.

Luffy first met Silvers Rayleigh on Sabaody Archipelago and became immediately interested in him when he revealed he is the former first mate of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. Luffy respects Rayleigh's wisdom and knowledge and was enthusiastic to hear about his stories of Roger. The two created a close student-teacher relationship during the two-year time skip, with Luffy respecting his authority as a mentor and willing to accept the punishment of not being allowed to eat food.[46] Rayleigh becomes a huge catalyst for Luffy's progression, being largely responsible for his major increase in strength post time-skip.

Rayleigh developed a great interest in Luffy after hearing about him from Shanks. Since then, he had been eager to meet him. He has noted Luffy's similarities with his old friend and captain, Gol D. Roger, on several occasions and because of this, unlike a lot of others, Rayleigh never really expresses shock over Luffy's actions. He seems to be pleased that Luffy is exactly the person he believes, and wants him, to be. He throws Luffy a question at one point, asking him if he truly thinks that he is capable of conquering these unforgiving seas, but was pleasantly surprised when Luffy wished not to conquer anything but instead just desires to have the most freedom. Despite his great intrigue in the Straw Hat captain, he is capable of getting annoyed by Luffy, such as when the latter accidentally knocked over his bowl of food during training and proceeded to hit him.

After meeting Rayleigh at the Human Auctioning House, Luffy was able to develop a friendship with him to such a point that he was willing to coat the Straw Hats' ship in Yarukiman Resin for free, and he revealed himself to Admiral Kizaru in order to protect Luffy and his crew. Immediately following the end of the Summit War of Marineford, he swam through the Calm Belt to reach Amazon Lily, where Luffy was recovering, in order to train him. It was Rayleigh that rationalized the necessity of Luffy becoming stronger and to not rush back into the fray, warning him that he and his crew would just end up experiencing the same failure they did back at Sabaody. Luffy agreed and Rayleigh assisted him with leaving a message for his crew. While on Rusukaina, the two would begin to develop a close bond while Rayleigh rigorously trained Luffy in the use of Haki and helped him to develop his powerful Gear Fourth form. He explained to Luffy how Haki works, informing him that his Haki will become stronger in the heat of battle when he fights other powerful Haki users.

Rayleigh had become satisfied with Luffy's progress that he chose to leave him on his own for the last six months of his training so he can further his progress independently. Once the Straw Hats had reunited back on Sabaody, Luffy declared to Rayleigh that he would become the Pirate King as he ran towards the Thousand Sunny, Rayleigh smiled with tears in his eyes.[47] He then helped in their escape by holding off the Marines by drawing a line in the ground for them to not cross whilst stating with pride that his apprentice is setting sail. He later told his wife, Shakuyaku, that Luffy is a man worthy of the straw hat, revealing to her that it was once worn by Roger, and commented that it might not be a bad idea to live a little longer in order to see the rest of Luffy's progress.[48]

Bellamy Pirates


Luffy and Bellamy reunite in Dressrosa.

Bellamy is a former pirate, the former captain of the Bellamy Pirates, and a former member of the Donquixote Pirates. He and Luffy started out on negative terms but have become very good friends. The two first met back on Jaya where he ended up fighting, and losing, to Luffy. By the time of the Dressrosa Arc Bellamy had come to respect Luffy and the two now get on really well. Bellamy looks at Luffy with great admiration and respect after his loss to him, whilst Luffy acknowledges him as a reformed person and a good friend.

When they met, Bellamy loathed Luffy for believing in legends and dreams, chastising him for thinking the sky islands existed and that the One Piece is real. He began to assault Luffy but the Straw Hat captain refused to fight back and was ultimately dragged out by Nami alongside Zoro. After seeing that Luffy's bounty was much higher than his own, Bellamy refused to believe this was true and instead claimed that it was forged by the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy's attitude changed once he discovered that Bellamy and his crew had assaulted and robbed Mont Blanc Cricket at his house. He then returned to the bar Bellamy was at and got into another fight. Bellamy taunted Luffy and charged up his strongest attack, but Luffy knocked him out instantly. After visiting a sky island himself, he met Luffy again at Dressrosa, he reacquainted himself with Luffy and dropped his patronizing attitude towards him, vowing to never laugh at him again.

