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Namakura Island is an island in Paradise where the Land of Poverty resides, Harahettania (ハラヘッターニャ Harahettānya?, Hungeria in the FUNimation subs). "Hara hetta" means "I'm hungry" in Japanese.

Notable Places

The only location on Namakura Island mentioned is Harahettania, a kingdom containing a Satan-worshiping tribe run by Pekkori.


Namakura Island has a fairly barren landscape, with dirt and grasslands and few trees. Its buildings are fairly small and run down, each based on a feudal Japanese architecture style. The island also has a large amount of rocks.


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Namakura Island
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The place is completely ravaged and the people there live in poverty. The turmoil of the country can be largely attributed to the Longarm Tribe. Because of this, the people decided to rely on a demon summoning ritual to solve their problems. It was during the very moment they were doing this ritual that Brook landed here after being sent flying from the Sabaody Archipelago by Kuma's Devil Fruit powers. Having landed precisely during the ritual, the Pekkori and his people believe that they've successfully summoned Satan, the "King of Demons".[1]


  1. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 54 Chapter 524 and Episode 421, Brook arrives in Harahettania and is mistaken for Satan by the cultists.

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