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|rname = ''Atamayama Tōzoku-dan''
|rname = ''Atamayama Tōzoku-dan''
|ename = Atamayama Thieves Brigade
|ename = Atamayama Thieves Brigade
|first = [[Chapter 921]]{{qref|name=debut|chap=921|page=10-12|ep=|The Atamayama Thieves appear in Okobore Town.}}
|first = [[Chapter 921]]{{qref|name=debut|chap=921|page=10–12|ep=|The Atamayama Thieves appear in Okobore Town.}}
|leader = [[Shutenmaru]]
|leader = [[Shutenmaru]]
|residency = [[Wano Country]]
|residency = [[Wano Country]]

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The Atamayama Thieves are a group of bandits who operate in the Wano Country.[2] Their leader is Shutenmaru.[1]


They are a group of thieves who would steal from anyone, whether it is the Beasts Pirates or the poor citizens of Wano Country.


The symbol of the Atamayama Thieves bears a form resembling Shutenmaru's haistyle. The symbol is initially shown accompanied by a Shimenawa​​​​.​​​[1]



A few weeks before Monkey D. Luffy's arrival at Wano Country, Shutenmaru and other thieves managed to steal food from the farm of the shogun, Kurozumi Orochi, in Kuri.[3]

Wano Country Arc

They were first shown stealing food from the citizens of Okobore Town before they were confronted by Jack. Shutenmaru clashed with Jack until Kaido arrived in Kuri, prompting the thieves to retreat.

At Mt. Atama, Shutenmaru fought with Inuarashi until Kin'emon interrupted the fight.


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