Bellamy respects Luffy to a great extent, accepting that he was wrong to doubt him. Other than Doflamingo, Luffy is the only other person he looks up to. When he was ordered to assassinate Luffy by Doflamingo he was extremely reluctant to do so despite wanting to join his family. He seeks to emulate Luffy's passion to stand by his principals and chooses to do the same. This led to him having to fight Luffy again, on Doflamingo's orders, even though he wished not to do so and was completely distraught throughout. However, he found solace in the idea of being defeated by someone he admired. When he was defeated by Luffy once again he thanked the Straw Hat captain for considering him a friend. After Doflamingo's defeat, Bellamy refuses to join the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, as he did not wish to be Luffy's subordinate. Nonetheless, he took a piece of Luffy's Vivre Card should he ever need his help.

Luffy acknowledges Bellamy as a reformed man and respects him greatly. He cheered him on during his match in Block B and engaged in a friendly chat with him. He was angry when he saw how badly Doflamingo had beaten him up and outright declared Bellamy to be his friend. He became even more upset when Doflamingo had managed to force Bellamy into fighting him and tried to convince Bellamy not to fight. This caused Luffy to curse Doflamingo's name after having to knock out someone he considered a friend and fueled his hatred for the Warlord.


Foxy's feelings get hurt when Luffy and the Straw Hats say they do not want him in their crew.

Foxy is the captain of the Foxy Pirates and the antagonist of the Long Ring Long Land Arc. He and Luffy met on Long Ring Long Land when the two of them competed in a Davy Back Fight. The pair, generally, do not get along well. Luffy regularly hurts Foxy's pride while Foxy is intentionally antagonistic towards the Straw Hat captain. He is very overconfident in front of Luffy and grossly underestimated the Straw Hat Pirates even though they have a much higher bounty than his own crew.

When on Long Ring Long Land, Foxy decided to try and claim some new crew members in a Davy Back Fight and targeted the Straw Hats. He antagonised their captain, Luffy, by shooting the horse, Tonjit, and successfully goaded Luffy into participating in his game. The two crews won numerous round each, but Luffy and the Straw Hats finished as the ultimate winners, with neither crew losing any members, but still managed to part on hostile terms.

Foxy found Luffy to be a frustrating challenger to his game, having been undefeated, and is openly hypocritical throughout his matches with Luffy and the Straw Hats, using underhanded tactics but chastising Luffy and his crew for thinking up some of their own tactics. Foxy is not above being a petty loser, especially with Luffy, as when the Straw Hats won the last game, Foxy seemingly went to congratulate Luffy but instead tried to get revenge with a sneak attack, but this failed due to Luffy's rubber body. Because of Luffy hurting his pride repeatedly, Foxy decided to challenge him in combat as their final game. He used various tricks and traps to try to defeat Luffy, with each one ending in failure, and in the end, he was defeated. He teared up out of gratitude when Luffy decided to take his jolly roger, but not his sails so that he could continue traversing the seas. However, he has sworn vengeance on Luffy for giving him a poorly drawn jolly roger as a replacement for the one he had claimed.

Luffy thought poorly of Foxy, believing him to be a weird person, but did not hold any serious animosity towards his rival captain, even though he was frustrated when he took Chopper from his crew. He was nonetheless furious when Foxy shot the horse, Tonjit, and agreed to partake in his game. With the reward of winning a Davy Back Fight being a crew member from the opposing team, Luffy, at one point, contemplated trying to claim Foxy himself, as that would mean they wouldn’t have to play anymore, but decided against it because he did not want a ‘weirdo’ like Foxy in his crew, hurting his feelings. In the anime, having also won the last game, Luffy was in a position to take the entirety of Foxy’s crew, made up of 500 members from winning so many Davy Back Fights, however, he decided to claim them but immediately kick them out of his crew so they could go back to Foxy. Although this was mostly because Luffy did not want such a large crew than out of any kindness for Foxy, he still did not try to keep any of Foxy’s shipwrights, despite being in search of one.

Charlotte Lola

Luffy shows Lola his brother's Vivre Card.

Charlotte Lola is the captain of the Rolling Pirates, the 23rd daughter of the emperor, Big Mom, and an ally of Luffy and the Straw Hats during the Thriller Bark Arc. The two get on very well with each other and see one another as good friends. Lola is extremely impressed by Luffy’s physical capabilities and sheer will power. By the end of the Thriller Bark arc she comes to see Luffy and his crew as her saviours. Luffy is very thankful for Lola’s help in taking down Gecko Moria and his zombie, Oars, and appreciates her advice regarding Ace's Vivre Card.

