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Musatobi is a non-canon flying squirrel mink.[1]


Musatobi is a short light brown squirrel mink with a white chest and muzzle. He wears red pants with no shirt, as well as brown boots. He also wears a black helmet with goggles on it, a purple cape, and a yellow bandanna.


Musatobi is loyal to the Mink Tribe and his leaders and cares about their well-being, having gone off to inspect Zunesha and reported the bad news to his superiors in a panicked state.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As a mink, Musatobi is a natural-born warrior and can use Electro. As a flying squirrel mink, he is capable of gliding through the air by spreading his limbs out.[1]


Zou Arc

After the Beasts Pirates' attack on Zunesha, Musatobi flew down to Zunesha's left front leg in order to inspect its injuries. He saw how severe the injuries were that it would cause the elephant to collapse, and quickly reported the news to Inuarashi and Nekomamushi. He was then relieved when the Straw Hat Pirates offered their services in treating Zunesha.[1]



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