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Mummy Mee (マミーミー Māmī Mī?) and Daddy Dee (ダディーディー Dadeī Dī?)[1] are the owners of an orphanage in Cocoyasi Village.


Mummy Mee (or, the woman looking one) has short puffed up dark colored hair, with dark colored lipstick and ear rings. She wears a dark colored dress with a light colored collar.

Daddy Dee (or, the male looking one) wears a dark colored shirt, and a striped top hat, with circle glasses. He also has a tiny two piece mustache.


They were very surprised at the fact the Bell-mère would take in two children.


They ran the orphanage at Cocoyashi, and had wanted to take care of Nami and Nojiko, however Bell-mére opted to adopt and take care of them herself. Mummy Mee and Daddy Dee were very surprised by that, because Bell-mére could barely afford to feed herself.


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