After meeting Brook, Luffy wished to take down Gecko Moria and arrived on his ship to defeat the Warlord. Luffy found Moria and chased him into the forest but lost him. Luffy was then found by the Risky Brothers and was taken to Lola where she then offered her aid in defeating Moria. She and her crew began forcing shadows they had collected, thanks to Moria’s Devil Fruit, inside Luffy and turned him into "Nightmare Luffy". He then took on Oars and Gecko Moria, eventually defeating both of them in a gruelling fight whilst Lola aided his crew as best she could. Following the fight, after a brief encounter with another Warlord of the Sea, Bartholomew Kuma, Luffy and Lola celebrated their victory and parted ways.

Lola came to have incredibly high admiration and faith in Luffy. After being stuck on Thriller Bark for three years due to Moria claiming her shadow, as well as the rest of her crew’s, she had lost a lot of hope of ever escaping. However, Luffy arriving on the island and causing complete chaos compelled her to put her faith in him. Luffy’s power greatly impressed her, as she watched him in amazement throughout his fight with both Oars and Moria. This faith in Luffy compelled her to aid her fellow captain by putting purified shadows inside him in order to increase his strength and was left stunned that Luffy could take a 100 purified shadows, finding it inconceivable at just how strong willed he is. Her faith is so high that she decided to risk her own life by staying out of the shade whilst the sun rose as she believed that Luffy would get her shadow back before the sunlight killed her.

Following Luffy’s victory, she was very grateful for what he had done and was more than prepared to face off against Kuma in order to protect Luffy. Having survived Kuma’s attack, she happily partied with Luffy and his crew and later gave Luffy’s crew mate, Nami, her mother’s Vivre Card, as she was under the impression she was still on good terms with her mother and that she would help Luffy and his crew in the New World. She also informed the Straw Hat captain about the state of Ace’s Vivre Card when he showed it to her and warned him that his brother is in danger. At one point, she asked Luffy to marry her but was rejected for the 4444th time.

Luffy was very sympathetic to Lola’s situation and felt bad that she has been stuck on the island for three years because of Gecko Moria. He also respected her as a fellow captain and agreed to her plan in order to take down Moria and Oars, but was caught off guard by having to have a 100 shadows put into him. Nonetheless, he was very happy for her help and celebrated his victory over Moria by having a party with Lola and her crew. He was saddened when she informed him about the dire situation Ace is in due to the condition of his Vivre Card but appreciated her warning. After he was captured by the Big Mom Pirates, he defended Lola from her mother, telling the emperor that Lola made her own choice and that the only person to blame for her failing to become the Pirate King is herself. Despite the positive relationship he has with Lola, he still outright rejected her marriage proposal, becoming the 4444th person to do so.

Kuja Pirates


Kuja Pirates stretching Luffy's skin.

The Kuja Pirates are an infamous, and powerful, all-female crew led by the Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock, from the Kuja Tribe. They share an extremely positive relationship with Luffy after they became infatuated with the Straw Hat captain due to him being the first man they have had a serious interaction with. Their relationship improved further after he won the approval of Hancock and discovered he has a rubber body. Luffy is very kind and friendly with the Kuja Pirates and appreciates their help since being separated from his friends.

Luffy arrived on Amazon Lily, the home of the Kuja Tribe and the Kuja Pirates, after he was separated from his crew by Bartholomew Kuma. Whilst running rampant on the island, the Kuja Pirates returned to the island with their captain, Boa Hancock, where he was eventually captured by the Pirate Empress. The members of the Kuja Pirates watched on, along with the rest of the Kuja Tribe, as Luffy was to be executed. They were shocked to see Marguerite, Aphelandra and Sweet Pea defend Luffy and accepted Hancock petrifying the trio. The execution was called off after Luffy prevented everyone, including the Kuja Pirates, from seeing the slave mark on Boa Sandersonia’s back. After he won the approval of Hancock they have become very friendly with Luffy.

Just like every member of the Kuja Tribe, the members of the Kuja Pirates are obsessed with Luffy. This comes from him being the first and only man they have been permitted to interact and bond with. They find him to be a fun and kind person and enjoy partying with the Straw Hat captain. Although they did initially dislike Luffy and wanted to see him executed as that is what their Pirate Empress wished for, who they idolise. They were stunned when he continuously made offensive remarks towards Hancock and could not believe how much of a capable fighter he was, especially when he defeated Bacura, overwhelmed Sandersonia and Marigold, and used Haoshoku Haki, knocking some of them out. It is because of this idolisation of Hancock that they quickly accepted Luffy once he won her affection and have since become very devoted to him. They were happy to aid him when he travelled with Hancock to Impel Down, and again when taking him back to Marineford to deliver a message for his crew. Following the time skip, the Kuja Pirates arrived on Rusukaina to pick up Luffy and return him to his crew on Sabaody Archipelago, waving goodbye to him and wishing to see him again someday.

