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Motobaro is the pet bison of Duval.[1] He is used by Duval as a steed, and can also swim on water.


Motobaro is a very large bison, with relatively small limbs and short horns in contrast with his big head and body. Typically, Motobaro is ridden by Duval with a special saddle. Aside from the side pockets where Duval's harpoon cartridges can be stored on it, there are motorcycle handle bars similar to those worn by the flying fish of Duval's men. With these, Duval rides Motobaro as if he's riding a large motorcycle. When traversing across water, Motobaro is fitted with a special breathing apparatus that resembles the front of truck with two exhaust pipes at the side.[3]

In the anime, to increase his speed, Franky built and put on Motobaro a sort of engine.[4]


Motobaro's Gear.png
Motobaro's breathing apparatus.
Motobaro's Gear Upgraded by Franky in the Anime.png
Motobaro upgraded by Franky in the anime.

Abilities and Powers

Because of his strength, Motobaro is called a brutal beast who is capable of tearing holes even in village dams with his horns, which people call them the Heart-smashing Horns (心臓破りの角 Shinzou-yaburi no Tsuno?). They were the reason that Duval was able to escape the Marines. He is so strong that he is still capable of breaking straight out of a cage and crushing an opponent even if his horns do not reach them.


Summit War Saga

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

When Motobaro went against Monkey D. Luffy, Luffy told him that there is no point in them fighting. Motobaro became terrified after Luffy unconsciously released his Haki, and tried to run away. He did not get very far before losing consciousness and falling to the ground with his mouth foaming.

Afterwards, he came with the rest of the riders to thank Sanji for Duval's "face surgery". When Sanji called in the rest of the Rosy Life Riders, Motobaro, with Duval and Sanji on his back, headed to Grove 1. However, upon realizing that Motobaro's top speed was very slow compared to the riders who had flying fish, Sanji became enraged at Duval, especially when Duval was not the first to arrive at the Human Auctioning House even when he took the most direct route there and bragged he would get there before his henchmen. Later, when leaving Grove 1, Franky made a apparatus that made Motobaro move faster to help him and his passengers escape from the Marines.


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