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NHC10 is a highly addictive stimulant drug used by Caesar Clown.


The NHC10 drug gives enjoyment to the consumer, to the point that the user gets addicted if taken regularly. If the user does not receive their standard dosage they suffer withdrawal symptoms. However, when used correctly, it can serve as medicine.[1]

Side Effects

Like Energy Steroids, NHC10 causes pain as a side effect. If taken at regular intervals, the patient can become addicted to the drug.

If not taken after being addicted, the patient may begin to have withdrawal symptoms, which include pain and an increased level of aggression. After some time passes, the patient will also start to hallucinate to the point where she or he may mistake other people for other objects. Apparently these hallucinations revolve around alarming and disturbing things, like snakes, cockroaches and even zombies.[2][3]

Large dosages of NHC10 can cause internal damage, which will make the consumer throw up blood and lose all body-strength to the point where the individual cannot even stand on their legs anymore. The consumer would be in severe pain and debilitated, barely being conscious.[4]

Due to the potency of this drug, only selected scientists in selected countries are allowed to use it. Kureha used it as medicine, so her apprentice Tony Tony Chopper knew of it.[1]

Caesar Gloats About Candy.png
Caesar holding a pellet of NHC10.
Caesar Lures the Children.png
The candy that Caesar laced with NHC10 for the children.
Mocha and Doran NHC10 Side Effect.png
Severe pain comes to addicts when their intake of NHC10 is ceased.
NHC10 Side Effect.png
Withdrawal brings about violent aggression after a while.
NHC10 Mocha Hallucination.png
Another symptom of withdrawal is unsettling hallucinations.
Mocha Suffers From Candy Overdose.png
Large doses can cause internal damage almost immediately.


  • In reality, the intramolecular bonding of the chemical compound NHC10 is an impossibility under every circumstance (even absolute zero temperature). Inherent zero point energy would instantly cause such a molecule to dissociate completely.
  • Its initials in reverse make up part of the chemical formula for methamphetamine, which is C10H15N.


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