Luffy was frustrated by the Kuja Pirates for seemingly being indifferent that their friends had been petrified by Boa Hancock. However, he did not hold a particular opinion of them and befriended them all quickly after he became friends with Hancock. He happily partied with the members of the Kuja Pirates but was annoyed by their obsession with his rubber body, although he has since, seemingly, come to tolerate it. He greatly appreciated their help for getting him to Impel Down and again when they transported him to Marineford following the battle there, openly apologising to them for the hassle. After the time skip, he returned to the Kuja Pirate and waved goodbye to them as he returned to Sabaody to reunite with his crew. He has made specific friends with some members of the Kuja Pirates, such as Marguerite, Aphelandra and Sweet Pea, who joined the crew after the time-skip, and gets on well with Daisy, Rindo and Ran, tolerating their constant stretching of his skin.

Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold

Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold with Luffy.

Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold are the sisters of the Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock, the second-in command of the Kuja Pirates, and are members of the Kuja Tribe. The pair were originally hostile to Luffy due to their fierce loyalty towards their sister, who had a strong dislike towards him. However, they became friendly with Luffy after he helps them during his execution and later winning over Hancock. They have since become very committed allies to the Straw Hat captain. Luffy was initially angry with the sisters for threatening Marguerite, but has managed to come and see them as good friends.

After arriving on Amazon Lily, Luffy was saved by members of the Kuja Tribe and was taken to their village only to be imprisoned after they discovered he is a man. He escaped and ended up landing in Boa Hancock’s bathhouse whilst the Pirate Empress was bathing. Both Sandersonia and Marigold barged in and apprehended Luffy after it was reaveled he had seen Hancock's slave mark. The pair then attempted to execute Luffy via combat, but the event was called off after Luffy helped cover Sandersonia's slave mark from the spectating Kuja Tribe. After Luffy bonded with Hancock, the sisters came to respect Luffy and expressed their gratitude towards him.

Both Sandersonia and Marigold were outright hostile towards Luffy. Unlike the rest of the Kuja Tribe, they have no actual curiosity with Luffy being a man due to their cruel experiences with men when they were children. They were both openly antagonistic towards Luffy and patronised him throughout their fight. At one point, Sandersonia attempted to torment Luffy by smashing the petrified Marguerite, having realised that he cares for her. Despite this, they were not above complimenting Luffy, as both acknowledged him as a capable fighter. They were surprised when he effortlessly defeated Bacura and were completely stunned when Luffy unleashed his Haoshoku Haki on them. Luffy’s compassion has caught Sandersonia and Marigold off guard, too, as they were confused when Luffy moved Marguerite, Aphelandra and Sweet Pea out of the ring so they would be safe, and were shocked when Luffy requested to have the three women saved, rejecting the offer of returning to his crew with the help of the Kuja Pirates from Hancock.

Their attitude towards Luffy changed when, during their fight, Sandersonia’s slave mark was revealed and Luffy covered it up for her so the spectators would not see it. This confused the sisters, but they ultimately became grateful for his actions and expressed their gratitude before he went to visit Boa Hancock in her chambers, showing a much more friendlier side towards him. They were left speechless at the news that Luffy had recently assaulted a World Noble and also shared a hatred for the World Nobles like they do. The two are very indulging of Hancock’s feelings for Luffy, despite initially being outraged with the Straw Hat captain for requesting Hancock to fulfil her Warlord obligations in order to help him save his brother, Ace. Both Sandersonia and Marigold were saddened to see a heavily injured Luffy but were relieved that he had gotten through his grief of losing Ace, having delivered him some food along with Hancock. After the time skip, the pair picked up Luffy from Rusukaina, where he has been training for two years, and were impressed that he had tamed the beasts on the island.

Despite their hostility towards him, Luffy did not wish to truly harm the sisters and fought them half-heartedly. However, at varying points he became overwhelmed by the pair, and when Sandersonia threatened Marguerite he became enraged and unleashed his Haoshoku Haki. He then activated Gear Second to dominate the sisters. Luffy showed his sincerity towards the sisters by covering Sandersonia’s back, as he understood how important it is that nobody, especially the Kuja Tribe, sees her slave mark. He explained to them that he has no intention of killing them or allowing their secret to get out. Following his attempted execution he immediately became friendly with the sisters and empathised with their suffering at the hands of the World Nobles, openly stating his shared hatred for them. He was very grateful for the aid the sisters provided for him when he travelled with Hancock to Impel Down and during his recovery following the Summit War of Marineford. He was happy to meet them again after two years and thanked the sisters, along with Hancock, for taking him back to Sabaody Archipelago, before waving goodbye to them.


