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Mororon is the queen of the Tajine Kingdom.[1]


Mororon is a slender and regal-looking woman with teal eyes. Her pale blonde hair is gathered in an updo with sidelocks that curl at her cheeks and a thinner lock of hair on each side of her face that reach pass her shoulders.

She wears a form-fitting blue kaftan dress with dotted pale blue borders as well as wears pink lipstick and nail polish. She also wears a gold tiara shaped like three rectangles, gold hoop earrings, a pink sash around her neck, a tiny red-beaded necklace, and two lilac bracelets on her left wrist. She held a filled red wine glass in each hand during her introduction.[1]


Mororon Anime Concept Art.png
Anime Concept Art of Mororon.
Mororon Portrait.png
Close up of Mororon's face.


Mororon appears to be a jovial woman, as she made a toast to the people watching her. She appears to like drinking, as she was carrying a glass of wine while heading to the Levely.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As queen of the Tajine Kingdom, Mororon has control over its citizens and is able to attend Levely.[1]


Levely Arc

Mororon arrived at the Red Port to attend the Levely at Mary Geoise, and toasted her onlookers.[1] After reaching the top of the Red Line via a bondola, Mororon made her way to the Mary Geoise castle.[2]

The kings and queens later gathered inside the conference room to begin the Levely.[3]


  • Mororon and the Tajine kingdom seem to be inspired by Morocco. Mororon contains the first two syllables of Morocco, and Tajine is a famous Moroccan and Maghrebi dish. The kaftan Mororon wears are traditional Moroccan and Maghrebi robes.
    • Morocco is famed globally for its red wine and the city Casablanca, the setting of the film of the same name. In her introduction, Mororon quotes a line from Casablanca while drinking red wine.
  • Mororon wears a traditional robe called the kaftan, which Moroccan women wear on special occasions, and her bodyguards wear the djellaba, traditional clothes of Moroccan men.


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