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Moodie[4] is a woman who Fullbody took to the Baratie.[2]


Moodie is a normal-sized woman, with blonde hair put back, with only two parts hanging down in front. She has brown eyes and wore light red lipstick. During the Baratie Arc, she wore a reddish-pink sleeveless dress that showed off her cleavage.[2]


Moodie Luffy Historical Special.png
Moodie in One Piece Stampede.png
Moodie's swimsuit in One Piece: Stampede.


Moodie is a reasonable person who dislikes violence, as she tried to calm down Fullbody when he got angry and was horrified when Sanji beat him up.[2]


East Blue Saga

Baratie Arc

Moodie accompanied Fullbody to the Baratie and dined with him. After they toasted, Fullbody tried to impress Moodie with his knowledge of wine. Sanji corrected Fullbody on facts about the bottle they were drinking, but Moodie still commented on Fullbody's knowledge. When Fullbody called Sanji over to the table to try to trick him, Sanji flirted with Moodie. Moodie laughed when Sanji made fun of Fullbody after the Marine pointed out a fly in his soup. She became distraught and tried to calm down Fullbody when he smashed their table in anger, and she watched in horror as Sanji beat him.[2] Moodie was nowhere to be seen when Zeff kicked Fullbody out of his restaurant.[5]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Four Emperors Saga

One Piece: Stampede

She briefly appeared as a contestant in the "Miss Pirate" beauty contest of the Pirates Festival but lost to Nami.[6]

Concludes non-canon section.



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