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Mugon the Two Sword Style Swordsman is a member of Buggy's Delivery. He serves as a tertiary antagonist of One Piece Premier Show 2018 and an antagonist of One Piece Water Battle 2019.[1][2]


Mugon is a fit man with medium length blue hair that has white streaks in it. He wears blue lipstick, a light blue vest with dark blue lining and shoulder pads, a dark blue sash around his waist, and blue and white patterned hakama. He also wears dark blue wrist guards and dark blue shoes.


Mugon is a cocky person who puts on airs of being obedient and subservient. He easily gets into disputes with people, even his own captain. His confidence sometimes prompts him to challenge very strong opponents, as seen when he tried to attack Rob Lucci multiple times.[2]



As Buggy's subordinate, Mugon is loyal to Buggy, but the two get in disputes over who gets to be the center of attention. He wants to help Buggy, but he gets frustrated and snarky when the captain gets in his way.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Mugon is rather strong, fighting on par with Roronoa Zoro. However, he leads his sword style with his left arm, and if opponents notice and attack it, he is debilitated.[1]


Mugon wields two katana, which he is proficient in using.[1] He is also skilled at using a single sword-style of combat.[2]


One Piece Premier Show 2018Edit

Mugon, Buggy, and Dandy were hired by the Bounties Pirates to help recapture Caesar Clown from Igaram Jr.. When they confronted the crew, Mugon battled Zoro.

Later when Prize delivered Caesar's poison gas bomb to an evacuee ship full of kings, Mugon and Dandy blocked Zoro and Sanji from attacking him. Mugon slashed Zoro, but Zoro noticed that Mugon led with his left arm. Zoro struck it, greatly weakening Mugon, and then he defeated Mugon.[1]

One Piece Water Battle 2019Edit

Mugon introduced the Water Battle show to the audience, praising his captain before Buggy came on stage. The two got into a dispute before leaving, and after Luffy, Nami, and Usopp came and left the stage, they formed a plan to tempt Luffy with meat before ambushing him. They came into direct contact with the young pirates and fought them, with Galdino, but Luffy was weakened by his hunger. When Nami tried attacking Galdino, Mugon jumped and slashed one of his swords at her. After Luffy was accidentally given wax boxing gloves by Galdino, he hit Mugon with Gomu Gomu no Champion Rifle.

Lucci appeared, and Mugon tried to attack him only to be hit by the agent's Shigan from a distance. Luffy and his crew tried to fight Lucci, and after hiding with Galdino for some time, Mugon tried striking Lucci again. Lucci dodged his attacked and grabbed Mugon from behind by his hair, dragging him along before throwing him aside. After Luffy defeated Lucci, Mugon and the others faced the young pirates again and were defeated with the audience's help, spraying them with water.[2]

Major BattlesEdit


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