Luffy and Marguerite together whilst he tries to escape Amazon Lily.

Marguerite is a member of the Kuja tribe and the Kuja Pirates. She and Luffy first met during the Amazon Lily Arc and, after briefly being enemies, became good allies and friends with each other. Marguerite finds Luffy very interesting since he is the first man she has met and thinks of him as a kind and sincere person, ultimately coming to care for him. Luffy finds her to be an impressive and strong fighter and is grateful to her for saving his life, twice. He cares for her a lot and considers her to be a close friend.

Whilst out exploring their jungle, Marguerite and her friends come across Luffy who had fallen unconscious from eating too many Body Mushrooms. They carried him back to their village, mended him back to health and bathed him before being told by Gloriosa that he is a man, shocking them all. After being locked away, Luffy manages to escape and kidnaps Marguerite as she was in possession of Silvers Rayleigh's Vivre Card. Whilst alone, they end up bonding, and at one point Marguerite saves Luffy's life when he starts to drown. However, she tries to attack Luffy again and he is forced to run away. He was then captured by Boa Hancock and was set to be executed. During his execution, Marguerite, along with Sweet Pea and Aphelandra, were turned to stone by Hancock for standing up for Luffy, but were eventually saved after Luffy convinced Hancock to undo her petrification on them. They have since been on good terms and are always happy to see each other.

Marguerite thinks Luffy is a great person and a great friend. Like all the women of the Kuja tribe, she finds him to be extremely interesting because he is the first man she has ever met. She offered Luffy some fresh clothes that she had made for him whilst he was imprisoned despite being somewhat fearful of him. When she was kidnapped by Luffy she was initially hostile but soon became comfortable enough to talk to him, but found him to be bizarre. Marguerite has come to care for Luffy a great deal since they met, being concerned for his well-being and has saved his life on two occasions. She chose to save him when he started to drown after he made a raft to get back to Sabaody Archipelago, but nonetheless told herself she cannot become attached and tried to kill him immediately after. Believing that Luffy was not as bad as her tribe believed, she chose to stand up for him but was turned to stone by Hancock. When Luffy was being harassed by the women of the Kuja tribe she helped him escape and took him to Elder Nyon's house where she made him tea.

The two tend to have pleasant conversations and end up chatting about pirates, with Marguerite informing Luffy that her empress, Boa Hancock, is also a pirate. She finds him to be incredibly restless, and his simple-mindedness bewildering, but has come to see it as an amusing side of him. She is very grateful to Luffy for protecting, and then saving, her life after she was turned to stone and thanked him whilst they ran across the roof tops of the Kuja village. She has become fond of Luffy and said goodbye to him when he left with Hancock to save his brother, Ace. She was overjoyed when she heard Luffy had returned from the Summit War of Marineford, looking forward to seeing him again, and intended to make some clothes for him but without the frills this time. Following the time-skip, she escorted Luffy back to Sabaody as part of the Kuja Pirates and was happy to see him again if only briefly. As a gag, she is curious to see the inside of Luffy's "Kintama", or testicles.

Luffy cares for Marguerite a great deal and had no serious issue with her initial hostile attitude towards him, instead trying to reassure her that he was not a threat. He was very thankful she saved his life after he was informed he would have died due to eating too many Body Mushrooms. Although he was initially thankful that she made him some fresh clothes, he was irritated that they had frills stitched onto them, but was happy when she removed them for him. After he took her somewhere quiet, he was grateful that she had kept his Vivre Card safe and was thankful when she saved his life once again after he started to drown whilst trying to sail a raft back to Sabaody. Later, he was thankful when she escorted him to Elder Nyon's house and away from the Kuja women who were hounding him.

He is very protective of her, as when she was turned to stone after she stood up for him he was extremely angry with Hancock, finding her actions to be sickening. He moved her, as well as Aphelandra and Sweet Pea, out of the arena so they would be safe during his fight. When Boa Sandersonia picked up Marguerite with her tail to smash her he became incredibly distressed and angrily unleashed his Haoshoku Haki to tell Sandersonia not to harm her. He proceeded to check her body for any cracks and moved her back to safety. Luffy chose to save Marguerite, and the others, over returning to his crew, being grateful when Boa Hancock undid the petrification on her and the others. Following the time skip, he was happy to see her again and protected her from the beasts on Rusukaina, who he had managed to tame. He was very happy to see she had joined the Kuja Pirates.


