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For the chapter of the same name, see Chapter 949. For the sorcerer of the same name, see Mummy.

Mummy is an artificial virus created by the All-Star Queen and used as a weapon by the prison guards of Udon.


Once the virus hits a person's skin, it causes the person to experience massive fever and bleed as a result.[2] Once the virus reaches the final stage, the victim becomes dry and pruny like a mummy. Rather then being killed, victims become like zombies, and feel everlasting pain.[3] The disease is also highly contagious, and anyone who comes in contact with a victim will instantly be infected as well.[2]

The virus can also be administered in small amounts using "Excite Bullets" wielded by Daifugo,[2] or in much larger quantity using an "Excite Shot" as shown with Babanuki.[4]

Despite being highly dangerous, the virus wasn't too difficult to cure, as a skilled doctor like Chopper was able to make a cure for it within a short amount of time.[5]


Wano Country ArcEdit

When Luffy began an uprising at Udon prison Babanuki ordered the other prisoners to restrain the young pirate captain. Having had their wills broken by the Beasts Pirates, they regretfully obeyed. Daifugo then started shooting Excite Bullets into random prisoners, knowing they would eventually spread the virus to Luffy. This was foiled when Chopper, Hyogoro, Kikunojo, Raizo, and Kawamatsu came to his aid.[6]

Mummy Infection

Luffy gets infected by the Mummy just by touching the skin of an infected.

In response to this Daifugo began shooting more bullets into the crowd of prisoners to increase the number of human weapons against their enemies. Even after being infected, the prisoners continued to treat Luffy as their enemy, believing that it was hopeless for anyone to defeat Kaido. But then Luffy grabbed the prisoners, contracting the virus on purpose as a sign of his promise to Tama to free them and the rest of Wano from Kaido's control. Seeing that his words and actions were getting through to the prisoners, Babanuki decided to finish it by using an Excite Shot from his elephant's trunk to murder them all, but Luffy predicted this using his Kenbunshoku Haki and tied the trunk, causing the Excite Shot to explode inside the prison warden instead.[7]

Following the takeover of the prison, Chopper began working on a cure for the virus,[8] which he then used to treat everyone who was inflicted. Despite its lethal nature, Chopper stated that the virus was easy to deal with.[5]


  • "Miira" (ミイラ?) is the Japanese word for mummy, being derived from the Portuguese "mirra".
  • The Mummy virus is somewhat similar to the Ebola Virus. Both make the affected bleed from the orifices and get high fever.


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