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Tsubaki eating Sanji's cooking while the Straw Hat Pirates watch on.

Report Time is the third omake and was originally published in The 2nd Log: "Sanji" in November 30, 2005. It is also the second omake that was shown in the anime. It aired alongside Episode 280.


A report about how the crew ate before Sanji joined, in which each member, in the order they joined, is interviewed by "Tsubaki at the Scene", a reporter who is constantly making sarcastic and vituperative comments and often says that he cannot express something in words. Apparently, Luffy ate all of his food quickly after leaving his village, so he caught fish sometimes, and ate mushrooms that grew on the ship.

Zoro explains that, as he'd been on the sea for longer, he already knew what he was doing. Yet, despite this, Zoro's explanation of their eating habits matches Luffy's exactly. Nami mentions her surprise at their inability to even take care of themselves, and talks about how she ended up rationing out the food in order to take care of them. Because of this, she claims that they owe her. Usopp claims that he got them Going Merry, but Luffy and Zoro yell at him, as Usopp's friend Kaya was the one who gave it to them.

They then talk about Usopp's fishing, which he apparently did often, but he only caught small fish. Usopp claims that this is because he prefers the taste of small fish to the taste of sea monsters, but the others ignore him. It is then revealed that Nami was an excellent cook, but she only cooked two times for the group, as she made them pay very high prices. Sanji then comes, and everybody talks about how great his food was.

Tsubaki then says that he wants to taste the food to tell everybody how it tastes, but after eating it he claims that he "cannot express it in words". All five Straw Hats yell that he is a failure as a reporter.


  • Throughout the whole thing, the art style is significantly different than the actual Anime, as well as the other Omake. The color also seems faded, except for most of the outlines. Oddly, the music is the normal music used throughout the series.

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