Luffy crashes into Aphelandra's chest whilst trying to escape.

Aphelandra is a member of the Kuja Tribe and the Kuja Pirates. She is a brief antagonist and supporting ally of Luffy during the Amazon Lily Arc. Like all of the Kuja women, she has a great interest in Luffy because he is a man, whilst also finding him to be a funny and kind person. Luffy came to see Aphelandra as his friend after she stood up for him during his execution and has been very kind to her since then.

Whilst out exploring their jungle, Aphelandra, along with Marguerite and Sweet Pea, came across an unconscious Luffy and carried him back to their village. After mending him back to health, and bathing him, she was startled to discover he was actually a man, having assumed he was a woman. Luffy was then put inside a cage but was soon able to escape. Aphelandra pursued Luffy and at one point blocked his path, but he managed to get away. Eventually, Luffy was caught by the Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock, and was to be executed. Before his execution, Aphelandra attempted to defend Luffy, along with Marguerite and Sweet Pea, but was petrified by Hancock. After Luffy had won over Hancock, Aphelandra was saved at Luffy's request and has since become a good friend of Luffy’s.

Unlike the majority of the Kuja women, Aphelandra held no real animosity towards Luffy. She felt guilty for having to try and attack him just for being a man and apologised when she blocked his path. This kind heartedness is what led to her risking her own life to try and speak favourably for Luffy. Once she had been saved, she became grateful for Luffy’s efforts and, like the rest of the Kuja women, became openly friendly with Luffy. She finds him incredibly funny and enjoyed his presence during the festivities that were held. Following the Summit War of Marineford, she was overjoyed at his return and was eager to see him again. After the time-skip, now part of the Kuja pirates, she aided Luffy’s return to Sabaody Archipelago and bid him farewell.

Luffy showed no hostility towards Aphelandra despite her having to attack him, and chose to flee from her, like the rest of the Kuja, rather than fight. He was extremely grateful for saving his life when he ate too many body mushrooms and was thankful when she chose to stand up for him. He was furious with Boa Hancock for petrifying her, and the other two, and demanded the Pirate Empress turn them back to normal. He carried her body outside of the ring so that she would be safe from any potential harm during his fight with Hancock’s sisters, Boa Marigold and Boa Sandersonia. He was very thankful for her aid, following the time-skip, when returning to Sabaody Archipelago and wished her farewell.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea bathes Luffy along with Marguerite.

Sweet Pea is a member of the Kuja Tribe and the Kuja Pirates. She was briefly an antagonist to Luffy, but became a supporting ally to him during the Amazon Lily Arc. Like all the women of the Kuja Tribe, she has a great interest in Luffy because he is a man, and finds him to be a kind and sincere person. Luffy was initially annoyed with Sweet Pea for taking his straw hat, but was grateful that she had saved his life and came to like her a lot.

Whilst exploring their jungle, Sweet Pea, along with Marguerite and Aphelandra, came across an unconscious Luffy and carried him back to their village. After mending him back to health, and bathing him, she found out he is a man, shocking her. Luffy managed to escape after being imprisoned by the Kuja Tribe but was eventually captured by Boa Hancock. During his execution, Sweet Pea, along with Marguerite and Aphelandra, were petrified for having aided Luffy. After defeating Hancock’s two sisters, Luffy was able to save Sweet Pea and her friends and has since become good friends with her.

Sweet Pea has a good friendship with Luffy and aided him despite not knowing who he was. She worked to remove all the body mushrooms on him and even bathed Luffy alongside Marguerite, at one point mistaking his genitals for another mushroom. Even when she found he was a man, and was fearful of him, she, like the rest of the Kuja women, showed some courtesy towards him despite imprisoning the Straw Hat captain. After the time skip, she was part of the crew that escorted Luffy back to Sabaody Archipelago to reunite with his crew. Nonetheless, she still became hostile when he grew irritated by the clothes provided to him by Marguerite. Despite this, she chose to stand by Marguerite when she stood up for Luffy, which led her to be petrified. She was very thankful towards Luffy for having saved her, and her friend’s, lives. Sweet Pea has come to enjoy Luffy’s company, as she can be seen smiling whilst partying with him, and was overjoyed at getting to see him again following the Summit War of Marineford.

