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The Naglfar[2] is the ship of the New Giant Warrior Pirates.[1]


The Naglfar is a Viking ship with a bovinae skull figurehead over a plethora of feathers. It has numerous wooden shields at its outer rail with different designs, with several slim oars beneath them. It has a large a structure that resembles the huts seen on Elbaf, with a matching figurehead on the front of the roof. It has two masts at either end of the ship, each have a sail and a crow's nest. The front sail features an image of a Nordic dragon, and the second has vertical dark and light stripes. It is a very large ship, fitting its crew of giants.

In the anime, the skull is white and the feathers are light brown. In the Digitally Colored Manga, the skull is red and the feathers are yellow, and the body is also red.

Naglfar's Figurehead in the Anime.png
Naglfar's figurehead as depicted in the anime.
Naglfar Digitally Colored.png
The Naglfar as depicted in the digitally colored manga.


Dressrosa Arc

In preparation for Hajrudin and his allies to escape Dressrosa, the Naglfar was docked with several other ships far away from the coast.[3] Once the entourage made it to the ships, the Naglfar set sail along with all the others.[1] After Hajrudin (as the representative of the New Giant Warrior Pirates) pledged his allegiance to the Straw Hat Pirates and partied to celebrate it, he sailed away on the Naglfar.[4]

The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet

The Naglfar later sailed away from Karai Bari Island after Hajrudin and his crew resigned from the Buggy's Delivery.[5]


  • Naglfar is a ship from Norse mythology.


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