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Monster[4] is a monkey that partied alongside Shanks and his crew at the Partys Bar.


Monster is a small monkey with tiny eyes. Like many monkeys, he has brown fur over most of his body, but has white fur on his stomach, face and hands.[2]


Monster seems to be very jolly and fun-loving, as he was seen partying with Shanks and his crew.[2]


East Blue Saga

Romance Dawn Arc

After Luffy stabbed his own eye, Monster partied with the Red Hair Pirates at Partys Bar in celebration of Luffy's craziness.[2]

Translation and Dub Issues

His name was romanized as Monstar by some early fan translations. However, it is spelled "Monster" in the English edition of the 7th popularity poll, to date the only professional rendering.[1]


  • Monster is classified as a Type B creature, "Small Friendly".[5]


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