Luffy first met Sweet Pea when he was imprisoned after the Kuja women discovered he is a man. He was initially annoyed with her for taking his straw hat and used his rubber ability to take it off her, surprising the women there. However, despite being fearful of her ability to use Haki, and for trying to kill him, he was extremely grateful that she stood up for him, alongside Marguerite and Aphelandra, and was furious with Hancock for turning her to stone. Before his fight with the Gorgon sisters, Luffy made sure to move Sweet Pea’s body out of the arena so she would be safe. Following the battle, he requested that Hancock turn Sweet Pea back to normal and was happy when she did so. He was very thankful to her, and the rest of the Kuja Pirates, for getting him back to Sabaody following the time skip, bidding them all farewell.


Luffy annoyed by Caribou

Caribou originally intended to join Luffy's crew to kill him and his crewmates. After seeing Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji defeat the Kraken with ease, Caribou started to fear Luffy's strength and the Straw Hat Pirate's power in general and offered to become their underling or slave. Luffy, on the other hand, viewed him as an annoyance, barely interacted with him and quickly forgot about him.

After Luffy found him trying to capture Shirahoshi, Luffy indifferently sent Caribou flying out of the palace with a single strike, showing that he did not view Caribou as an actual threat.

Later, Luffy and Caribou met again in the Beast Pirates' prison in the Udon region of Wano Country. Caribou begged Luffy for food and offered to team up with or to become Luffy's slave again to break out of the prison. Luffy did not seem to have any hard feelings about Caribou but he was annoyed by his begging. Luffy was notably able to remember Caribou's name, in spite of the little interaction they had.[49]

After Raizo freed him and they spoke with Luffy, Caribou once more pleaded with him to let him join him. This time, Luffy agreed and Caribou was shocked but hastily accepted Luffy' mercy though stated that he is even more scared of him.[50]

Vander Decken IX

Luffy prepares to attack Vander Decken.

Vander Decken IX is the captain of the Flying Pirates and an antagonist during the Fish-Man Island Arc. Both he and Luffy share a completely hostile relationship. Decken despises Luffy, not only for interfering in his attempts to wed Shirahoshi, but for becoming friends with the Mermaid Princess and protecting her from him. Luffy hates Decken for his obsession and constant harassment of Shirahoshi, and commits himself to thwarting all his efforts.

Luffy arrived on Fish-Man Island and befriended Shirahoshi, ironically, by intercepting one of Decken’s axes aimed at the princess. This motivated Luffy to become the bodyguard of the Mermaid Princess and become a natural enemy to Decken. He encountered Decken whilst out exploring Fish-Man Island with Shirahoshi and proceeded to beat him up. Decken is later responsible for the giant ship, Noah, falling towards Fish-Man Island which forced Luffy to grievously injure himself when trying to stop it. He was arrested and imprisoned at the end of the Fish-Man Island arc.

Decken hates Luffy with a passion due to having an extreme obsession with Shirahoshi. He was furious to see him with the Mermaid Princess and became frustrated by Luffy’s constant intervention whenever he tried to kill her. At one point he threatened to kill him along with Shirahoshi, but was easily beaten by the Straw Hat captain. His defeat at the hands of Luffy, being rejected by Shirahoshi, and Luffy constantly saving her led to him launching Noah at the Mermaid Princess, as well as the whole of Fish-Man Island, with the hope that Luffy would not be able to stop it.

Luffy has a strong dislike for Vander Decken and finds his constant harassment of Shirahoshi completely distasteful. He spent a good portion of his time on Fish-Man Island defending Shirahoshi from his attacks, such as his throwing axes. When Vander Decken finally revealed himself he immediately confronted the fish-man for his attacks on Shirahoshi and brutally slammed him into the ground with his Gomu Gomu no Jet Hammer before escaping with the Mermaid Princess. He continued to defend Shirahoshi from his persistent attacks up until he was finally arrested.

Hody Jones

Luffy punches Hody Jones.

Hody Jones is a fish-man, a pirate, the former captain of the New Fish-Man Pirates and a former soldier of the Neptune Army. He was the enemy of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates during the Fish-Man Island Arc. The two share a completely hostile relationship, with Hody having a particular obsession with defeating Luffy, something that he maintained even after his defeat to the Straw Hat captain. Luffy hated the fish-man for threatening his friends and for trying to kill Shirahoshi's family. He proceeded to ruthlessly defeat Hody in their fight on Fish-Man Island.

The two met during the Fish-Man Island arc, however, Hody was well aware of who Luffy was well before, as he knew he was the one responsible for Arlong's downfall, someone who he held in high esteem. They would cross paths towards the end of the arc when Hody was about to execute King Neptune before Luffy interevened. The two fought a gruelling match with each other until Luffy eventually knocked out the fish-man.

