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Moon Princess (月姫 Tsukihime?) is a song played on the shamisen by Kozuki Hiyori.[1] When she was a child, her father Kozuki Oden took a liking to the song and asked her to play it at his funeral.[2] In the present, Hiyori performs the song in her role as Komurasaki, and it has become a favorite song of Kurozumi Orochi as well.[3][4][1] Each time she performs the song as Komurasaki, Hiyori puts on a kitsune mask because she is unable to smile while playing it.[5]

During the festival that was held a week after Wano was liberated, Hiyori happily played Moon Princess for the festivities.[6]


  • When Hiyori mentions the song's name as a child, it is written in hiragana (つきひめ) rather than kanji.[2] This is likely because using hiragana instead of kanji is a common way to represent children's speech in manga.
  • On the anime soundtrack, the melody associated with the song is called "Wano Country - Opening Curtains, Closing Curtains Theme" (ワノ国 幕開け、幕引きのテーマ Wano Kuni Makuake, Makuhiki no Tēma?)


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