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The Nakiri Swords are a pair of matching swords, owned by former bounty hunters Johnny and Yosaku who each wield one. They were briefly borrowed by Roronoa Zoro in Arlong Park for his battle against Hatchan. They are Meito whose ranking is unknown.[2]


The Nakiri Swords are longer versions of real-world Japanese Nakiri knives, being wide, rectangular-shaped blades; their length also causes them to resemble dadao swords. The two swords are identical, possessing a dark red hilt with a yellow tip and a circular yellow guard. The blades of these swords get wider from the hilt to the tip.


Being Meito, the Nakiri Swords are likely of better quality compared to an ordinary sword. Johnny was able to cause some minor structural damage to the Going Merry while attacking the Straw Hat Pirates with his sword.[1] Later, Zoro was able to use both swords to clash with and eventually defeat Hatchan, who wielded six swords that weighed over 300 kg each.[3]


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