Hody holds a strong hatred for Luffy for defeating his hero, Arlong, and ending the fish-man's ambitions of conquering humans.[51] This hatred for Luffy was so great that it drove him to recklessly take more Energy Steroids that progressively enlarged his muscles but also sent him deeper into a psychotic rage. Due to his arrogance, he was left in shock at seeing Luffy knock out 50,000 of his men with Haoshoku Haki and was frustrated by the difference in power between him and Luffy. Hody had intended to kill Luffy to make an example out of him to the humans on the surface world, however, he completely failed in this endeavor and after his defeat he was imprisoned. He spent the rest of his days demanding Luffy be brought to him for a rematch. Such is his great disdain for the Straw Hat captain, he was willing to fight him again despite the extreme damage and rapid ageing done to his body from the steroids he had ingested.[52]

Luffy loathed Hody Jones and was more than willing to worsen the relations between humans and fish-men if it meant defeating him for taking his friends hostage. His anger was further fuelled by Hody threatening Shirahoshi, her family, and Fish-Man Island. He found Hody's desire to become Pirate King a challenge and, after using Haoshoku Haki to knockout half of his army, told him that he could become the king of whatever country he wants, but not the Pirate King. He fought Hody Jones and was mostly comfortable taking him on, only struggling once the fight was taken to water, with Hody having a natural advantage and Luffy having a natural weakness, nonetheless, Luffy still defeated the fish-man.

New World Pirates and Crews

Chadros Higelyges

Chadros Higelyges, otherwise known as Brownbeard, was originally an enemy of the Straw Hat Pirates for the first half of the Punk Hazard Arc. He held no particular hatred for Luffy and his crew, but simply resented them out of his admiration and loyalty to Caesar Clown. This loyalty was transferred to Luffy and the Straw Hats once he discovered that Caesar never truly cared about him or his crew. From then on, Brownbeard became a determined ally of the Straw Hats.

Originally, he did fear both Luffy and Zoro as he recognized them as being part of the Worst Generation. He was captured by the Straw Hats and acted as their mode of transport. He initially disliked them, but chose to work with them anyway in order to avoid succumbing to Shinokuni. He slowly began to respect Luffy and was greatly pleased to see Luffy land a final, devastating blow on Caesar.

Luffy is respectful towards Brownbeard, admiring his commitment to his own men. He was greatly angered on Brownbeard's behalf when he found out Caesar had betrayed him and intended to have him killed. This led to Luffy deciding to save Brownbeard. By the end of the arc, Luffy was saddened that Brownbeard had chosen to hand himself over to the Marines, and remarked that he was his friend.


Luffy and Chinjao at the Corrida Colosseum.

At the beginning of the Dressrosa Arc, Chinjao hated Luffy because he is the grandson of Monkey D. Garp, the one who crushed his pointy head, which acted as a key to his fortunes. He had since hated Garp and transferred this grudge onto Luffy. When he first met Luffy inside the Corrida Colosseum, he tried to attack him and had to be held back by his grandchildren, Sai and Boo. After Luffy restored his pointed head at the end of Block C, Chinjao's enmity towards Luffy had ended.

Chinjao initially thought lowly of Luffy, seeing him as too green like all the other members of the Worst Generation. He dismissed Luffy's goal of becoming Pirate King and surpassing Gol D. Roger. He was nonetheless intrigued, but also annoyed, when he found out that Silvers Rayleigh had trained Luffy in his use of Haki. Such was his disdain for Luffy, he openly mocked Ace's death, angering him. However, once he had allied with Luffy, he had come to respect his strength and abilities, being amazed when Luffy took out Pica's stone head with a punch.

Initially, Luffy is oblivious and confused on why Chinjao disliked him so much. After their match, Luffy was unaware that Chinjao no longer had any ill-will towards him, and when Chinjao tried to thank the Straw Hat captain, he ran away, thinking he was going to attack him. Eventually, Luffy found out that he does not see him as his enemy anymore and accepted his offer to help him take down Doflamingo.

Chinjao feels indebted to Luffy from then on and aids him as much as he can in his fight against Doflamingo and his family. Such is his determination, he wishes to be the one to defeat Doflamingo on Luffy and Usopp's behalf, and gets into an argument with the other pirates Luffy had allied with, as well as Luffy himself. At the end of the arc, he had no objections with his grandchild, Sai, joining the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.


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