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Morkin is a member of the Long Long Pirates. He appears in One Piece Film: Gold as an antagonist, and is named in the credits.[1]


Morkin's concept art from the anime.

Morkin is a white-furred monkey with pink skin and a very long beard. He wears brown pants with a green belt, a disproportionately large black bead necklace, a purple helmet held by a red scarf wrapped around his head, and yellow bracelets which carry his claws.[1]


Morkin is greedy like his captain. He was also confused when his attack missed Brook and was swiftly defeated afterwards, showing his naivete.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Morkin is fairly weak, as he was easily defeated by Brook. His fighting style is quite radical, as he simply lashes out at opponents without much strategy. He is ultimately left very open, which was his downfall against the Straw Hat Pirates' musician.[1]


Morkin wields a pair of very large claw weapons over his hands and is somewhat skilled at using them in battle, attacking opponents by lunging his arm at them.[1]



The Long Long Pirates went to Gran Tesoro to win money, but lost it all.[1]

Four Emperors Saga

One Piece Film: Gold

Morkin is defeated by Brook.

When the Straw Hat Pirates entered Gran Tesoro, the Long Long Pirates came to steal money from them to repay their debts. Morkin fired their ship's main cannon at the Thousand Sunny, and later boarded the Sunny. He and some other crewmates went up on the mast where Brook was, and Morkin attacked Brook, but Brook attacked Morkin and his crewmates and moved behind them in a split second, defeating them once he sheathed his sword.[1]

Major Battles


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