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The Mori Mori no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit which allows the user to create, control, and transform into plant life at will, making the user a Forest Human (森人間 Mori Ningen?, VIZ: "Woodsman").[2] It was eaten by Aramaki, better known as Admiral Ryokugyu.[1]


  • Mori (?) is the Japanese word for "forest".

Strengths and Weaknesses

Much like other Logia powers, the fruit's main strength consists of allowing the user to generate, control and become an element of nature; plant life in this case. When active, the user's body parts can take the attributes of trees, flowers, vines, etc., making them akin to a living forest. The plants created by this power can grow rapidly and be made to move around freely, seemingly not being limited by the rigidity and stiffness that some plants, such as trees, normally possess.

Ryokugyu using roots to drain liquid.

The user can generate large quantities of plants to unleash overwhelming large-scale attacks, like underground root tentacles that can ensnare multiple targets, or even enormous creatures such as dragons, at once.[2] Additionally, those plants can rapidly absorb any liquid they touch, which includes dehydrating living creatures after impaling them, leaving them as shriveled husks.[3]

The user also appears to have direct influence on the environment's fertility, leaving behind a trail of various plantlife wherever they walk. The local levels of pollution do not seem to hinder the plant growth, meaning even a deadly, poisonous wasteland, such as the region of Udon in Wano Country, can become brimming with lush plant life almost immediately after a visit from the user of this fruit.[4] It is currently unknown if this is passively active or something the user does on purpose.

Ryokugyu regenerating himself from a sapling.

Unlike most other Logias, this fruit turns the user into a solid element instead of a fluid, making it similar to the Hie Hie no Mi (which deals with equally solid ice). This means that the user is unable to let attacks pass through their body,[5] though said attacks are still harmless to them if their opponent does not use Busoshoku Haki, as they can simply regenerate from wounds like any Logia. When regenerating, the user begins as a sapling spouting out of the ground before rapidly growing and returning to their original form.[6]

While the fruit's power has an obvious weakness to fire, the user can train and adapt themselves against this fault by making their wooden body fireproof.[7] That said, the user is still vulnerable to powerful enough fire techniques that can instantly incinerate their body.[6] Aside from that, the user displays all the general weaknesses common to Devil Fruits.


Ryokugyu using a spinning flower to fly.

Ryokugyu utilizes his abilities primarily to restrict targets during combat, wrapping vines around them and sucking the moisture out of their bodies to drain their strength until they become too weak to fight back. Ryokugyu appears to be able to taste the liquid he absorbs through his vines, shown when he impaled a barrel of alcohol with a branch and remarked on its flavor.[3]

Ryokugyu can also perform highly unorthodox feats with the plants he generates, such as growing a giant flower on his back and using it to fly by spinning it rapidly like a propeller.[1] He can utilize Busoshoku Haki in conjunction with his plant appendages to increase their penetrating power as well.[3]

Ryokugyu is also well aware of his natural weakness against flames, although as a Marine admiral, he has worked to circumvent this, even mocking those who fail to burn him down.


Ryokugyu using Kinniku Mori Mori.

  • Kinniku Mori Mori (禁憎森々きんにくもりもり Kinniku Mori Mori?, literally meaning "Forbidden Hate Forests"): Ryokugyu generates wood from his arms and manipulates it to shape a giant wooden golem rising to the surface that covers his original body;[2] this is further indicated by the attack name being a pun on kinniku (筋肉? "muscle") and morimori, the Japanese onomatopoeia for bulging muscles (in other words, flexing one's muscles in order to communicate strength). This is called Groves of Wrath in the Viz Manga.
  • Bokarin (防火林 Bōkarin?, literally meaning "Fireproof Forest"): Ryokugyu makes his tree body less susceptible to fire-based attacks.[7] This is called Firebreak Forest in the Viz Manga.


  • The fruit's ability is similar to the non-canon Mosa Mosa no Mi, as both enable their consumers to control plants and make them grow, although the Mosa Mosa no Mi can only control existing plants and does not enable the user to transform. It also has a similar ability of the Suna Suna no Mi and the Shibo Shibo no Mi of drying their opponents.


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