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Mt. Colubo[1] is a location on Dawn Island in the East Blue. It is a mountain behind Foosha Village and serves as the home of Curly Dadan and her gang of bandits.

Layout and Locations

Mt. Colubo is one of multiple mountains in the kingdom, as Higuma, another notorious bandit, also came from one of these mountains.[citation needed]

Foosha Village is located to the south of Mt. Colubo, a bit away from the mountainbase. The Gray Terminal is located to the north.[2] Because of the mountain's closeness to the Midway Forest, a lot of the dangerous fauna that inhabits the latter also roam around Mt. Colubo. The climate is varied, with occasional rain and snow.[3]

Dadan's House

Dadan's House

Curly Dadan and her gang live in a house in the middle of the wilderness. This is the place where Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace were raised for most of their childhood, with Sabo joining in for a brief period. The boys also constructed a treehouse somewhere nearby so they would stay "independent" from Dadan.[3]



After Ace was born, Garp took Ace to Mt. Colubo to live with Dadan. Twelve years ago, after Higuma's death and Shanks's departure from Foosha Village, Garp took Luffy to Mount Colubo as well. There, Luffy, Ace and Sabo would spend their days adventuring through the mountain, fighting all sorts of beasts and growing stronger every day.


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