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Since One Piece is a long-running series with a massive world that has spawned a large franchise, fans are always eager to learn about new facts and information. However, given the size of the franchise and fanbase, newer and less well-connected fans may end up believing myths about certain elements in the series. This wiki's purpose is to document all the facts about the One Piece franchise and its fictional world, so this page and its two subpages are dedicated to dispelling myths that fans might mistake for fact.

The subpages tackle relevant examples of:

  • Misunderstandings and Misinformation: When fans misinterpret an official statement or translation, or false statements pretending to be official appear. Alternatively, Oda and his associates may make a mistake and then correct it, but fans are unaware of the correction and assume the mistake to be true.
  • Speculations: When fans present their ideas for series developments, revelations and explanations, and these ideas become popular among the fanbase. However, these ideas have either not been confirmed by a canon source, or have already been officially disproven without fans being aware.

Where Can I Get Reliable Information?[edit | edit source]

You can read the officially licensed English translation of the manga for free on the VIZ website or Manga Plus from Shueisha. You can watch officially licensed subbed and dubbed anime on Crunchyroll. These translations almost always accurately convey what is happening and being said.

News Sites[edit | edit source]

News sites that provide reliable information about new developments in the One Piece franchise include:

Informers[edit | edit source]

There are also individual people and groups who provide reliable translations and recaps of content that may not be found in the manga or anime, and can easily dispell misconceptions. This is a list of people that the wiki considers to be trustworthy informers, with links to their Twitter accounts. They post in English, unless noted otherwise.

  • Oda's Staff (posts mainly in Japanese, but translates some posts into English, Spanish, and French)
  • One Piece Official Website (posts in Japanese)
  • Greg: A columnist on one-piece.com. Can be found on Arlong Park Forums.
  • Stephen Paul: The official translator of the manga and SBS. Can occasionally be found on Arlong Park Forums.
  • EtenBoby: A reliable informer. Can be found on Arlong Park Forums as KaidoBoby and WorstGen as EtenBoby.
  • Artur - Library of Ohara: A reliable informer. Also posts information on his website.
  • Redon: A reliable informer who can be found on Arlong Park Forums. Posts in Spanish on Twitter and in English on Arlong Park. Frequently posts scans of original Japanese content, such as volumes and databooks, but typically only temporary.
  • Sandman: A reliable informer. Can be found on Arlong Park Forums, though is currently somewhat inactive.
  • ScotchInformer: A reliable informer who can be found on Arlong Park Forums and WorstGen. Posts in Arabic on Twitter and in English on Arlong Park.
  • EMUNOPLA: A reliable informer who can be found on Arlong Park Forums and WorstGen. Posts in Arabic on Twitter and in English on Arlong Park.

However, please note that some of these posters may inject their own opinions, predictions, and speculations in their posts and recaps. Do not take these as official except Oda's Staff and One Piece Official Website. Only the facts they provide should be added to the wiki. These informers are also not perfect, so it is possible that something they post may be disproved upon further research. If you are uncertain about something, feel free to ask an admin or moderator or consult other informers.

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