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Murakumogiri is a naginata and one of the 12 Supreme Grade swords.[2] It was used by Edward Newgate for over 30 years until his death.


Murakumogiri is a massive Tomoe type naginata, fitting the size of Whitebeard, with a red and yellow striped pole (plain brown stripes in the anime until the Wano Country Arc) ending in a spherical pommel, and a large, curved blade attached to the pole with a brass bolster, decorated with a relief of a sea snake, and langets protruding onto the blade itself.[1]


As one of the 12 Supreme Grade swords, Murakumogiri is one of the most powerful weapons ever created. With Whitebeard's immense power and skill, Murakumogiri was strong enough to clash with Kozuki Oden's dual legendary Meitos Enma and Ame no Habakiri and Shanks' saber, the Gryphon, which caused the clouds (and even the heavens) to split.[1] Whitebeard usually employed the naginata with both hands,[3][4] but could also use it proficiently with just one hand.[5][6][7] Most of the time he kept it in his right hand, though he occasionally planted its blade in the ground in order to use both of his hands for his Devil Fruit.[8] The naginata could be used in conjunction with his Devil Fruit[3] and Busoshoku Haki[1] to increase the already great damage it could inflict, as well as to neutralize any potential Devil Fruit defense his opponents may possess.[9]

The Murakumogiri has immense durability, having stopped Akainu's magma attack without melting or receiving any visible damage, though this may have resulted from Whitebeard coating it with Busoshoku Haki.[10] It sustained a two-handed downward swing from giant Vice Admiral John Giant as well.[5] Two years after Whitebeard's death, the weapon still showed no signs of decay in spite of two years of weathering the elements, further demonstrating its durability.[11]


  • Naginata Rasetsu (薙刀羅刹 Naginata Rasetsu?, literally meaning "Halberd Rakshasa"): Whitebeard surrounds Murakumogiri with a quake bubble to greatly increase its striking power and range.[3] While unnamed in the manga it was given one in Gigant Battle

Video Game-Only Techniques

  • Ikkitosen (一騎当千 Ikkitōsen?, literally meaning "Matchless Warrior" or "Mighty Hero"): Whitebeard swings Murakumogiri, sending waves of vibrations at his opponents. This was first used in One Piece: Pirate Warriors[12]. It is one of Whitebeard's special moves and requires one special gauge to perform. In the game's English release, the technique is called One Man Army.
  • Silent Rage: Whitebeard charges his power into his hand then punches the opponent smashing them into the ground unleashing vibrations, then attacks the opponent with his naginata several times before flinging the opponent into the air. Finally, pulling back his arm, he charges a Kaishin which he hits the opponent with at point blank in mid-air as they are falling back to the ground. This technique is Whitebeard's Ultimate attack/Super move in One Piece: Burning Blood.


Whitebeard was first seen with the weapon in his possession while he was a member of the Rocks Pirates.[13]

He kept the naginata for over three decades later until his death at the Summit War of Marineford. Afterwards, it was placed on his grave on an island in the New World, with Whitebeard's Jolly Roger and coat hanging from it for over two years.[11]


Crafty Transformer's cardboard Murakumogiri.

  • Murakumogiri is the only known Meito that is not a sword.
  • The name of this weapon is likely derived from that of the legendary Japanese sword popularly known as "Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi" (草薙の剣? lit. "grass-cutting sword"), though it was originally called "Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi" (天叢雲剣? lit. "heavenly gathering of clouds sword").
  • Shueisha's VJump Play worked with cardboard crafting influencer Tsuruku "Crafty Transformer" to make a cardboard Murakumogiri and a downloadable template of the craft.[14]


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