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Mystery Minis vinyl figures are a line of blind box figure sets made by Funko. Each blind box set contains 10-12 figures, and figures are purchased by individual box. However, the boxes are all identical, making the customer blind to which figure they will purchase. Figures are roughly 3 inches tall. Funko released a Mystery Minis series called the “Best of Anime”, featuring prominent characters from various anime companies. The second series contains characters exclusively from Shonen Jump, including those from One Piece. Additionally, Funko will release a One Piece-themed Mystery Minis blind box set featuring characters from the Dressrosa Arc.

Best of Anime

Mystery Minis: Best of Anime Series 2

The second Best of Anime set was released January 26, 2016 and includes the following characters

One Piece

Mystery Minis: One Piece

The Mystery Minis: One Piece blind box set will be released Summer 2018 and includes the following 15 characters:

Three more characters are included in the blind box set exclusively at American retailer Hot Topic.

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