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Mukkashimi Tower[2] is a spectator at the Corrida Colosseum.[1]


Mukkashimi Tower at age 27.

Tower is a pale, old man with a wrinkled, rectangular face, a predominant chin, and slicked-back, grey hair. He also has a grey mustache. He wears an off-white collared shirt and a polka-dotted tie.


Tower has a very good memory, remembering the fighting style used by Kyros and Ricky from many years ago.[1]

He has been a regular patron of the colosseum for many years, and loves watching the matches so much that his family left him. Despite this, he remains healthy and in good spirits.[2]



Twenty-nine years ago, Mukkashimi Tower was in the crowd when the 15-year-old Kyros fought for the first time in the Corrida Colosseum.[3]

He was also in the crowd nine years later when Kyros had his 3000th victory, over Riku Doldo III (who was was in disguise under the alias "Ricky").[4]

Dressrosa Arc

He was first seen as a spectator watching the B block battle royale. He commented on Ricky's shield-less fighting style, saying he felt he had seen it long ago.[1]


  • His name is a pun on "Mukashi Mita wa" (昔見たわ?), meaning "saw long ago".


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