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Mr. Beans[5] was one of the Baroque Works[2] Millions[3] agents from Whisky Peak[6] on Cactus Island.[7] His partner is Miss Catherina.[8]

He worked under the Frontier Agents Mr. 8, Miss Monday,[9] Mr. 9, and Miss Wednesday.[10][3]


Mr. Beans Digital Colored Manga

Mr. Beans' appearance in the Digitally Colored Manga.

He is a small boy with short brown hair. He wears a tan shirt with a "Wanted" picture of Pandaman, light-colored shorts, and dark-colored shoes.[1]

In the anime, his shirt does not have the Pandaman image.[1]


Mr. Beans is deceitful as he attempted to fool Roronoa Zoro into thinking that he is a scared and powerless little boy. He also welcomed the Straw Hat Pirates very cheerfully, only to betray them later, and attempt to get Monkey D. Luffy's Bounty.[8]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a Baroque Works Bounty Hunter,[2] Mr. Beans has some fighting skills. Mr. Beans works with his partner, Miss Catherina and their main style of fighting is fooling their opponents into thinking that they are powerless kid/woman. He is not very resistant, as he fainted after Zoro hit him with the back of his blade.[8]


Mr. Beans wields a knife, though he is not very skilled with it as Zoro easily knocked it out. He also wields a flintlock that he uses to shoot his opponents by surprise after he fools them.[8]



More than two years ago, Mr. Beans joined Baroque Works and started working as a Bounty Hunter in Whisky Peak, on Cactus Island.[2]

Alabasta SagaEdit

Whisky Peak ArcEdit

Miss Catherina Anime Infobox

Miss Catherina and Mr. Beans attempt to gas Zoro.

Mr. Beans, Miss Catherina, and the other Bounty Hunters welcomed the Straw Hat Pirates upon their arrival to Cactus Island, and prepared a party for them.[1]

Later that night, after the organization's name had been discovered by Roronoa Zoro, Mr. Beans and the other bounty hunters fought him.[2] On a roof, while Zoro was surprised about Sandai Kitetsu's sharpness, Mr. Beans tried to stab Zoro, but the knife was easily knocked out of his hand. Miss Catherina rushed to Mr. Beans' side and pretended to comfort him and to ask Zoro for mercy. After she created a smoke cloud, Mr. Beans tried to fire a flintlock at Zoro. However, Zoro easily saw through their deception and knocked them out with the blunt edges of his swords.[8]

Major BattlesEdit

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit


Mr. Beans Initial Anime Depiction

Mr. Beans' initial appearance.

Mr. Beans is initially shown with brown hair instead of grey hair in the anime.[12]


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